Brief About Goldendoodle – with unknown Information [ Non Shedding Dog in 2021]

  • Name of the breed: Golden Doodle
  • Origin of the breed: Australia and in the United States
  • NickNames: Golden Poo, Goldie Poo, Groodle.

Introduction about goldendoodles and Checklist

Do you think that this Goldendoodle breed dog breed will satisfy and be suitable for your home? 

Absolutely, Yes…

I recommend this dog as your pet animal because of the reasons that I have mentioned in the bottom part of the article.

Before Purchasing a purebred, one should know very well about this dog breed

Especially the complete information such as History (covers about their parent breed), Characteristics for their measurement and their coat types and body structures, Temperament, and Maintenance of the dog breed.  

So, this is the information that should be known very well before purchasing your favourite doodles.

We are happy to help you by clearing all the doubts and sharing complete information about this popular doodle. 

Info Bits: Goldendoodles are also called designer breed dogs, they are called so because the crossbreed of this dog makes a new breed which will be differ from their parents.

History of full grown goldendoodle

  • The Glorious doodle dog was first developed by Monica Dickens, she is the great-granddaughter of famous writer Charles Dickens. 
  • In the year 1969, the breeders want to develop a dog for peoples with disabilities visually and other animal allergies that are they tried combining the two breeds, luckily the experiment became successful, they achieved the designer dog that possesses lovable and trainable trait retriever and low shed characteristics of the doddle. 
  • The Golden Doodle first appeared in the 1900s in the United States, then it became widely popularized all over the world.
  • This lovable dog breed is developed by the cross breed of Golden Retriever and Poodle. Not only that, they are designer dog breeds, which come under different appearances.

Body Measurement and Appearance of the breed

This dog breed is originally bred for its body measurement especially, because they are compact in size and come with a beautiful appearance.

Goldendoodle size

It is Medium Sized Dog with a weight of 14 to 20kgs which is around 40 pounds of weight, both males and females are very similar in weight.

And the height of the male breed is 60 to 66cm and the height of the female breed is 56 to 58cm.

Pregnancy duration of Friendly Goldendoodle with Litter size

  • The gestation period of GoldenDoodle is around 61 to 63 days. The maximum duration is around 68 days. This duration is similar to their parents breed
  • And the litter size is an average of 4 to 8 puppies.

Life Span

  • The Lifetime duration of GoldenDoodle is around 10 to 12 years on average, and if the food habits, daily exercise, and caring make an increase of 3 years in its life span. 
  • But to attain this lifespan there you need to give proper maintenance, else it will go to peace in the early stage around the age of 12 to 15.
  • These conditions are very often, as per our research it can be able to withstand upto the age of 18.

Appearance of Groodle pup:

These cutest cross breeder pets are not similar to their parent breed, and they are small in size but their temperament is moreover the same. 

They have a triangular face set, flappy ears (which are like bat wings), white patterns in their chest. 

Coat colors and quality

The appearance of Goldendoodles’ coat is wavy, curly, straight.

These three coats have different degrees of curliness in their genetics inherited from the dog’s parents that will decide which coat your puppy ends up with wavy coats are the most common coats for Golden Doodle are also known as that fleece coat a wavy coat will grow 10 to 18cm or 4 to 7 inches.

The color of the GoldenDoodle is Black, chocolate, Apricot, red white, cream, and brown in color.

Info Bits: The male dogs are more friendly and easy to train, and the female dogs are attractive and protect the family members and owners.

Characteristics of Goldie Poo

Choosing the right dog as your pet is critically out of the knowledge of many people, so here you can clearly inspect the good one.

Based on their characteristics we will decide whether it can be suitable for your home or not and you can easily come to know about its companions and behaviors.


Even though they are energetic pets, they are also able to guide and are also good for sniffing qualities too,

As we already mentioned about their body measurements, with the measurements of that we can clearly say that they are small in size and compact to your families too.

Suited for Apartment living:

  • The cross breed of this dog breed which their habitats are moreover similar to their ancestors or parents and they are very energetic and social dogs and good with family members and also with neighbors.
  • So, it is very well suited in Apartments.
  • And this dog more likely to live in Individual houses with gardens, and it will bark unnecessarily but those sounds are only for their 

Type of owners

  • The Goldendoodles pet is gentle, and a good companion also with a good temperament so this will be suitable for new owners.
  • And they are also good with experienced people too. Not only that, according to the doodle the owner should be more active else they will get bored easily.
  • Don’t buy this pet if you are too lazy.

Temperament and its Behaviour

These dogs are very calm and friendly to the same breeds, humans, and animals, this dog will get more disturbances in the environment with more noises, they are not sensitive to noises. In fact, they love to be around animals who are playful and active as well. Most of the dogs do not bark or scream, at strangers and unfamiliar dogs.

