Bulldog Dog Breed New Facts and Details

Name of the Breed: Bull Dog

Famous Types of Bull Dog

There are many types of Bulldog, but some Bulldog dog breed are popular that we listed below:

English Bulldog: It is also known as British Bulldogs, The size of the dog is medium and short face head with a wrinkled face, and the body is made up of a smooth coat, the shoulder is very wide but the limbs are short.  most of the English bulldog is the white body and black color nostrils.

French Bulldog: This type of Bulldog is smaller when compared with English Bulldog, to find the difference in these dogs notice the size and pointed ears. Due to Intense selective breeding for appearance the French Bulldog relatively limited gene pool.

American Bulldog: American Bulldog is used for many purposes especially for working in farming, hunting, guarding, etc.,

American Bulldogs are very active when compared to others, It can able to walk more distances so using this type of bulldogs can be easily trained for all purposes.

Olde English Bulldog: After many crossing, some specimens obtained bred true and it is called as Olde English Bulldog

Australian Bulldog: It is a new type of breed dog because it established in the later 1900s. It is mainly created by cross-breeding Staffordshire bull terriers, English bulldogs, and mastiffs. This type of dog having more fun in the water.

bulldog dog breed
bulldog dog breed

Origin: It is mainly originated in England.


Bulldog is first found in England. There is no exact evidence of its first appearance, but by using some reference these dogs first presented in the 1600’s only. Everyone knows about this dog after the 1800s only it becomes more popular in England. Most of them enjoy the games played between bull and bulldogs.

Life Span:

The lifespan of a Bulldog is around 8 to 12 years, caring and giving the right food will keep its life span some more years.

bulldog dog breed
bulldog dog breed


Height: Both male and female Bulldog have the same height which is 30- 40cm height. 

Weight: The weight of the male bulldog is 20 to 25kgs,  and the weight of the female bulldog is 18 to 23kgs.

Appearance: And its appearance of Bulldog is the wrinkled face,  pressed nostrils and its body is muscular.

Type of coat: The coat is short, straight, fine, and smooth, litter size 3 to 7 cm or 7 to 12cm

Color of Bull Dog

Colors of Bulldog are white, piebald, Farn, white and Farn, Red Brindle, Red and white


According to its temperament, it is very will full,  gorgeous and it will get more emotions. These breeds of dogs are more active, and friendliness.

Habitation: It can able to live in Normal conditions only, It also can able to live in polar regions too, mostly in polar regions these dogs are used for transportation purposes from one place to another place movement, by a troop of dogs in a sled.

Suited for Living:

Nowadays most of the apartment peoples having Bulldogs. It is expensive so rich peoples can easily buy these dogs. Most of the celebrity buy this type of dogs.

Food habits:

Especially Non-Vegetarian is more preferable, foods like meat, Chicken, etc.,

Exercise timing:

The Exercise time of Bulldog is around 30 minutes is much more suited. Bulldog walks more steps nearly it can able to walk more than an hour. The list of the exercise to be given to Bulldog such as Jumping, walking, running, etc.,

Fun Facts:

These dogs are called knockouts because during the sleeping time its tongue will be outside only.

Most of them used this Bulldog for bull-baiting games. on those days there is a game between bull and Bulldog.  But there are some aspects and rules in that game,  the bulldog wants to bite Bull’s nose and the Bull will fight back to defeat Bull dog.

Health issues:

Because of it pressed of nostrils,  this dog will face many breathing problem


If you are planning to Buy Bulldog means, keep it very safe and have some caring with it, because it’s very experience.

Try to buy the better quality Bulldogs ( above 1 lakhs ).

If you are using this dog, kindly comment below about your experience.


1, What is the cost of Bulldog in India?

The cost of the bulldog in India is above 1 lakh rupees. Because this type of bulldog is mostly used for gaming purposes in your home. And the appearance is one of the reasons for this much expensive.

2, Which are the most popular types of Bulldogs? 

The most popular Bulldogs are English Bulldog, American Bulldog, French and Australian Bulldog. 

3, How Bulldog got its name?

In those days there are biting games between Bull and Bulldog, the name of the game is called Bullbiting. So the name of the game is turned into the dog’s name.

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