How to Choose Best F1 GoldenDoodle Puppy

Name of the breed: First Generation GoldenDoodle ( F1 GoldenDoodle )

Origin of the breed: Australia and in the United States

In short form, they are also called F1 Goldendoodle.

Introduction about F1 Goldendoodle

Nowadays, many people are having affairs with dog pets. This first Generation Goldendoodle has numerous characteristics and a good temperament.

If you are going to purchase a first-generation Goldendoodle? Before purchasing your favorite pet there will be lots of doubts about you. 

Like the questions are, Is this the right choice to purchase this doodle?. Will it be suitable for families? Like many questions that will arise in your mind.

Since there are a lot of controversies going on between the first and second generations of Goldendoodle.

Info Bits: This first Generation are moreover similar to their ancestors and we know that they are a crossbreed of Golden Retriever and poodle

History of GoldenDoodle

The Goldendoodle Breed dog was first developed by Monica Dickens, she is the great-granddaughter of famous writer Charles Dickens.

In the year 1969, the breeders want to develop a dog for people with disabilities visually and other animal allergies that are they tried combining the two breeds, luckily the experiment became successful, they achieved the designer dog that possesses lovable and trainable trait retriever and low shed characteristics of the doddle.

The Golden Doodle first appeared in the 1900s in the United States, then it became widely popularized all over the world.

There are a lot of best Goldendoodle generations which is also called Multi-generation doodles so in this type such as First-generation, Second generation, F1B which is said to be F1 Goldendoodle cross with the poodle and the letter B means back cross, F1BB type breed, and same as first-generation this will be repeated for a second and third-generation type dog breed. Like F2, F2B, F3, F3B, etc. In this article, we can share all the information about this first-generation dog breed.

What is meant by F1 Goldendoodle?

F1 Goldendoodle acronym word can be said as a first-generation Goldendoodle dog breed. This first-generation dog breed developed the same as every Goldendoodle like the crossbreed of Golden Retriever and Poodle.

Those who love Golden Retriever means they can purchase this pet because moreover, they both are similar in temperament.

Some of the crossbreed usually seen in this ratio based on their generation:

GoldenDoodle Generation Chart

Type of DogGolden RetrieverPoodle
F150% 50%

Body Measurement and Appearance of the breed

This dog breed is originally bred for its body measurement especially, because they are compact in size and come with a beautiful appearance.

They are Heterosis type, which is also called Hybrid Vigor. It is said that their appearance and body measurement are moreover similar to their ancestors in their growth, temperament, and size.

Height and Weight

The height of the F1 Generation is around 30 cm to 50 cm, and the weight of the doodle varies based on the quality which may be either standard type breed weight more than a medium-sized or mini-sized pet and the average size varies from 25 pounds to more than 35 pounds. Moreover, the height and weight are very similar to males and females.

Pregnancy duration of F1 Goldendoodle with Litter size

The average gestation period of a First generation Goldendoodle is the same as a retriever which is around 63 days approximately. The maximum duration is around 68 days.

The litter size of the First Generation Goldendoodle is around three to eight puppies.

Life Span

F1 Goldendoodle lifespan is around 13 to 15 years. But to attain this lifespan there you need to give proper maintenance, else it will go to peace in the early stage around the age of 10 to 12. These conditions are very often, as per our research it can be able to withstand up to the age of 18

The appearance of Standard F1 type breed

These cutest cross breeder pets are not similar to their parent breed, and they are small in size but their temperament is moreover the same. 

The look of this F1 GoldenDoodle pet has a teddy-like appearance. They have a triangular face set, flappy ears (which are like bat wings), white patterns in their chest. The overall appearance is that these dogs are small and compact to your family.

Coat colors and quality

The coat of F1 GoldenDoodle fur comes with many variations in their shades such as brown or red shade, light cream-colored to red-colored. And there are some white patterns beneath the skin ( Undercoat ). And overall the coat colors may come with various patterns. 

The coat of this 1st  generation Goldendoodle dog pet will grow around three to five size lengths in inches. 

The quality of the coat is wavy or straight, if it becomes long or you fail to cut the coat means the fur of the coat becomes curly in appearance. Cutting the hair of that pet is very easy and it will not create any issues too.


One of the best pieces of information about this breed is they are hypoallergenic, which means during this condition these dog breeds will not shed more, and also at the same time, they are less prone to allergies. So the type of this dog coat is wavy and hypoallergenic. Those who require less allergic-free dogs with low maintenance means they can purchase this as your pet.

Info Bits: Golden Retriever are obedient pets and Virus poodles are intelligent pets, Show the mixture of these two crossbreeds makes a Goldendoodle gentle breed, loyal and affectionate

Characteristics of First Generation Goldendoodle Pet

Choosing the right dog as your pet is critically out of the knowledge of many people, so here you can clearly inspect the good one.