Loyal Pet

They are loyal to their owners, and stay with you and spend a lot of time. 

Friendly Miniature

They are kid Friendly, Family Friendly, and also stranger-friendly dogs.

Whenever you are going on an outing with this dog it means it will run and enjoy, sometimes they will disturb strangers too but not bite, it will only bark when they are showing their happiness…

so, for this reason, they are said to be a stranger friendly dog breed.

And they have good companionship with cats, dogs, etc.

Intelligent and Active

Generally, a short-size Goldendoodle will fit family members.

They are highly active dog breeds and also intelligent so if you have an individual house with a garden it means they can keep this dog as a pet.


  • Overall the behavior and its temperament are good, if you spend a lot of time with them means they will be genuinely a good companion dog pet.
  • We know that they are intelligent dog breeds so they are good for socialization.
  • If you fulfill all the needs to this dog means, it will really feel happy and behaves as a good and if there needs are not full filed means it will reflect very badly.
  • It will not change their behaviour as well, they are good companion dog breeds from the beginning to till the end of their lifespan.

Food Habits

The best foods that are given to Golden Doodle are Chicken, Fresh Dog Foods, Beef, Brown Rice, Turkey, Grain-Free Foods, Dry Foods, Vegetables, and Other Poultry Products especially scrambled eggs

Health and care

The heath conditions of this dog breed are moreover similar to their parents, so before buying a pet, owners should know well about their parents and ancestors who make this breed to develop.

The goldendoodle health conditions and some of the major problems are :

  • Bloat,
  • Hip Dysplasia,
  • Patellar Luxation,
  • Hypothyroidism,
  • Von Willebrand Disease.


Bloat is one of the serious disease conditions, which in medical terms they call GDV ( Gastric Dilatation Volvulus ). 

The occurrence of bloat disease is mainly due to eating, and also sometimes it may occur due to poor weather conditions (that they are unable to adapt to the climate), also occurs while drinking water. At this time the excessive air went into the stomach and also other organs of the body.

It’s very important for those who face these issues with your dog. It is better to consult veterinary doctor’s so then they will treat the conditions of the bloat. So avoid homemade remedies.

Hip Dysplasia

During the birth of mini Goldendoodles, these problems will occur especially in the ball and socket joint location, where the bones are failing to grow properly.

So, if your dog has Hip Dysplasia, try to avoid jumping from high altitudes and also reduce the exercise timing that will be safe for your golden pet.

Patellar Luxation

This usually occurs due to lots of wear in the femur region. In our day today, your pets’ movements are moving continuously and lifting heavy weights for them, and jumping from high altitudes.

This may lead to these problems.

Many breeders treat these problems by giving medications on steroidal drugs but this will not be much effective.

But there is a surgery for their knee and the surgery may cost around $3000 to 8000$ for a pair of knees.

After surgery, it takes nearly 8 to 10 weeks to get rid of this Patellar Luxation.


Hypothyroidism in doodle comes from their parent dog (genetically present) because they are developed by the crossbreed of Golden Retriever and poodle. 

This Golden Retriever dog has easily got into this hypothyroidism, so by these genetic factors, this Goldendoodle in mini type also causes this type of issue.

Hypothyroidism is a health problem that has a lack of secretion of hormones, so the metabolism rate becomes declined, and in the beginning,

This will not be a serious issue, but if you are failed to consult your veterinary means, the cause and conditions will be very serious and in case this may lead to cause a lot of health issues such as anemia and also at the same time it may lead to death.

Von Willebrand Disease

Von Willebrand Disease is one of the serious conditions that can be seen in short type Goldendoodles, during this case your pet will be seen either by bleeding gums, excessive blood flow in the nose, and also during the wounded condition.

This disease is mainly due to lack of blood clotting, and also at the same time don’t try any home remedies, if you do it with a lack of knowledge then the condition will worsen.

So in order to relieve this disease, it’s better to consult your veterinarian, their doctor will check the conditions of your pet by taking numerous tests.

Maintenance of healthy Goldie doodler breed

Maintenance of doodle pets is easy, it will cost too much, but special care to be taken in their coats.

Many of the sellers will say that double coat dogs will not shed or it will not change into rough quality.

And some of the sellers say that buying this regular coat will be a coat for your maintenance.

But you should not be blind here, you want to know before purchasing your pet which coat type will be suitable for the maintenance of your dogs.

But beginners can’t say that it will be the best one, so while buying as per the guidance of an expert is required.


Shedding in pets are double-coated dogs they usually do not shed, but one should keep in mind you should maintain your pet’s coat else it may lead to shedding.

The hairs are curly, it requires some special maintenance because during some cases if your dog has skin allergies it may also lead to shedding.


Grooming your pet doodle is easy when compared to retrievers or poodles.

But you need to wash the dog’s coat at least twice a week so they will feel free and can adapt to you. If you fail to wash your Goldendoodle’s coat, then they will become sticky and rough in appearance. 

