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History of Canadian Eskimo Dog Breed

Name of the breed: Canadian Eskimo Dog Breed

Origin of the breed: Canada


Canadian Eskimo Dogs lived from 4000 years ago, they are predecessors of Eskimo people.

These dogs are used for sledding purposes in the polar region, and also they are used in hunting by Canadian people.

Canadian Eskimo Dog Breed are extensively used by the explorers of both the ends of poles and also included Amsterdam and Peary. Before 1992, these breeds were used in Australian and Antarctic regions. The original breed of these eskimo dogs are currently living in the region of Miniesota.

Basic Details about Canadian Eskimo Dog Breed


The lifespan expectancy of the Canadian Eskimo Dog is around 10 to 13 years of age. Maintaining the dog only in polar regions helps the dog to live more than 2 years.

Appearance and colors

The colors of Canadian Eskimo Dog are white, Red, Black and White, and Grey in color. And its appearance of coats is dense, double, and straight coats with medium-sized in length and ears are upright naturally.


  • The male Canadian Eskimo Dog weighs 30 to 40 kg, while the female Eskimo weighs from 18 to 30 kg of weight.
  • And the height of the male Canadian Eskimo Dog is around 58 to 70 cm and the female dog ranges from 50 to 60cm. 


They are very active working dogs, Adaptable to polar regions, Intelligent and Brave, and also they are very loyal to their owners. Active, Alert and Athletic make the dog more powerful in working. These dogs do not pet friendly with the same type of breed, both dogs of the same breed will fight each other. So, they should not keep the dog in the same place. Other pets such as cats, rabbits, and other birds should be kept away from these dogs because we already know that they are not friendly.

Pregnancy time

The Gestation Period of Canadian Eskimo Dogs is around 62 – 64 days approximately, and its litter size is 3 to 8 puppies.

Interesting Facts and other care tips of Canadian Eskimo:

Suited for Apartment living:

Canadian Eskimo Dogs can be used for both Apartment and individual livings, but room temperature should be maintained. It is unable to live comfortably in a warm climate. These dogs are used in polar regions only. But they are not recommended for Apartment livings, it is able to live well in gardens. They do not bark or scream only if you spend a good time with them.

Food Habits

Dry foods, meats, vegetables, and dog pet foods are more preferred for Canadian Eskimo dogs. High Protein content food is necessary to give.

Exercise and Training:

Canadian Eskimo Dog requires at least one hour of exercise per day, this will keep your pet’s body in healthy condition. Generally, it requires a lot of exercises. These dogs are not suitable for beginners, they are unable to train this dog easily, some experience guidance is required for this dog.

Interesting Facts:

  • In the year 1959, Canadian Eskimo dogs were dropped from the AKC because they are very low in numbers. After the arrival of snowmobiles, these breeds have totally declined,  especially they are ruined after the 1960s. Because of their cultural heritage, they again originated in Greenland.
  • These dogs are used in the Arctic region as working dogs.

Health and Caring

  • They like to live in polar conditions only, so maintain the dog with normal temperature.
  • The Shed very little only, so they did not require any grooming. They are normally shed twice a year. But, washing the coat is necessary. 
  • Canadian Eskimo dogs have a lot of health issues in a regular time. The health issues such as allergies, cataracts, Hip Dysplasia, etc…
  • These dogs are not good for first-time owners.


Those who are living an active life can keep this dog as their pet animal. 

One who reading this article having Canadian Eskimo Dog means, kindly share your experience with us.

Questions and Answers:

  1. How to select the original Canadian Eskimo Dog?

Check the appearance of coats are dense, double and straight coats with medium-sized in length and ears are upright naturally.

  1. What is the cost of a Canadian Eskimo Dog?

The cost of the Canadian Eskimo Dog varies from place to place, the average price is $ 1000  to $2000 USD. 

  1. What are the Pregnancy time and its litter size of Canadian Eskimo Dog?

The gestation period of a Canadian Eskimo dog is approximately 62 – 64 days, and its litter size is around 3 to 8 puppies.

  1. Which place is the most suitable for Canadian Eskimo Dog?

The most suitable place for Canadian Eskimo dogs is polar regions and mountain areas. 

  1. How many hours of exercise are required for Canadian Eskimo Dog?

Canadian Eskimo dogs require at least 45 minutes to 1 hour.

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Photo by Jessica Jochheim from Pexels

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