American Bully Price in USA

American Bully Price in usa varies from place to place, you can get at normal price of 3000$ to 7000$ in range. The seller fixes the price of the breed based on their sizes, type of breed and on the age of the breed.

Why is American Bully price in USA is Increasing ?

Many of them in States are very interested in purchasing active dog breeds, and one of the active confident dog breeds is American Bully which was recognized in the year 2004 by AKC club. From that time the popularity of Bully dogs in the USA increased so the price also Increased.

The price of American Bully in USA
American Bully price in USA

American Bully price in USA based on types

American Bully is a active dog breed and comes with different types are given below:

  • Pocket size breed
  • Standard 
  • Classic
  • XL size dog breed.
American Bully Price

American Bully price in USA

PUPPY (2 months – 1 year)Good to Purchase$ 2000 –  $ 3000
Normal trained petGood to Purchase$ 3000 – $ 4000
Untrained petGood to buy if low price$ 4000 – $ 6000
Size Based American Bully price list

Price of Pocket size American Bully

A Pocket Size American Bully Price is slightly more expensive than a Standard counterpart. Its price ranges from 4000$ to 10000 $.

Price of Standard American Bully

A Standard American Bully price is less than pocket size breed which is around 2000$ to 6000$.

Price of Classic American Bully

A High Quality Classic American Bully price is around 2000$ to 4000$.

Price of XL size American Bully

The normal XL size breed heights around 20 to 25inches and the price of the breed is normal like standard breed.

Authors Note:

Not every dog breed is an original breed, so purchase the right dog breed as your pet. Because in the market there are a lot of dog breeds that are selling at a cheap price, so check the parent breed before purchasing if available else check the mating breed information. Check for the price of American Bully in Indian Price

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