Based on their characteristics we will decide whether it can be suitable for your home or not and you can easily come to know about its companions and behaviors.


Even though they are F1 pets, they are also able to guide and are also good for sniffing qualities too, As we already mentioned about their body measurements, with the measurements of that we can clearly say that they are small in size and compact to your families too.

Suited for: 

These dogs are suitable for both apartment living and Individual owners. But Apartment living people should avoid this because they will bark unnecessarily, And for Individual owners, this dog pet will be more suitable and at the same time your pet will also feel comfortable. If your house is with a garden it will be a more suited place for your pet.

Type of owners

First Gen type Goldendoodle pet is gentle, and a good companion also with a good temperament so this will be suitable for new owners and also experienced people too. Not only that, according to the doodle the owner should be more active else they will get bored easily.

Temperament and its Behaviour

This basic generation doodle has a good temperament and behavior. Generally, this small F1 GoldenDoodle pet’s temperament is moreover similar to their parent or ancestors. They are happy to go out and enjoy a lot like Golden Retrievers and Poodles. This type of dog breed is non-aggressive and sensitive too.

Loyal Pet:

They are loyal to their owners, and stay with you and spend a lot of time. And also this dog will help you to relieve stress too.

Friendly pet

They are kid Friendly, Family Friendly, and also stranger-friendly dogs. Whenever you are going on an outing with this dog it means it will run and enjoy, sometimes they will disturb strangers too but not bite, it will only bark when they are showing their happiness… so, for this reason, they are said to be a stranger friendly dog breed. And they have good companionship with cats, dogs, etc.

Intelligent and Active

Generally, a short-size Goldendoodle will fit family members. They are highly active dog breeds and also intelligent so if you have an individual house with a garden it means they can keep this dog as a pet.


Overall the behavior and its temperament are good, if you spend a lot of time with them means they will be genuinely a good companion dog pet. We know that they are intelligent dog breeds so they are good for socialization.

If you fulfill all the needs of this dog means, it will really feel happy and behaves like a good and if their needs are not full filed means it will reflect very badly.

It will not change their behavior as well, they are good companion dog breeds from the beginning to the end of their lifespan.

Food Habits

The best foods that are given to the first-gen Goldendoodle are: Chicken, Fresh Dog Foods, Beef, Brown Rice, Turkey, Grain-Free Foods, Dry Foods, Vegetables, and Other Poultry Products especially scrambled eggs

Health and care

As we already saw, this generation dog breed is a hybrid vigor type, so their health problems and issues are similar to the ancestors of Golden Retriever and poodles. The majority of the disease is genetic health problems only.

No need to worry about the serious conditions in their health that occurred in genetic health problems. These rarely occurred health issues, in fact, this F1 generation doodle is healthier than pure Golden Retriever and poodles. Not only that when compared to parent pets they are physically and mentally healthy. 

Maintenance of 1st Gen Goldendoodle breed

Maintenance of basic type doodle pets is easy, it will cost too much, but special care must be taken in their coats. Many of the sellers will say that double coat dogs will not shed or it will not change into rough quality. And some of the sellers say that buying this regular coat will be a coat for your maintenance. But you should not be blind here, you want to know before purchasing your pet which coat type will be suitable for the maintenance of your dogs. But beginners can’t say that it will be the best one, so while buying as per the guidance of an expert is required.


They are less shedding dog breeds when compared to other generations. But this shedding is also not from any causes it happens only by the environmental factors only. If in case your dog starts shedding means there will be some health effects found. Mostly poor maintenance make this shedding will occur in the coat so very important that we need to clean our pet’s coat at least twice or thrice a week


Grooming is a very essential part that we should keep in our pets. So if you are failing in grooming, consult a professional groomer. Why I am saying that grooming is a very important means of your pet hair becomes curly or sometimes tangled with another hair means at that time it’s very tough to comb their hair. If the water is very busy means try to group at least once a week.

The level of grooming for moderate to high level in 1st generation of Goldendoodles.


Cleaning tasks are very easy. It will adapt to water and also loves to play in the water but should not leave your pet for more hours in water that will cause any serious problems. As we already said, washing a dog’s coat is necessary at least twice a week. Brushing the dog’s coat will keep them clean.

All the places where your pet lives and the kennel space should be cleaned well. If you fail in cleaning their coats and places, it means there will be some bad smell.

Exercise and Training

First comer Goldendoodle love to cuddle especially during nighttime, so gently rub their coat that will keep them happy and feel enjoyment.

