The Most Popular English Cream Golden Retriever Puppy [ #2022 Updated ]

Name of the breed: English Cream Golden Retriever (or) English Cream Retriever

Origin of the breed: Scotland

English cream retrievers are one of the most popular breeds of dogs. They are known for their gentle personalities and love of water.

English cream retrievers make great family dogs. They are good with children and are gentle with other animals.

English cream retrievers are also good for hunting. They are good at retrieving objects and can be trained to do many different tricks.

Introduction about English Cream Retriever

The Golden Retriever is perhaps the most famous variety everywhere in the world.

Also, this sort of canine variety goes under various classes or types.

In this article we will see insights concerning the most popular and great partner English Cream Golden Retriever’s starting point of the variety, the significant Characteristics like versatility, well being and care just as its Body Measurement, Maintenance and its other data.

Thus, after that you can choose and plan to buy these varieties.

Short Cover about Golden Retriever

English Cream Retriever Puppy

We know very well that Golden Retrievers are beautiful dogs that are blessed with beautiful coats which are shiny in appearance and their coats are generally long and they are completely shaded with Gold in color so it got its name as Golden Retriever.

This Golden Retriever is classified into many types, and the one of the most popular types of this breed is English cream Golden Retriever.

Types of Golden Retriever

History of English cream retriever

English Cream Golden Retriever Puppy

One of the British breeders named Lord Tweedmouth has developed a Golden Retriever. The origin of this English Cream Golden Retriever was first developed in European countries (Scotland). So, this dog breed is also called as European Golden Retriever. This breed is a very rare breed. 

He mentioned in his book Edward Majoribanks Lord Tweedmouth’s notes and collections. They are unable to name the breed so they are using a nickname as a breed by Majoribanks and finally majoribanks found Golden Retriever. 

This type of breed was first bred in European countries, so it is also called as European Retriever breed. Lord Tweedmouth developed this breed by mating a Spaniel with another golden dog. After that they got the first born Retriever breed, then later he mated with palest retriever which is a golden color dog and finally this Golden Retriever became a English cream dog breed.

Body Measurement and Appearance of the breed

English Cream Golden Retriever Puppy
English Cream Golden Retriever Puppy

Height and Weight

The height of the male English Cream Golden Retriever breed is 54cm to 60cm and the female breed heights around 51cm to 56cm. And the weight of the golden retriever is around 24kg to 35kg 

Pregnancy duration of Retriever with Litter size

The Gestation Period of Retriever is around 60 to 65 days and its average litter size is around 6 puppies, whereas the litter size range from 4 to 12 puppies in English cream golden Retriever,

Life Span

The Lifespan of English Cream Golden Retriever is around 10 to 12 years of age, and its life span is more than the American Cream Golden Retriever. If good food habits and good maintenance keeps your dog long, which may be at least 14 years of age.

Appearance of English Cream Golden Retriever

The English Cream Golden Retriever’s head is broader, and eyes are round in shape, and the neck part is long and light in color. But this English Cream is smaller than other types such as American and Canadian Retrievers.

Coat colors and quality

  • The color of the coats are creamy in shade, other golden colored coats are seen, and sometimes they are pale in color. The coats are medium in size and usually they have a length coat. 
  • And the quality of the coat is smooth and silky while we touch it. The color of the dog does not come under pure white, it will be the color contrast between yellow to creamy in color.

Characteristics of English Cream Retriever Puppy

English Cream Golden Retriever has some important notable things to be seen by us. Choosing a right pet that should be very adaptable to us and its temperament and behaviour should be a good companion, and their health issues and problems.


Purchasing a good dog is not  so important, we know first whether this dog will be suitable or adaptable to our house. So some of the adaptable factors that we are going to tell about this dog breed.

Place of Living

This English cream golden retriever is suitable for Apartment living and individual houses. They required some places to live, those who are living in individual houses with Gardens. This dog will be highly recommended to your place because they love to spend more time with you and your family members so I recommended this.

Important Adaptability should we noted

  • These dogs are unable to stay alone  for more than a few hours.
  • And they easily get bored so it requires proper exercise and maintenance.

Temperament and its Behaviour

Kids /  Child Friendly

These dogs are kids or child friendly dogs,  but there should be some special guidance and inspection should be given to leave your kids in front of the dog.

Other Pet Friendly

They are friendly with animals and also friendly with the same community. But avoid your pets  to roadside dogs because this may lead to facing a lot of issues like health affected issues, barking, screaming etc.

Difficulty in Training

English cream golden retrievers are an easily trainable dog breed,  and it is also suitable for beginners. But, we need to get some advice from experienced trainers.

It is highly recommended. but your pet should be trained at the beginning of 6 month itself,  because training in the beginning itself makes your pet learn more of all your commands and that will help in socialization.

