Doberman Pinscher Breed facts and new information

Name of the breed: Doberman Pinscher Breed

Origin of the breed: Germany


A few decades before, a tax collector named Karl Friedrich Louis Doberman lived in the city Apolda, where he collects tax daily in that local area, but he faces lots of danger against him, like none paying tax, many robbers tease and fight with him and took Louis money that which he collected from the peoples.

After many cruel things then he planned to develop one guard dog breed using street dogs. But there is no exact evidence, which dog breed is mixed to form a Doberman. But some people say that there is a mixture of some dogs such as Rottweilers, Pinscher, etc.

Louis developed this dog for the purpose of guarding and its look to be very terror look, and to be intelligent, and should not be big enough and a dog should here command and act based upon that. After his death, Germany officially kept Louis Doberman’s name to his dog breeds.


The Life expectancy of Doberman Pinscher is around 9 to 11 years, if the maintenance and food quality is given good and inspected well means, It can able to live up to 13 years of age.

Appearance and colors

Based on its type it is divided into two: one is American Breed and the other one is European breed. 

  • American Doberman Breed: The Appearance of the American Doberman Breed is its size is small, and its head is sharp. The neck of American Doberman is slightly inclined or bend the neck. The chest of the dog is a little narrow and less aggressive when compared to European. This dog is best for families.

Colors: Black & rust, Blue & Rust, Red & Rust, Fawn & rust, All Black and also in white.

  • European Doberman Breed: The head of the European Doberman is heavy and it is large in size. The neck appearance is straighter than the American breed. It has a broad chest and more aggression. This dog is best for working purposes.

Colors:  The two recognized colors of this dog breed are red & rust, Black & rest.


The height of the male dog is 65 to 72 cm and the female dog is 60 to 68 cm. And the weight of the male dog breed is 40 to 45kg and the female dog breed is around 32 to 36kg in weight.

Suited for Apartment living:

We can keep this dog in the Apartment, but unfortunately, it is less possible because your nearby will shout to you because the dogs will bark and make unwanted noises.


Its Intelligent performance is at the top 5th position, Very active and playful, loyal to the owners. 

Pregnancy time

The duration of Doberman’s Pregnancy time varies from 58 days to 68 days. And its litter size is six to eight puppies.

Food Habits

Doberman Pinscher requires high-quality food, such as Brown Rice, White Rice, Boiled Chicken, Scrambled Eggs, Sweet Potatoes, Green free dry food, and other pet products. 

Exercise and Training

  • For European Doberman, requires proper training, then it will become a standard in all the places and goes around surroundings.
  • Minimum 1 hour of training or exercise required for this dog.

Interesting Facts:

  • There many dogs used in World War 2, and in that many Doberman Pinscher also used. But they handled and used this dog in a very cruel manner. This dog will act as a Human bomb during that time, a bomb is tied in the dog, and then it will go under the tank to start blasting.
  • There are two types of Doberman type breeds such as American Doberman Breed and European Doberman Breed. We can’t say exactly what type of breed is in India that we are having because its maintenance and breeding is very much developed
  • Before Breeding European dogs, there should be some rules to follow, which is, the dog should pass some tests like skill tests, then only they will allow for breeding.
  • American Dogs are bred only for their attractive looks, whereas European dogs are bred only for their aggression.

Health and Caring

  • Some dogs have long tails so they will cut the dog’s tail in the beginning. They cut the dog’s tail because the tail of the dog is very sensitive, this will leads to get injured in unwanted circumstances.
  • Tell to your kids, if the dogs will bite or scratch them means report to you immediately.
  • For American Doberman, the owner should be there with his dog else it may get boring.
  • Doberman’s are not good for new owners, require an experienced person.


Do you need intelligent, unique, guarding skill dog breed means, I will suggest you  Doberman Pinscher

The one who reads this article having Doberman Pinscher means kindly share your experience with us. 


  1. Who can buy Doberman Pinscher?

As my suggestion, those who are in Individual house are recommended to buy this dog, but not much suitable for apartment living. And the owner should be an experienced person.

  1. What is the cost of a Doberman Pinscher in India?

The cost of an imported Doberman Pinscher is around 36,000 to 60,000 rupees. And the price of Doberman Pinscher is available from Rs 13,000 and above.

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