Exercise and Training is the key factor to stay your pet, happy and as well as healthy. These dogs need exercise both physically and mentally.

Their temperament is intelligent and active with a high energy level from moderate, so they require exercise and also they love to go for outings. 

Info Bits: This generation dog breed is a hybrid vigor type, so their health problems and issues are similar to the ancestors of Golden Retriever and poodles.

Check the price of F1 GoldenDoodle near you

The price of First-generation Goldendoodles is around $1,500 to $3,000, and this price may vary from one place to another place or continent.

If you are interested in purchasing this dog pet, we are leaving some important places to purchase your pet continental wise. All the shops are taken by the customer rating.

Price of 1st Gen Goldendoodles in the United States

1G Goldendoodles are native breeders that are usually found in the United States and the price of the dog is around $ 1500 to $3000, and this is a cheap price when compared to other countries.

Some of the shop lists that are found in the United States are:-

  1. Pet shop name: Winding Creek Ranch Goldendoodles

Address: 7124 US Hwy 136, Crawfordsville, IN 47933, United States

Google Rating: 4.9 (rated by 35 customers)

  1. Pet shop name: Goldendoodle by Aggie

Address: S Wind, Kissimmee, FL 34746, United States

Google Rating: 4.4 (rated by 89 customers)

  1. Pet shop name: Mini Goldendoodles Puppies

Address: 807 Indian Rd, Toronto, ON M6P 2E4, Canada

Google Rating: 4.1 (rated by 28 customers)

Price of First Generation Goldendoodles in the United Kingdom

First Gen Goldendoodles are one of the cutest dog breeds that many pet lovers who are living in the United Kingdom and in this region the price of the dog is around 500 euro to 2000 euro, and this is a cheap price when compared to other countries.

Some of the shop lists that are found in the United Kingdom are:-

  1. Pet shop name: Tora’s Australian Labradoodles

Address: Barrs Rd, Cardross, Dumbarton G82 5EY, United Kingdom

Google Rating: 4.9 (rated by 27 customers)

  1. Pet shop name: Kellys Kennels

Address: Brookside Farm, Lady Ln, Croft WA3 7AY, United Kingdom

Google Rating: 4.0 (rated by 627 customers)

  1. Pet shop name: Puppies for Sale

Address: Marlborough Rd, London N22 8NN, United Kingdom

Google Rating: 4.6 (rated by 32 customers) 

Price of F1 Goldendoodles in Australia

F1 Goldendoodles are also the native type breed of Australia and this is one of the cutest dog breeds that many pet lovers who are living in Australia and in this region the price of the dog is around $ 2500 to $ 3500 (Australian dollar), and this is a cheap price when compared to other countries.

Some of the shop lists that are found in Australia are:-

  1. Pet shop name: Puppies Downunder Australia

Address: 340 Latrobe Rd, Maryvale VIC 3840, Australia

Google Rating: 4.9 (rated by 71 customers)

  1. Pet shop name: Kate’s Family Pet

Address: 26 O’Briens Hill Rd, O’Connell NSW 2795, Australia

Google Rating: 4.3 (rated by 13 customers)


Hope everyone who is planning to purchase a first-generation Goldendoodle dog breed, has got the same idea about the pet whether it will be well suited for your not. Everything that we had discussed.

If anyone who reads this article, has their own mini type GoldenDoodle, means kindly share your experience with us.

Frequently Asked Question

1, What is meant by F1 Goldendoodle? 

The F1 GoldenDoodle is abbreviated as First Generation Goldendoodles which are also called First-time cross breed with pure pet dogs. They are the crossbreed of Golden Retriever and poodles.

2, What is the price of a first-generation Goldendoodle?

The price of first-generation Goldendoodles ranges from $2000 to $3500 worldwide. Purchasing this first-generation pet is very loyal to its owners and friends.


  • The origin of this dog breed differs from the ancestor’s period, where they were found in the United States and Australia.
  • First Generation Golden Doodle is crossbreeds of Golden Retriever and Poodle. This crossbreed is mainly between the two pure breed crosses.
  • The coat of this 1st generation Goldendoodle dog pet will grow around three to five size lengths in inches. And the quality of the coat is wavy or straight, and sometimes it may be curly.
  • These dogs are suitable for both apartment living and Individual owners. And they are loyal to the owner also.
  • Required grooming at least twice or once a week, which is compulsory. If grooming is not done means the hair becomes curly then it will become tough coats instead of smooth nature.
  • The good companion, loyal, and intelligent pet, which are comes from their ancestors. For example loyal is from the temperament of Golden Retriever and Intelligent is the temperament of Poodles. So this kind of temperament of first-generation Goldendoodle price ranges from $2000.

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