During that time you need to approach a professional groomer, else you need to cut the hair and by clipping.


Cleaning tasks are very easy.

It will adapt to water and also loves to play in the water but should not leave your pet for more hours in water that will cause any serious problems.

As we already said, washing a dog’s coat is necessary at least twice a week. Brushing the dog’s coat will keep them clean.

All the places where your pet lives and the kennel space should be cleaned well. If you fail in 

cleaning their coats and places, it means there will be some bad smell.

Exercise and Training

Goldendoodle requires training and socialization to help them control their temper when they get agitated.

Daily one hour of Exercise is required for Doodle, else it may get boring. Spend at least one hour of time with this doodle.

These dogs are probably good during training time

Info Bits – Interesting Facts

  • This dog is the most cuddly and irresistible dog. Golden Doodle is not a technical breed it is only considered as a mix or cross between two established breeds. They are the cutest and most lovable creatures. 
  • This dog is ideal for both newbies and experts. It is a hybrid of a poodle and a Golden Retriever. 
  • While it is not a breed it is a designer dog that continuously gains popularity in the world the golden doddle is known for its curly coat like the poodles but is golden like the retriever. 
  • The male dogs are more friendly and easy to train, and the female dogs are attractive and protect the family members and owners.

Check the goldendoodle price near you

The price of Goldendoodles is around $1,500 to $3,000, and this price may vary from one place to another place or continents.

If you are interested in purchasing this dog pet, we are leaving some important places to purchase your pet continental wise.

All the shops are taken by the customer rating.

Price of Goldendoodles in the United States

Goldie are native breeders that are usually found in the United States and the price of the dog is around $ 1500 to $3000, and this is a cheap price when compared to other countries.

Some of the shop list that is found in the United States are:-

Pet shop name: Winding Creek Ranch Goldendoodles

Address: 7124 US Hwy 136, Crawfordsville, IN 47933, United States

Google Rating: 4.9 (rated by 35 customers)

Pet shop name: Goldendoodle by Aggie

Address: S Wind, Kissimmee, FL 34746, United States

Google Rating: 4.4 (rated by 89 customers)

Price of Mini Goldendoodles in the United Kingdom

Friendly doodles are one of the cutest dog breeds that many pet lovers who are living in the United Kingdom and in this region the price of the dog is around 500 euro to 2000 euro, and this is a cheap price when compared to other countries.

Some of the shop lists that is found in the United Kingdom are:-

Pet shop name: Tora’s Australian Labradoodles

Address: Barrs Rd, Cardross, Dumbarton G82 5EY, United Kingdom

Google Rating: 4.9 (rated by 27 customers)

Pet shop name: Kellys Kennels

Address: Brookside Farm, Lady Ln, Croft WA3 7AY, United Kingdom

Google Rating: 4.0 (rated by 627 customers)

Pet shop name: Puppies for Sale

Address: Marlborough Rd, London N22 8NN, United Kingdom

Google Rating: 4.6 (rated by 32 customers) 

Price of Pure Goldendoodles in Australia

Goldendoodles are also the native type breed of Australia and this is one of the cutest dog breeds that many pet lovers who are living in Australia and in this region the price of the dog is around $ 2500 to $ 3500 (Australian dollar),

and this is a cheap price when compared to other countries.

Some of the shop lists that are found in Australia are:-

Pet shop name: Puppies Downunder Australia

Address: 340 Latrobe Rd, Maryvale VIC 3840, Australia

Google Rating: 4.9 (rated by 71 customers)

Pet shop name: Kate’s Family Pet

Address: 26 O’Briens Hill Rd, O’Connell NSW 2795, Australia

Google Rating: 4.3 (rated by 13 customers)


  • If you have children at home, the Golden Doodle is the best one for all babysitters. Most of the kids like to play with this doodle. GoldenDoodle is one of the best designer dogs to have at home. 
  • If anyone who reads this article has a Golden Doodle, kindly share your experience with us.


  • GoldenDoodle is a crossbreed of Golden Retriever and poodle. They are medium in size and this pets are also called as designer breed
  • The litter size of Goldendoodle is around three to eight puppies.
  • Their temperament is intelligent and active with a high energy level from moderate, so they require exercise and also they love to go for outings.

Frequently Asked Question

Why do I want to buy a Golden Doodle?

GoldenDoodle is one of the good breeds to purchase because these dogs are very active and also they offer a heartwarming presence that will relieve your stress. It is also called stress burster, if you have anxiety or depression there’s no dog that makes you feel better than GoldenDoodle. This dog can also be kept in front of kids too. They are good playmates.

What is the cost of GoldenDoodle ?

Goldie are native breeders that are usually found in the United States and the price of the dog is around $ 1500 to $3000, and this is a cheap price when compared to other countries.

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