Beagle Puppy Breed New Facts and Information

Lets we discuss the Beagle Puppy Breed new facts and information. In those day’s Beagle is used for hunting purposes,  mainly hunting rabbits.  because of its small size, it can able to go into any hole to catch rabbits.  

Born Place

The origin of the Beagle is England.

Beagle Puppy Breed History

In the year 1016,  there is a king who ruled England at the time there is a forest law in the law there is a lot of specification needs for an animal.  From that time many peoples are started caring for and breeding the Beagle.  At the time Talbert homes dog is the most popular breed, it is the precursor of Beagle.   

After 1700 wolf hunting is more famous, for this reason, breeders of Beagle is used for hunting.  a person name Honeywood said that Beagle is used for hunting only. 

But later Thomas Johnson said that beagle is not only for hunting purposes but also for used for enjoyment purposes like playing games so he started breeding beagle.  that beagle right now which are we seeing. He developed Beagle in two types which are a hot coat, soft coat.  

In 1900,  the Beagle size is very small when compared to the present like pocket size, Palm-size, etc.  

This pocket-size Beagle is used by Queen Elizabeth in the 15th century which is around 9 inches, but it is very less active so that (pocket-size) type of bread is very less.

beagle puppy breed
beagle puppy breed


It has a life span of around 13 years, if the caring and the surroundings is good means it can able to live up to 15 years.

Other Names

It is also called as English Beagle. 


Adult male around 13 to 16 inches height and its weight is maximum 11 kg. Both males and females are much more similar.

Color of Beagle

The color of the Beagle is tricolor such as black, white, and tan color.

Suited Place of Living

Beagle Puppy is well suited in the place of apartments, cars, any places but not in polar regions. because it is small in size.

Pregnancy time

These Dogs are having Normally 63 days

Exercise time

The exercise time of Beagle needs almost one hour for adult ones.

beagle puppy breed
beagle puppy breed

Fun Facts of Beagle Puppy Breed

If you’re not spending time with Beagle means it will start screaming.

If you are not continuously spending time means it will lead to screaming dogs and this will become its own nature. 

So, then it will affect the peoples in the apartment will feel very irritating, then they will irritate you back.

If you are unable to spend time with Beagle in any circumstances you buy pair of a beagle that can prevent from screaming because they both will play each other.

And another fun fact is Beagle moves here and there without knowing anything, it will not bother about what’s going on it will move on its own idea.

Other Facts of Beagle Puppy Breed

Beagle is not used for guarding purposes we need to guard the Beagle, because if anyone found  Beagle is with you then they will robber the Beagle and will sell that one to anyone. For these reasons, we need to buy guarding dogs.

Some beagles are used in airports because many peoples will not get fear of seeing this dog, and also it has the most smelling power it is used especially in Los Angels for catching robbers, these are the reason for the usage.


The intelligent skill of the Beagle is 72 out of a hundred,  it has more smelling power so we can give training with smelling things.  

Food Habits

we need to give food on time, after giving the food lock the food else,  it will take more food leads to some problems.

Points to Remember before buying

Before buying Beagle you need to remember some other points,  the most important point is to close the dog’s mouth especially for beagles because these dogs will smell many things in-ground,  if the smell is good then beagles will start eats,  whether we don’t know it is hygienic or not. 

Then beagle will face many health problems.

Using a head halter is the best method to shut dogs from unwanted eating on the grounds.


Now, you got some idea about the small size puppy (Beagle).

It’s your turn to choose this beagle to buy this one or not.

If you already bought Beagle means kindly share your comments and your experience about how you taking care of it.


What is the cost of the Beagle in India?

The cost of a Beagle in India is a minimum of 18,000 to the maximum price of 30,000.

Why do I need to buy Beagle?

The most important reason to buy Beagle is it is good-looking and very attractive in nature. Not only that it has good smelling power, and it’s small sizes this will be more comfortable to use in our home.

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