Great Bernese Mountain Dog Breed- [ #1 Watch Dog ]

Bernese Mountain Dog- Breed Info and Price

Name of the breed: Bernese Mountain Dog

Origin of the breed: Switzerland

Introduction about this Mountain dog pup

  • Bernese Mountain Dog Breed is one of the most versatile and good companion working dogs. It’s an active watchdog, and Affectionate with family members.
  • This type of Canine are very active and good for watchdog, Not only that they are very high energy and more activity level dog 
  • If you would like to purchase this dog,  you can purchase it for their good companionship and also with some more good temperament, but unfortunately their lifespan is very less as compared to other watch dogs and mountain dogs. 

Info Bits: This Mountain dog is one of the recognised dog breed in American dog club

History of Bernese pet breed

  • The Bernie puppy is one of the most versatile and good companion working dogs. This mountain dog is bred from one of the four mountain dog breeds in the Bern region of Switzerland. Of the four, each has some specialty like one has a long silky coat which is showing the ancestor for the Bernese Mountain Dog.
  • The most profitable export of Switzerland is dairy production, mainly they are exporting products such as cheese and chocolate. 
  • In Bern’s these Mountain Dogs are used to drive the cattle, guarding the farmyards (which is also called as livestock) and working area, those who have completed their daily hard work this dog will care for them by lifting heavyweight and transporting one place to another place with broad muscular and generating immense strength and they have the greatest claim in working dogs.
  • In the late 1800s there were some dogs only left in many places in Switzerland, and also those dogs were not in healthy condition; this led to the decline of Bernese mountain dogs in Switzerland.
  • In the year 1907, Under Professor Albert Heim’s leadership, the Swiss Breed Club was formed, the most respected dog of his generation is a European dog. 
  • After a long time they called this dog as swiss Mountain dog and became very popular, especially as a farmyard guarding dog and also they became a good family companion in Switzerland household peoples. 
  • In the year 1926, Farmer Kansas imported a pair of Mountain dogs in many places of the world.

Body Measurement and Appearance of the breed

The body measurement of Greater swiss Mountain dog breeds is usually normal in height and weight, and the appearance and coat colors are given below.

Height and Weight

  • The male Canine weighs 40 to 50 kg, while the female dog weighs from 38 to 48kg of weight.
  • And the height of the male Bernese Canine is around 63 to 72 cm and the female dog ranges from 58 to 66cm. 

Pregnancy duration of Greater swiss with Litter size

The Pregnancy time of Bernese Mountain Dogs is around 60 to 64 days approximately. And its average litter size is around 1 to 14 puppies.

Life Span

  • For dogs the life span is not a major issue to purchase any type of pet keeping your pup healthy that will increase the lifespan.
  • The life-span expectancy of the Bernese dog breed is around 6 to 8 years of age. Take care of good health and maintain your dog. It means it is able to survive 10 to 12 years of age. 

Appearance of lovely pet

A large sized mountain dog, and the rust coloured markings are seen especially in the area of eyes, chest, legs and mouth.

  • Head part – Muzzle’s are lengthy and oval in shape, and the eye parts are brown in color, short ears are triangular shaped, and the hairs are curly.
  • Body – Chest are elongated and the ribs are strong. 
  • Legs – The feet of the dog breed are compact and round shaped. And the legs are straight and bony.
  • Tail – Tails of the ancestors are bushy and wavy coats.

Coat colors and quality

  • The color of the Bernese dog is tricolor, the primary color is Black in color and other colors are red, rust or white. The coat of the dog is medium-sized and thick. They are intelligent and friendly in their facial expressions.

Info Bits: This Bernese dog breed is developed by the cross breed of Mastiff with guard dogs

Characteristics of Bernese purebred

In this part, Bernese Characteristics are very important to see whether it will be suitable to you or your home and that you are able to adapt to your surroundings.


Purchasing a good dog is not  so important, we know first whether this dog will be suitable or adaptable to our house. So some of the adaptable factors that we are going to tell about this dog breed.

Suited for Apartment living:

These Mountain breeds are not more suitable for both Apartment and individual livings, but room temperature should be maintained. It is unable to live comfortably in a warm climate. These dogs are used in polar regions only. So keep this type of mountain dog in the AC room.

But we recommend this bed only for individual houses which means it is not suited for Apartment livings. 

Mountain dogs are not good for non voice owners, they are very less responsive to strangers.

Climatic Adaptables:

These Bernie dogs are good for cold climatic conditions and whereas it is not recommended for hot climatic conditions.

