Border Collie Breed facts and information

Name of the breed: Border Collie

Origin of the breed: Scotland, United Kingdom


It is the very oldest dog breed, and it is first originated in Scotland, United Kingdom. The exact location of this breed is Northumberland which is the border between England and Scotland. In those days when Romans occupied Britain, so the Romans took sheep, goats, and cows with them for food, and also they took dogs for their guarding purposes. After a long time, Vikings’s occupied by Britain, they also took their cows, goats for grazing with the help of Spitz-type of dogs. These two dogs are mixed to develop a Border Collie dog. The peoples who are living in Anglo – Scotland border used Border Collie for goats grazing. This one dog can able to maintain one flock of sheep. This dog becomes very popular after Queen Victoria’s eye. She saw this dog’s intelligence and skills made to get a Royal status. Since that time these dogs are used in shows for entertainment. Today’s we are using the Border Collie dog which is from the oldest dog generation of Hemp which is smart and energetic. These dogs not only used for grazing purposes is also used for protecting the farmland from ducks, and other animals, etc.


The Life Expectancy of Border Collie is more than the average of all dogs which is around 12- 17 years.


The height of the male Border Collie is 48 to 56cm and the female breed height is around 46 to 54cm. And the weight of the male breed is 15 to 22kg and the weight of the female breed is 13 to 19 kg.

Suited for Apartment living:

Border Collie dog is able to live in an apartment but it needs some space in your apartment because it needs some space to do exercise and moving here and there comfortably. Border Collie is more suitable to live with kids but it should be kept in front of parent’s guidance.


This dog is very friendly with your family members and also very active, especially Border Collie is very happy to work. These dogs are the most obedient dog breed. 

Appearance and its colors:

It is a medium-sized dog, and its coat is smooth type and rough type coat. In a smooth coat, the fur of the dog is smooth and small in size. While in the rough coat the fur of the dog is a medium-sized feather-like appearance. It is a double coat type, the inner coat keeps the dog more comfortable in all climatic conditions. The eye of the dog is Blue or brown in color. Some dogs have bi-color eyes. And its body color is tricolor, Black white color, Brown white color, Brindle, Chocolate color.

Pregnancy time

Border Collie dogs have a pregnancy time of 62-64 days approximately. And it’s a litter size of 8 to 10 puppies.

Food Habits

It can able to take all Indian foods, but all the foods are measured carefully. Scrambled Eggs, Flakes, Brown rice, white rice, etc,

Exercise and Training

If you are the first owner to take care of the dog’s means you need to spend more time with these dogs it will help the dogs to be more flexible to live at the home, else it may lead to getting bored easily and may cause mental stress. Border Collie requires daily walking, not only that but also need to give at least one hour of Exercise daily is required. Because of its intelligence, it can be easily trained. And requires training such as mental health training such as dog puzzles, buy toys, etc.

Interesting Facts:

When we saying the name of the breed as Border Collie, in our mind it first strikes us as this is the most intelligent breed. This breed is very active than some other dogs. In the year 1994 Stanley Coren released a book named “The Intelligence of Dogs”, in that book he recorded a lot of dog’s Intelligence performance, and ranked as per the intelligence level in the breed. Out of all dogs in that list, he ranked Border Collie at the topmost position in the Intelligent level. It protects from strangers not like Pitbull and Rotweiller by attacking directly, it will scream or bark like a Labrador before attacking.

Some Important Records of Border Collie:

Border Collie dogs have achieved some important records such as;- Jumpy Border Collie dog set a record in Skating achieved a feat of 100 meters in 20 sec. Striker Border Collie opened the Car mirror in a very short interval of time, for this reason, this dog got a Guinness award. Chaser Collie is the most intelligent dog in this world with a remembering of 1000+ toys name.


This is everything about the Border Collie, If you like to purchase this dog means for this intelligence performance and its easy training is a significant one.

If anyone who reads this article, has Border collie means kindly share your experience by commenting below.


  1. What is the cost of Border Collie in India?

The cost of the Border Collie in Indian Price is Rs 25,000 to 60,000.

  1. Why did I want to Buy Border Collie?

Border Collie is very friendly to you and your family members. Because of its Intelligence and active working, it can able to train very easily and well suited for children to playmates.

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