Active and Alert

These dogs are highly active and alert,  especially they love to spend time with their family members and also  they love water. So, these dogs are also used for good water rescue dogs.

Calm Behaviour

English cream golden retrievers are usually calm dogs, and they are good companions and should not bark unnecessarily especially in the night time.

So, for these reasons you can purchase a good English cream Golden Retriever.

Intelligent Retriever

Retrievers are intelligent dog breeds from the beginning itself and this type is also very intelligent so they like to play games and solving abilities and also they are easily trainable.

Health and care

Nowadays, Many of the shop owners will tell you that  white color Golden Retrievers are healthier for their selling purposes, but both white and black retrievers have the same health issues.

There are some list of health issues that usually we found in our cream retriever such as:

Hip Dysplasia

Hip Dysplasia is one of the major health issues that we usually see in most dogs, the affected part is the hip which contains ball and socket joint.

If there is any dislocation in that area means this will be the cause.

In English Cream these health issues are widely seen due to poor consumption of protein content so to keep the bones and joints strong we should have a strict diet planner in order to increase the consumption of proteins.

Avoid giving exercise harshly, don’t allow your dog to fall from more heights it will lead to dislocating their bones and joints.


This English Cream Golden Retriever is very less prone to cancer when compared to American Golden Retrievers.

According to a recent survey, nearly 61% of dogs are affected by cancer in this American breed and the remaining percent of cancer comes under both English Cream Golden Retriever and Canadian Golden Retriever.

Skin Problems

As we commonly know very well, skin problems are usually found in many dogs.

If the coat of the dog is tough or dry it will lead to skin rashes and skin irritation.

So in order to prevent these issues we need to clean those important areas where your dog stays.

It will be either a kennel or home.

Eye Problems

There are major health problems in eyes such as Cataract and other is Glaucoma is commonly found in this retriever type dogs. There is nearly more than 35% chance of your dog getting any one of these issues and then it may lead to poor vision.

Food Habits and Importance of English cream retriever

Golden Retrievers are active and intelligent.

It is a type of sport, hunting like a breed so it requires a lot of food to feed.

But measurement is strictly noticed before giving food to your pet.

Because if your dog feeds more it will lead to obesity. 

As we already said that there is a chance of getting hip dysplasia to your pet so for that you need to concentrate on protein content type food for English Cream Golden Retrievers.

And some list of foods are:

  1. Whole wheat grains
  2. Brown Rice
  3. Chicken 
  4. Fish
  5. Scrambled Eggs

Maintenance of English Cream Retriever Puppy

These dogs are very low maintenance because these dogs usually shed more. There is not a lot of difference between cream Golden Retriever and Golden Retriever in this case.  So for these reasons we keep our pet’s coat clean in order to avoid shedding. Maintaining is the vital factor can be concentrating in 

  1. Shedding
  2. Grooming
  3. Cleaning
  4. Exercise and Training.


Shedding is one of the most notable things we should inspect on our pet. They usually shed one to thrice a time in a year. This is very natural shedding  because their ancestors are shed like this only.  But sometimes the shedding will occurs due to any other factors like,

  1. Dog affected by any parasitic disease ( such as skin infections)
  2. environmental factors  and surroundings
  3. change in weather conditions
  4. temperature maintenance

So, these are the reasons that your pet shed a lot.  In order to fix these issues we need to take proper care of your pet.


Grooming is the key and vital maintenance that many of them fail to look at.

Grooming keeps your pet’s coat at the maintained level.

So Grooming your English Cream is necessary if your pet’s coat becomes tough and rough means by this technique you can overcome those issues.

English Cream Golden Retriever has a lot of hairs so it requires a professional groomer.

If your experience in this field means you are able to do this grooming.


Everyone knows that health is wealth, so likewise for staying healthy we should be clean.

Both the owners and pets should be clean periodically.

Pets are cleaned at least twice in a week, especially cleaning their gential area, coats, tail, ears, everything etc.

Wash the coats immediately if your pet coats become dirty, and avoid your pet to go to the roadside open drainage system during summer times.

Because during that time your Retriever is unable to adapt to the climate so for cooling purposes it will go into the drainage.

So during summer time wash or bathing your pet for thrice in a week, but it is not suitable for polar regions.

Exercise and Training

English cream Golden retrievers required at least one hour of exercise daily either in the morning or in the evening. 

You can split the exercise into 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening.

There are some good exercise that are given to your English cream Golden Retriever such as:

  • swimming (They like to spend time in water)
  • Hunting (we know that golden retriever some good Hunters so this English cream also very similar to ancestors)
  • Treadmill exercise (Giving treadmill exercise for 20 minutes is much enough and the speed is maintained 0.5mph or 1.8km/hr). But not highly recommended.
  • Running  for 20 minutes 
  • Hiking Exercise is good for your pet to stay healthy, physically and as well as mentally which is recommended by the famous pet advisor.
Note: Do not leave your English Cream Golden Retriever without exercise because this may lead to them getting bored and so it starts barking in the night. So plan your dog’s exercise that will make you healthy too.