Tolerance and Sensitivity Level

These dog breeds are low sensitive dog breeds, and the tolerance level is very low, they are not able to adapt to family pets.

Temperament and its Behaviour

In the beginning of this dog, that means when they are developed into the first breed, it looks very active and alert, with well balanced. So the temperament of this breed is still in the same form. Self confident, good natural behaviour.

Friendly Characters

This type of dog breed is unable to adapt the family conditions only, but they are good in friendly behaviour such as kids friendly, dog friendly, and other animal friendly. But not friendly with non voice owners.

Other Temperaments :

They are very active working-dog, good with kids, pet-friendly, no strangers friendly, Affectionate with family members, least adaptable.

Food Habits

Turkey, Chicken, Vegetables, Fruits, Fish, Beef, wet foods can be given based on the ages, High protein content food required.

Health and care

Everyone should be aware of this part, because lack of knowledge treating your Bernese will cause severe problems, so it’s better to consult veterinarians.
These health issues are mostly due to poor breeding, and poor maintenance. Not all the dog breeds will have the same issues.

Hip Dysplasia

  • Hip Dysplasia is one of the major health issues that we usually see in most dogs, the affected part is the hip which contains ball and socket joint.
  • If there is any dislocation in that area means this will be the cause.
  • In Mountain dogs these health issues are widely seen due to poor consumption of protein content so to keep the bones and joints strong we should have a strict diet planner in order to increase the consumption of proteins.
  • Avoid giving exercise harshly, don’t allow your dog to fall from more heights it will lead to dislocating their bones and joints.


  • According to a recent survey, nearly more dogs are affected by cancer in this American breed and the remaining percent of cancer comes under Swiss Mountain dogs.
  • During this condition, your dog will not be able to respond to your voices, and there will be bleeding in any part of the dogs, especially bleeding in the nose or in the mouth.

Skin Problems

  • As we commonly know very well, skin problems are usually found in many dogs.
  • If the coat of the dog is tough or dry it will lead to skin rashes and skin irritation.
  • So in order to prevent these issues we need to clean those important areas where your dog stays.
  • It will be either a kennel or home.

Von Willebrand Disease

  • Von Willebrand Disease is one of the serious conditions that can be seen in short type Bernese breed, during this case your pet will be seen either by bleeding gums, excessive blood flow in the nose, and also during the wounded condition.
  • This disease is mainly due to lack of blood clotting, and also at the same time don’t try any home remedies, if you do it with a lack of knowledge then the condition will worsen. So in order to relieve this disease, it’s better to consult your veterinarian, their doctor will check the conditions of your pet by taking numerous tests.

Maintenance of Mountain dog breed

  • They are good at cold weather conditions, but not able to live in hot weather conditions.
  • They usually shed in very minimal quantities only.
  • Brush the dog’s coat at least twice a week, in order to prevent infections.
  • It requires grooming twice a week.


Bernie pets are not so hypoallergenic dog breeds, but this pup is one of the double coat dog breeds which usually sheds a little. They have long coats, so proper care should be taken in order to free them from more shedding. Especially, during climatic changes this shedding will occur. Generally they love to live in polar climatic conditions only, and uncomfortable or not adaptable to live in summer and high temperature zones. So, this will also be the main factor for your pet to shed a lot.


We already said that the Bernese dog breed has long hair and comes with double coats. But maintaining the dog breed is pretty tough. So it’s better to cut off the long hair whenever necessary. And proper grooming is necessary to keep the pet well groomed. If you are new to dog grooming kindly go for a professional groomer, don’t start grooming in the beginning itself.


Cleaning will increase the lifespan of your Bernese pup. So give a bath to your pet for at least twice in a week if you are living in cold weather conditions. And 3 times a week in summer weather.

Not only that, all those places where your pet stays should be cleaned and inspected well, whether any unwanted bugs are not should be checked.

Exercise and Training

Bernese Mountain Dog requires at least 30 to 45 minutes of exercise required per day, this will keep your pet’s body in healthy condition. Proper Socialisation required, this makes the dog be more patient with kids, family, and neighbors. They love to play in polar regions because they are cold climate habitats.

Info Bits: In the year 1937 April 13, Bernese Mountain Dog was the recognized first Bernese in the United States, by (AKC) American Kennel Club.

