Golden Retriever Breed New Facts and Characteristics

Name of the Breed: Golden Retriever Breed

Origin of this Breed: The Golden Retriever is first found in the region of Scotland.

History of Golden Retriever Breed

In the year 1840, the golden retriever is found in  Scottish Islands. with the seemingly uneventful transaction sir dually Edward majoribanks the first Lord Tweed mouth as purchased unregistered yellow retriever.

He uses this dog to accompany him while he going to hunting,  and after the activities of the retriever.

He started planned to breed this dog he used this yellow Retriever mixed with a water Spaniel and then finally they give birth to four new puppies and also he mixed with blood homes, Irish shuttler,  Saint Johns water dog and other retrievers.

He mentioned in his book Edward Majoribanks Lord Tweedmouth’s notes and collections. They are unable to name the breed so they are using a nickname as a breed by Majoribanks and finally majoribanks found Golden Retriever. In the year 1925, it is recognized as a breed.

golden retriever breed
golden retriever breed

Types of Breed

The golden retriever is of three types such as:

  • British Golden Retriever: British retriever is more muscular, light color, more mature and broad skull than other two breeds, British Kennel Club reject the dark color Retriever. It is the healthiest retriever.
  • American golden retriever: American Golden Retriever its head is short, dark color this breed is grown in Scotland only so gives first preference to the British Standard.

The most important fact is in American Kennel Club if the breed is in a very light color means it will reject the Retriever.

  • Canadian Golden Retriever: Canadian golden retriever is 2 inches higher than the other two breeds, but hair is less than the other two breeds.

golden retriever breed
golden retriever breed

Life Span

The lifespan of the Golden Retriever is 10 – 12 years or 13 years.


Height: The height of the female retriever is 50 to 56 cm and the height of the male retriever is 56 to 62 cm

Weight: The weight of the female retriever is 24 to 32 kgs and the weight of the male retriever is 28 to 34kgs.

Color of Retriever

The color of Golden retriever’s breed is creamy to brown scale, ( which means creamy white, very light brown color, light brown color, brown color, dark brown color)

Suited place of Living

Golden Retriever is well suited for apartments or any place. And it is good for beginners also. If you are spending 1 hour with this dog means then you can buy this.


Friendly, loyal, intelligent, able to survive alone for some time only. If you are leaving alone means you need to keep an automatic feeder, but should not leave so many hours alone.

Best Foods

Mostly Protein content food with some calcium required for bones.

Fun Facts
  • On those days, hunters will have to accompany with Retriever because when the hunter shoots the birds, the bird will fall down and finally the retriever found that bird and caught the bird by mouth, and given it to the hunter.
  • It is the most intelligent dog because this dog will help you from unwanted circumstances like accidents or fear of robbers, especially during nighttime.
  • This dog will not bark or scream like others. The number one dog,  which will be pleased for us
  • This dog will not bite others until if you disturb this dog by trying to ride on him. This dog is in the third position in biting.
Caring and Health benefits
  • For weekly once we need to comb the hair of Retriever,  else  it may lead to very bad condition then we need to cut the hair only
Exercise Time
  • Daily morning 30 minutes and  Evening 30 minutes give some walking and running exercise else it will disturb and makes more waste in your room by disturbing things and finally your room will be uncleaned.
Records of Golden Retriever
  • Dog’s Intelligent rank is in the 4th place
  • Biting rank is in the 3rd place
  • Barking and Screaming position is in the first place, made a Guinness record of barking in more decibel of sound.

It is well suited to all sorts of climatic conditions. So, this will not be a major task for Golden Retriever.


Really, it’s a most amazing breed of dog. 

Have you planned to do buy retriever means, do it immediately these dogs are very loyal and intelligent than already mentioned above:-

If anyone having experience with Golden Retrievers means kindly share your experience with us, this will help others to take care of it.


The Difference between American and British Breeds?

An American breed is very dark in color. If there is any light color retriever means they will ban the dogs. An English breed of a British breed is very light in color. If there is any dark color retriever means they will ban such type of dogs.

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