Fun Fact of Retriever

  1. The Golden Retriever ranked in the 4th place (Most intelligent breed ranking)
  2. This English Cream Golden Retriever originated in Scotland which is the country in Europe. So they called this breed by this name itself “European Cream Golden Retriever”.
  3. Their Ancestors had achieved a rank in most barking and screaming dogs in the world.

Check the price of English Cream Golden Retriever near you

The Price of English Cream Golden Retrievers varies from place to place.

The average cost of Golden Retriever in English Cream ranges from $1500 to $3000.

Here you may see some important places to purchase your favourite Creamy Retriever worldwide.

Price of English Cream Retriever in United States

After the 1900s only this English cream Golden Retriever was imported in the United States from the United Kingdom so on these continents you may get an original English Cream Retriever at very cheap price ranges from $1500 to $6000.

Some price lists in the United States for this pet.

Pet Shop Name: MN English Golden

Google Rating : 4.7 (rated by 69 customers)

Address: Minnesota, Waconia. Contact info: 5073518510

Pet Shop Name: Crystal Cream Golden Retriever

Google Rating : 5.0 (rated by 52 customers)

Address: 6132, Bruick road, New Haven, United States. 

Pet Shop Name: Snow water Retrievers- AKC English Cream Golden Retriever

Google Rating : 5.0 (rated by 23 customers)

Address: 4707, Scott Road, Jamestown, PA 16134 United States.

Price of English Cream Retriever in United Kingdom

The origin of the breed is in European Countries of Scotland, so on these continents you may get an original English Cream Retriever at very cheap price ranges from 1200 euro to 6000 euro. Some price lists in the United States for this pet.

Pet Shop Name: Bonsaviour Golden Retriever Breeder

Google Rating : 4.7 (rated by 20 customers)

Address: Whitson Mill, Whiston road, Stafford UK

Pet Shop Name: Unafess Golden Retriever

Google Rating : 4.9 (rated by 7 customers)

Address: Westfield, Skegness Road, Ingoldmells UK

Pet Shop Name: Purplebone Dog Grooming (Only for Grooming) – Best in UK

Google Rating : 4.7 (rated by 387 customers)

Address: 3A, Hillgate street, London.

Price of English Cream Retriever in India

There are some poor breeders in the market, so check before purchasing a English cream Golden Retriever in India and the price varies in India from 30,000 rupees to 50,000 rupees.

Pet Shop Name: Dogs for sale Bangalore

Google Rating : 4.3 (rated by 370 customers)

Address: Bangalore, Contact Info: +91 7676727314

Pet Shop Name: Heavy Petting

Google Rating : 4.2 (rated by 1,694 customers)

Address: 1215, 22nd cross street HSR Layout, Bangalore. 

Karnataka. Contact info:+91 9900027683

Price of English Cream Retriever in Australia

Most of the dog lovers are from Australia, they will maintain their dog very well. And in Australia the price of English Cream Retriever ranges from australian $2000 to $4000

Pet Shop Name: Kellyville Pets 

Google Rating : 4.5 (rated by 2429 customers)

Address: 1-15 Millcroft Way, Beaumont Hills, NSW 

Contact info: 02 – 96293282

Pet Shop Name: Heavy Petting

Google Rating : 4.2 (rated by 1,694 customers)

Address: 1215, 22nd cross street HSR Layout, Bangalore. 

Karnataka. Contact info:+91 9900027683


I hope everyone who reads this article helped a lot by giving us all the information about English Cream Golden Retriever. So, if anyone having any queries related to the article means kindly comment below it will be helpful for us to improve and make you satisfied.

If you have an English Cream type Golden Retriever kindly share your experience with us below.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Giving Rice to English Cream Golden Retriever is fine?

I will say the answer is Yes. You can give rice to your English Cream Retriever dog but choosing a rice type is an important thing. I will recommend Brown Rice is best for these dogs instead of giving White rice. If you are giving white rice, polished rice is highly preferred.

2. Shall I purchase English Cream Golden Retriever?

Purchasing a English Cream Golden Retriever is quite a great idea, and also it is one of the best and good companion dog breeds that is suitable for your family. Before that you need to know complete information about this dog.

3. What are the three types of Golden Retriever?

There are three types of Golden Retrievers such as American type, British Type, Canadian type retrievers. And all this type has a kennel club in their own regions. And this English Cream comes under British type Golden Retriever.

4. What is the bite force of golden retriever ?

The bite force of golden retriever dog breeds in PSI is 190psi (PSI means Pound per Square Inch). One pounds per square inch is equals to 6895 N/m^2 in SI system.

Images from Unsplash and pixaby

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