Top Lists of Brainy and Brainless Animals [Updated 2022]

Human beings’ brains and smartness are not the same, it may vary based upon person to person. Some people have more IQ levels and some may have less but they will be skilled in different tasks. Likewise, Animals have variations in their smartness.

So, In this article, we will clearly know about some brainy and brainless animals in the world.

What is meant by Brain?

The several nerve cells comprise an organ that is completely called neurons.  And the unit of nerve cells is called neurons 

We are using our brains for creativity and learning many things like solving problems, responding to any action, and working, etc.

Animal brains come in various sizes and shapes, for example, the brain of the giraffe is a little larger than the brain of a human.

Why Brain is required for Animals?

The brain is an organ also present in Animals, mostly they are used to attack, hunt in a tricky manner, and also get prey. Moreover, if their family has lost means, by using certain tricky methods they will rejoin.

Do you know which is the most Intelligent Animal?

The most astute creature on the planet is Chimpanzees. They help together and every one of the things they work shrewd. What’s more, they accomplish the work extremely quickly. Furthermore, they are versatile to the climate and environmental factors. The two Chimpanzees and individuals come from a comparable progenitor bypassing DNA starting with one age then onto the next age.

List of Brainy Animals

The Listed brainy animals are not in order, but the listed followings are some of the intelligent animals in the world such as:

  1. Chimpanzees – Chimpanzees are more similar to human beings they can able to solve many problems that they face. And not only that this animals are one of the top most intelligent animals. So many scientists used this animals for their research purposes and experiments. And they can able to communicate for longer distances too. So when compared to human beings they will be more intelligent. And the IQ level of Chimpanzees are 100 (which is average measurement)
  2. Pigs –  The Intelligence level of a pig is equal to that of a 4-year-old human being. And they ranked to the fifth spot in intelligence. They are more intelligent than dog breeds.
  3. Bottlenose Dolphins – They are intelligent and they are able to care for themselves. And also they have good communication skills. They are quick learners and able to solve most of the problems. And many researchers said that this type of animals are more intelligent.
  4. Parrots – They can speak if you give proper training but it takes a lot of time, mostly possible by giving training from a small age. They are not only intelligent they also a good at socialization and behavior.
  5. Whales – These are very interesting creatures in the world, they can communicate at longer distances, they can’t speak but the communication from one whale to another whale is through sound. They are emotionally attached and their brains are large in size.
  6. Dogs – That we already saw on our page (blogpetcare) and also there we mentioned the top ten intelligent dog breeds too. There are lot of dog breeds we using as a pet animals. In dogs there are both type of breeds are seen. If your pet is intelligent means they can be easily trained and used for socialization. Some dog breeds which are less intelligent are used of other purposes.
  7. Octopus – The best part of Octopus is its multitasking ability. One of the top university in Chicago, recently researched about the octopus. In the result they are came to know that they are smarter than human beings.
  8. Elephants – They are highly intelligent and good for socialization, friendly person, and the brains are large in size.
  9. Squirrels – The memories of these animals are the same as elephant memories.
  10. Cats – Easily trainable dogs and having good sensory ability and they can jump from a maximum height. 
  11. Rats – They are only small but not brainless, they are able to move very fast.
  12. Falcons – Able to respond and have good communications among them.
  13. Rhesus Monkeys – They are good for hunting and attacking by the gangs. And one of the interesting facts is our blood group is invented by using this Rhesus Monkey only which is the Positive blood group or negative blood group theory given by Landsteiner.
  14. Horses – We know that our electrical parts are measured using HP (Horsepower) which means 746 watts. Think about how active and intelligent they are.
  15. Raccoons – They have similar human behaviors and they are very sophisticated in social relationships.
  16. Owls – Owls are not as intelligent as other birds, but they are a little smarter, they are not equal in the intelligence level of Parrot.

List of brainless Animals

There are some brainless animals are there such as :

Most Aquatic Animals are brainless animals.


  1. Sea urchins
  2. Starfish
  3. Jelly Fish,
  4. Sea Sponges,
  5. Sea Cucumber,
  6. Sea Lily,
  7. Sea Coral,
  8. Sea Anemone,
  9. Sea Squirts,
  10. Portuguese Man over.

