Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Breed Facts and Detailed Information

Name of the breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Origin of the breed: United States


The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a toy breed type, this small sporting companion dog is were common among the English nobility, at the time of his reign it is closely associated with political power, this dog has a variety of colors in this era, as they were incredibly popular with noble ladies across the country. Today even after the political wind shifted the blind color remained quite popular. At the beginning of the 18th century, king Charles used white king and red king Charles spaniel dog used for the purpose of hunting. They made a lot of attempts to develop this breed, finally, in the year 1928, the first breed of Cavalier is formed. After some more years in the late 1950s, the origin of the Cavalier from the United States is taken to the united kingdom, later these country kennel club started their breeding with this type of dog. After the battle of Blenhium, Charles started its breed to develop in the color of Blenhium. In the year 1945, this breed is recognized as a dog by British Kennel Club.


The life span of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is around 8 to 12 years. If the maintenance and food habits are strictly maintained well means it can able to survive for more than 2 years.


The height of the male is 30 to 34cm, and the height of the female is 28 to 32cm. The weight of the male is 6 to 9kg and the female weight is 6 to 9kg. Moreover, the weight and height of both males and females are very similar.

Appearance and Colors:

The color of the Cavalier is Black and Tan, Tricolor, Ruby with some more patches. It is a well-balanced type, and active in nature. There is a small difference between the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and King Charles Spaniel in its size of the body which is slightly larger than the first one.

Suited for Apartment living:

Cavalier is well suited for Apartment livings, because of its friendliness and affection it can able to live with your kids, neighbors, strangers too. 

Pregnancy time

The litter size of the dog is 3 to 5 puppies. And its pregnancy length is around 63 days.


The first and foremost of this type of breed is its temperament of friendliness. These dogs are fearless and playful, and very affectionate, active, Sensibility, Adaptability. Their long silky coats affection loyalty and playfulness. The Cavaliers is good with non-voice owners also.

Food Habits

Cavalier requires very little consumption of calories else it may lead to overweight, so the food plan is strictly noticed. Foods such as brown rice, white rice, eggs mostly dog pet foods are good for this type of breeds.

Exercise and Training

Cavalier requires at least 1 hour of training in Exercise. This is a toy breed so it requires some easy exercises such as running, walking, daily one-hour outing. Else take your dog to daily jogging with you.

Interesting Facts:

These types of dogs are used for Hunting purposes by Kind Charles in the 18th Century.

The Habitation of this dog is can able to live comfortably in cold weather than in Hot weather conditions. It is one of the intelligent breeds of the present day. 

Other Facts:

It is friendliness with Children and also become friendly with other animals such as cats in your family. This dog is looking like a toy type breed so it can able to live in 

Health and Caring

These dogs are needed good dog care products, some types of these breeds are becoming overweight, which will reduce the lifespan of this dog. So, Dog’s calorie consumption should be strictly maintained and watched every time. Cavalier cannot able to live alone without under any caretaker, maximum 1 to 2 hours is able to live alone. Grooming is required a lot because it has a lot of hair.


Because of their kindness, and their friendliness these dogs can able to be a toy breed to you and your family members.

If anyone reading this article has Cavalier King Charles Spaniel means kindly share your experience by commenting below.


  1. What is the cost of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in India?

The cost of Cavalier is starting from the price of 70,000 to above one lakhs. But in some places in the local breeds, it is available from 20,000rupees. 

  1. Why do I want to Buy this Charles king Spaniel?

Because of its kind nature, and friendliness it is well suited to the places where kids living, and apartments it will not disturb your neighbors in your apartments. Not only that is also a very attractive toy breed type.

  1. Will these Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is available in India means where it is?

These dogs are available in the National Capital Territory of India, New Delhi.

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