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We know more about dermatitis is the study about skincare, disease, etc. I think Many human beings came across a lot of skin infections in their lifetime, which mostly occurred by any bugs, transmitted by other people, etc.

Likewise, dogs too get some infections related to skin. Most of the dog’s hot spots are with a lot of scratches and a reddish skin layer with lesions.

In today’s world treating a dog’s hotspot is very easy by consulting vertineraies or dermatologists.

And not only that by taking proper care of your pet can keep them free from any type of infections.

What is a Canine hot spot?

Hot spot in dogs is a type of infection that occurs in dogs, the skin may get any pus-like or blister-like appearance and also may lead to a lot of infections in the skin.

When will I know whether my dog was infected or not?

During some climatic changes, canines or human beings may face skin infections. In that situation, if you see any hair fall in any other coat part, a reddish skin layer, and your dog scratches their coat on the ground. If you face these conditions, you should be very alert in caring for your pet.

Source of Hot spot in Dogs:

Hot spot in dogs

Most of these canines’ hotspots are occurred during the summer season only because during these weather conditions dog’s skin becomes very dry so it can easily get any infections easily.

If your pet met with any other street dogs it meant it had a lot of chance of transmission of infections, and also the infection may occur due to water and unwanted solutions or soap used.

Sometimes the infections occur due to any insect bite.


Hot spot in dogs occurred by transmission only. If your pet having hotspot means during that time the dog may lick, or scratch the affected area. And this transmission may because of any bacterial Infections and other sources such as:-


Parasites are classified into two types as Internal, Intestinal, External.

In Internal Parasitic Transmission, Ex: Heartworms. This type of parasite enters the bloodstream from an infected area.

In Intestinal Parasitic Transmission, Ex: Roundworms, Tapeworms, Ringworms, 

External parasitic: They are caused by Flea bites, Ex: Mites, Lice, etc.

  • Allergies in Food
  • Ear Infections
  • Skin Infections
  • Dirty coats
  • Skin Infected from the area of the ground or swimming pool.

Symptoms of Hot spot in dogs

We are unable to inspect the infections during hotspots, so it’s better to consult a dermatologist because this may lead to a lot of problems for your pet. And other than this you may see some infections issues by this symptom given below such as:

  • Loss of hair (or continuous hair fall),
  • Skin redness in coat,
  • Continuous swelling.

The above symptoms occur mainly in the layer of limbs, hips, and rough dry coats.

Treatment of Hot spots:

Giving the treatment at the initial stage is good, so you can keep your dog very safe and healthy. If you failed to inspect or failed to give treatment to your dog, it may spread in their body very easily and quickly. So, for these reasons we need to give proper treatment at the beginning itself.

Consulting dermatologist, they can do physical Examinations completely, if any infections found means they will treat immediately based upon that.

  • Using Chlorhexidine, which is an antiseptic solution can be used to clean the affected area.
  • If it is a secondary bacterial infection, treatment with prescribed antibiotics is significant. Mostly oral antibiotics are used.
  • In order to free you from itching, steroids can be used.
  • After giving proper treatment it takes nearly one week to cure these infections.

Prevention from Hot spots:

Prevention is the best form of treatment. What I am going to mention here is, your dog should be kept free from infections so proper care, health, and prevention are necessary.

Keep your dog away from kids, and family members. Because if they touch the dog’s coat it can easily transmit to other places. And give medications immediately if you find any infections.

Grooming is required if the dog has a lot of hairs, and wash the dog at least thrice a week.

Exercise should be given daily, else it may get bore and face a lot of irritation and start licking its own body.

Giving the right foods, and mostly avoiding non-vegetarians during infections. Mostly Omega fatty acids to be given. Fish is the best source of Vitamins and helps to keep the skin more healthy.


I hope everyone has got an idea of how to treat your pet. If anyone comes across any hot spot in dogs on your pet means, kindly share your experience with us.

A Clean and Safe Environment keeps your pet more healthy and active.

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1) Which coat types cause skin infections or hot spot in dogs often?

Dogs that have a dense coat may easily get skin infections in dogs.

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