Check the price of Bernese Mountain dog breed near you

The Average cost of Great swiss bernese ranges from 2000$. And the prices will be given below, world wide:-

Price Swiss Bernese in Native of Switzerland

Switzerland is the native place of this dog breed and so the price will be very less and this dog is also easily available there is no demand, so you can easily get an original Berne dog breed.

Price of the Swiss Bernese ranges from 600 Swiss Francs to 1500 Swiss Francs, Italy is the 2nd largest exporter of Switzerland so there will be a lot of dog breeds.

  • SHOP NAME : At North Linden – Del Bernese Mountain Dog Breeding
  • Google Rating : 4.5 star rated for bernese (45 customer )
  • Address : Via cascina nuova, 24044 Dalmine BG, Italy
  • Mobile number : +39 347 469 4939
  • SHOP NAME : Allevamento Montevento Bovaro del bernese e Terranova
  • Google Rating : 4.6 star rated for bernese (68 customer )
  • Address : Via Wojtyla Karol, 19, 46047 Sant’Antonio MN, Italy
  • Mobile number : +39 360 697 534

Price Bernese Mountain dog in United States

Bernese pets were recognized in American Kennel Club in the year 1937, so for these reasons the dog became a trusted pet in the United States, even though they are in native to Switzerland, they are very popular in the United states too. And the price of Bernese pet in United States ranges from 800$ to 2500$

  • SHOP NAME : Massachusetts Bernedoodles LLC
  • Google Rating : 4.3 star rated for bernese (28 customer )
  • Address : 80 South Rd, Ashby, MA 01431, United States
  • Mobile number : +1 774-452-5567
  • SHOP NAME : HC Bernedoodles
  • Google Rating : 4.9 star rated for bernese (76 customer )
  • Address : 646 NW Hwy 190, Trenton, MO 64683, United States
  • Mobile number : +1 660-663-5221

Price Bernese Mountain dog in Australia

Bernese pets were recognized in American Kennel Club in the year 1937, so for these reasons the dog became a trusted pet all over the world, And the price of Bernese pet in Australia ranges from 800$ to 2500$

  • Google Rating : No star rated for bernese (0 customer )
  • Address : 54 Boundary St S, Westbrook QLD 4350, Australia
  • Mobile number : +6 140-847-7080

Note: The above mentioned address and customer’s review are taken from Google. But the prices may vary on your locality.


Do you need a good watchdog, and also a good companion dog means this will be the right choice to purchase as your pet animal.

One who is reading this article having a Bernese Mountain Dog means, kindly share your experience with us.


  • The Greater Swiss Mountain dog breed originated in Switzerland and in 1937 this dog breed was recognized in American kennel club.
  • Not suitable for Apartment livings, hot weather climatic conditions and fresh owners
  • Loyal, friendly, work dogs are its temperament.
  • No Hypoallergenic, double coat dog breed. So it may shed normally especially shedding may occur during climatic conditions changes.
  • Required proper maintenance in shedding, cleaning and grooming.
  • Bathing your pets at least twice or thrice in a week, and this bern mountain dog breed love to live in cold climatic conditions only.
  • And it may get some health issues very rarely, not common in all dogs, those disease such as Hip and elbow dysplasia, cancer (rare), Skin irritation, Von Willibald Disease.
  • Food feeds are measured every time, and protein content food is required. It’s better to give scrambled eggs, whole wheat products.
  • It requires at least 1 hour of exercise or given a split type of exercise both in the morning and in the evening 30 minutes.

Frequently Asked Question

1. How to select the original Bernese Mountain Dog?

The color of the Bernese Mountain dog should be Black with red or white or rust in color. The ears are floppy like appearance and thick length coats should be there 

2. What is the cost of a Bernese Mountain Dog?

The cost of the Bernese Mountain Dog varies from place to place, the average price is $ 1000  to $1500 USD. 

3. What is the Pregnancy time and its litter size of a Bernese Mountain Dog?

The Pregnancy time is approximately 63 days, and its litter size is around 1 to 14 puppies.

4. Which place is the most suitable for a Bernese Mountain Dog?

The most suitable place for Bernese mountain dogs is polar regions and mountain areas. If you’re buying this dog in a warm climatic area the temperature should be maintained properly.

5. What is the bite force of the Bernese Mountain Dog?

The Biting force of a Bernese Mountain Dog is around 180 to 200 pressure applied in one square inch.

6. Which type of Bernese Mountain dogs are disqualified in AKC color?

According to the AKC standard club, Bernese Mountain dogs which have blue colored eyes and ground colored coats are disqualified except black.

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