Chihuahua Dog Breed new facts and information

Name of the breed: Chihuahua Dog Breed

Origin of the breed: Mexico


This breed is first originated in Southern America in the State of Mexico in the place of Chihuahua. There is no exact evidence in which century it first appeared, but there two theories about the origin. The first one is this breed is originated in Chihuahua in Mexico under the name of Tichichi, and in the 9th century in Taltic Civilization, this breed figure is sculpted in temples and in rocks and this civilization is also in Mexico. Actually, this breed is first found in the 1850s only, and later in the year 1890s those peoples who took this dog from Mexico to America, they returned back for the show dogs. And later in the year 1904, this dog is recognized by American Kennel Club (AKC). After 1930, Chihuahua became very famous all over the world with a lot of paintings, songs that have been done using this breed.


The life span of Chihuahua is around 12 to 18 years of age. If the maintenance and caring of this breed are good means, it can able to live more than two years.

Appearance and colors

Chihuahua may be in these two coats such as short-haired which are smooth coats and long-haired. The appearance of the entire body is the cutest and smallest dog that can be easily handled in our hands, which is a very compact breed. 

This dog comes under seven types such as: 

  • Long Coats
  • Short Coats
  • Deer Head 
  • Apple Head
  • Merlin Chihuahua dog Breed
  • Minature or Tea Cup dog Breed
  • Faul Chihuahua

During Aggressive time, the breed of the dog’s eyes pupil comes little outside, and the look of the dog is very aggressive…


The weight of the Chihuahua is very less and low in weight, which may be around 1.5 to 3 kg of weight. And the height of the breed is around 15 to 24cm. Both males and females are very similar in weight and height.

Suited for Apartment living:

This dog breed is more suited for Apartment livings, but should not keep this dog to play with your kids. Because of its sharp teeth may able to get injured easily to the kid. But it will not bite, this will happens in an unwanted situation only.


Chihuahua Temperament is Smart, Quick learning, Alert, Courageous, Entertaining, and loyal to family persons.

Pregnancy time

The gestation period of Chihuahua is around 60 to 68 days and the litter size is usually 2 to 5 puppies.

Food Habits

Mostly Chihuahua can eat carrots, give them after boiling. And eats some vegetables, Salmon, and poultry products such as eggs. No need to spend more money fo Food.

Exercise and Training

Chihuahua requires at least 20 to 40 minutes of Dialy Exercises, these dogs are easily trained outdoors but not be in households.

Interesting Facts:

  • Chihuahua Milly is recorded in Guinness, which is the world’s smallest dog breed of fewer than 4 inches and its weight is less than 1 pounds at the age of 4.
  • The pure white Chihuahua breed is the rarest color in this dog breed.
  • According to AKC standard report, this dog is in place of eleven of the most popular dogs out of 153 dog breeds.

Health and Caring

Because of its small size, we need to take care of it that’s the major task, and this dog doesn’t need any grooming like others. This dog faces some health issues such as Hypoglycemia, shortness of breath, Tooth decay, and forms cavities. So have good care while the dogs were taken to bath. Brush the teeth normally for a week. Chihuahua can be kept along for 6 to 8 hours alone only by keeping the food in front of the pet.


Those who need good and compact companion dogs mean, this will be the best choice, because of the small size it can be easily mobilized, and also good at apartment lives.

The one who read this article having Chihuahua means kindly share your experience as a comment.


  1. What is the cost of the Chihuahua in India?

Normally, the price of the breed is 15,000 rupees to 30,000 rupees. In India mostly they are selling at the price of Rs 25,000 and above only. Based on the place, varieties, and color of the breed the price may differ.

  1. Are Chihuahua are good pets?

Absolutely the answer is Yes, it is a friendly companion and only if you treated good, And also this behaves as good pets with your family members. It is very compact in size so, it can be transported from one place to another place.

  1. Which one is good to buy either male or female?

Generally, both have the same temperament and specifications only. But many Chihuahua buyers said that males are very loyal and friendly than female pets.

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