Great Dane Breed facts and new information

Name of the breed: Great Dane Breed

Origin of the breed: Germany

Other Names of the Breed: Deutsche Dogge, German Mastiff.

History of Great Dane Breed

Great Dane that have been more than 400 years, these Great Dane are developed by German nobility by breeding using Irish wool for its height, mastiff for its muscles, greyhounds for its speed, this makes the dog be more physically strong and brave for hunting boars and protecting families, many of them think that the Great Dane is from Denmark, but Great Danes are originally bred in Germany. 

George Louise visited Denmark during the 1700s and there he saw a boarhound which is slimmer and more similar to a greyhound in appearance. So, he called the dog Grand Danni, which is also called Great Danish Dog. In Babylon temples, there are sculpture pieces of evidence about the dog which was built in 2000BC, and the similar appearance dog also found someplace in China during the 12th century.


The Life Expectancy of Great Dane is very less when compared to the average age of other dogs. Which is just 7 to 9 years of age only, Good maintenance keeps your dog to live more 1 – 2 years.

Appearance and colors

Its appearance is similar to Doberman, it is divided into American Great Dane and European Great Dane.

  • European Great Dane: It is generally large in size, and the skin is very bulgy elastic.
  • American Great Dane: It is small in size but more energy when compared to European, and they are very stiff. Here one thing we need to notice is that those breeds in American are from Europe only. Extreme inline breeding ruined the Great Dane.

There are only seven official colors only approved in AKC, Fawn is very common, Brindle, Blue, Black, Heralqueen, Mantle, merle.


The Height of the Male Dane is around 76 to 86cm and the female dog is around 72 to 82cm. And the weight of the male breed is 60 to 90kg and the female dog is 45 to 60kg in weight.

Suited for Apartment living

These are well suited for Apartment livings and also Individuals. And it is a good family dog, friendly with other animals and neighbors too. Spending time with Great Dane prevents the dog free from stress and getting bored. 


We no need to get afraid of seeing this dog, because these dogs are good family companions, very friendly. This great Dane appearance is a very terror-like look, but his kindness is only known to their owners only. These dogs are Animal Friendly, Confident, Loving, Kindness, Gentle Giant, Like to be a Lapdog, Sleep too much. Good Goofy Personality.

Pregnancy time

The Pregnancy time of Great Dane is approximately 60 to 65 days. And its litter size is about six to eight puppies.

Food Habits

Average of Great Dane Adult eats 1 to 1 ½  kg of food daily. The food requirements of Great Dane are that an adult dog should not exceed 20% fat and 25% protein. Should be known very well before giving any food all the minerals, carbohydrates are noticed. 

Exercise and Training

Should not give more exercise in the first two years because it requires some strength so after the development of his bones we can give exercise, playing. Should give food before and after exercise. Spend at least 1 hour of time in Exercise or playing or Training else dog will get mentally and physically weak.

Interesting Facts:

  • Great Dane is the national dog of Germany.
  • It is the official state dog of Pennsylvania, which is in the United States.
  • Founder of Pennsylvania, William Pen said that this Pennsylvania is good in size, good in view, and Intelligent like a Great Dane dog.
  • Dog Julian got two blue cross medals, In world war 2. Germany threw the bomb to Britain at the time, the bomb was thrown to the Great Dane house and the dog urinated and diffused the bomb. This dog is killed by keeping poison from the post. 
  • Famous Cartoon Scooby Dooby Doo is this Great Dane.

Health and Caring

If you are going to purchase Great Dane means, you need to teach Great Dane about its mannerism, Don’t allow to jump on you even if you agree, Great Dane puppies are good, whereas Great Dane adult dogs need to learn some basic mannerism, they are generally able to jump some height up to your shoulder. Don’t throw the food for this dog, because it will ask for food when your relations are in your home. Should not keep your dog barking.


  • Great Dane is Great in Everything like in food, in-hospital treatments, etc… Great Dane requires a lot of money for its maintenance.
  • So, if you are going to Buy Great Dane it means, You need to be ready to spend more money.
  • The one who reads this article having Great Dane means kindly share your experience in a comment.


  1. Which is the Tallest Dog in the world?

The Tallest Great Dane is Freedy, is recorded in the Guinness World, which is seven feet and five inches.

  1. What Health Problems do Great Dane have?

Heart disease is also called Cardiomyopathy, Skin irritation, Bone Cancer, Cataracts, Hip Dysplasia, etc.

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