But here the Interesting fact is Jellyfish are Brainless animals but they act smarter like human beings.

Sea Urchins

Sea Urchins are brainless animals, but they are poisonous.

Some parts of their body are poison, not all the areas. And their physical appearance is ball shaped aquatics, and they are also called as hedgehogs.

Overall the flower type sea urchins are more poisonous than the other.

Their strength is spikes with poisonous only, using that spikes they will capture the food and eat.

Star Fish

Star Fish are another brainless animals, and this star fish has five fingers using that they can able to eat foods.

Even they are brainless animals, but they having lot of sensitivity, such as touch sensing, visual sense, smell sense. Using this sensitivity they can easily capture there food.

Jelly Fish

Generally jelly fish are more intelligent than many animals and humans, even they too a brainless animals.

This jelly moves place to place, they can capture food either by fighting or freely through the poisonous chemical that released from their legs, and this chemical that touches the another animal and it will lead to dead, and this fish capture the prey for food.

Sea Sponge

Sea Sponge is a type of algae like appearance is is not a tree or shrub and they are present in the ocean or sea.

This type of animals can’t able to swim, walk, generally they can’t able to move from one place to place. They are stable and immovable animal.

Sea Cucumber

Sea Cucumber are another brainless animals they also found in sea.

This sea cucumber capture their prey or food by through their breathing valve, where their small tube opens and senses, and capture the food and get into it.

Sea Lily

Sea Lily are usually found only under the sea at high depths. This aquatic also a brainless animals

The appearance of this animals are like a grass appearance. It is more over similar to lily flowers.

As we said that they are grass like appearance, which is mainly because they has roots, and leaves like valves are their. And it can able to grow at the depth of 20,000 feet.

Using the leaf like appearance in their body they can easily able to suck the food and prey, and they are movable.

Sea Coral

Sea Coral comes with multi colored.

They can easily sense the food and captures the food by using their wings like spiders.

Sea Anemone

Sea Anemone moves from one place to another place, and they are more flexible too.

They has a muscular like structure in their body, using that they will capture the food.

And one of the most interesting facts that are seen in Sea Anemone is, if they are found any attacks or threats near them means they will goes inside their body and made them has a oval shaped like a snail.

Sea Squirts

Sea Squirts are one of the unique animals that found in this list.

Because they have brain, but they are also a brainless animals….

which means during their birth sea squirts has brain, but after age by age they will lose their brain and remains brainless animals.

The appearance of Sea Squirts are one eyed animals with no mouth. so they can’t able to eat their food easily. Using their eye they can capture the food and they full fill their hungers.

Portuguese Man over

Portuguese Man over is also called as blue bottle, because the color appearance are blue in colored and bottle shaped body.

Not only that, their body are composed of transparent type body parts in their body.

They are more over similar to jelly fish in capturing a food.

In the bottom part of the Portuguese Man over contains some roots like appearance. Using that they will release some chemicals when any animals touches their roots, after that chemicals reaches the another animals they will died, and that prey will eaten by Portuguese Man over.


The animals with more IQ levels and animals with fewer IQ levels have some different skills based upon their level.

All the creatures in the world have some skill in their community, like animal community, human community, etc.

I hope everyone who reads this article finds it helpful if you have any queries related to the article and kindly share your comments.

Other Related Questions and Answers:

1, Which part of the brain gives intelligence power?

The frontal cortex brain plays a vital role in solving reasoning, and other mathematical problems.  And also the prefrontal cortex part acts as the brain center; it reacts to the senses and makes their actions especially used in Intelligence. Both Frontal Cortex and Prefrontal cortex comes under the Cerebrum, which is the larger part of the brain.

2, Does grey matter is important to the brain? If yes, how to increase the part?

Grey matter is very important to the brain it will help you to keep under self-confidence and the study has proved that grey matter also the necessary part that helps in increasing intelligence level because it takes the decision. It is generally responsible for intelligence.

To increase grey matter hear music, meditation, enjoying a peaceful environment keeps helps to increase the grey matter.

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