A Loyal Pit Bull Dog Breed – History & Other New Information

History of Pit Bull Dog Breed

Name of the breed: Pit Bull Dog Breed

Origin of the breed: United Kingdom


The English Bulldog was breed to take part in a rather Barbaric form of animal fighting called bull bating where the dog controls the bull and all the large animals by bite onto the faces and heads. With the rising of animal welfare laws, blood spores as they were called were eventually deemed inhumane and at low in the UK in 1835.

Pit Bull is not a type of breed, it is a category of dog. 

These dogs are developed by the crossbreed of two fighting dogs English Terrier and Bulldog. This Pitbull dog is used as a farm dog by American residential peoples, who have newly started their careers. And Pitbull dogs are mainly used for Hunting purposes, guarding farmlands against other animal intruders, they thought that bigger dog is the best one. In the year 1898, American Kennel Club (AKC) named the bulldog as an American Pit Bull terrier.

Basic Details about Pit Bull Dog Breed


The lifespan expectancy of the Pit Bulldog is around 8 to 12 years of age. Good maintenance and giving the right food make your dog stay healthy and it may live 2 to 3 years more.

Appearance and colors

The main hallmark of Pitbull is its muscular body and athletic nature, Some dogs are very active than other Pitbull Dogs. Their appearance is different from one another like some dogs are wider or taller or leaner. The head of Pitbull is square-shaped in appearance, and their nose is flat squared and its appearance is fleshy and eyes are usually large in size, they have smooth coats with short size, and tails are long straight.


  • The height of the male Pit Bulldog is 45 to 53 cm and the weight of the PitBull is 16 to 30kg.

Types of Pitbulls

The types of Pitbulls are:

  • American Bully
  • American Staffordshire Terrier
  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier
  • American Pit Bull Terrier
  • Red Nose and Blue Nose Bull Terrier.


They are very loyal to their owners, Kids Friendly, pet-friendly, Intelligent, Affectionate, obedient nature keeps the dog good in public areas. 

Pregnancy time

The Pregnancy time of Pitbull is around 2 months, approximately 60 to 64 days. The litter size of Pitbull is 5 puppies.

Interesting Facts and other care tips of Pit Bull:

Suited for Apartment living:

Pit bulls are good for Apartment livings only in certain conditions. At the beginning of the puppies stage, we need to give training, mannerism, socialization, etc… This will make your pet keep peaceful in the apartment. It requires some space to live peacefully.

Food Habits

Pit Bull likes to eat Non-vegetarian such as Chicken, Beef, and it requires high protein content food. And vegetables like Broccoli, Carrot, Pumpkin, and Mushroom.

Exercise and Training:

Pit Bull requires at least 1 hour of exercise or training per day. Most of the peoples are blaming the Pit bulldogs because they are easily bitten by the peoples even the owners this will happen only when you are giving improper training, failed to teach socialization and mannerism. So get your pet for Jogging, walking daily. Then this dog will become more socialistic and loyal to the owners.

Interesting Facts:

  • In the 1930s this Pit Bulldog was recognized in AKC under the name of American Staffordshire Terrier.
  • Pit Bull is good for guarding purposes, and also good with children, only if it is purebred.
  • There are 12 countries that have banned this Pit Bull Dog due to its aggressive character.

Health and Caring

  • Maintenance of the dogs is very less, no need to brushing and bathing daily. 
  • These dogs are enough to take bath at least thrice a week.


”If You are a Good Person, Your Pit Bull will also become good. If you are a Bad, then Put bull will react more than you”. So those who are good with dogs then can keep this dog as your pet animal.

One who reading this article having Pit Bull Dog means, kindly share your experience with us.

Questions and Answers:

How to select the Pure Pit Bull?

The pure Pit Bull has a muscular body, the head is square-shaped with a flat nose, large eyes, long straight tail.

What is the cost of a Pit Bull Dog?

The cost of the Pit Bull Dog varies from place to place, the average price is $ 2000  to $ 2500 USD. One must buy Pit Bulldogs from certified persons.

What are the Pregnancy time and its litter size of Pit Bull Dog?

The Pregnancy time is approximately 62 days, and its litter size is around 5 puppies.

Which are the most special things for Pit Bull Dog?

They are athletic and active. Good at Bull Baiting sports on those days. Pit Bulldogs are good for guarding purposes. They are very loyal to the owners only if you give them proper training.

What is the bite force of the Pit Bull Dog?

The Biting force of the Pit Bull Dog is around 235 pounds applied in one square inch, It’s bite force is more because they are used in Bull Baiting, mainly used for these purposes only…

Photo by Nikola Čedíková from Pexels

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