How to Stop Dog Barking at Night? #2022 Updated

How to Stop Dogs Barking at Night

Let see this article how to stop dog barking at night. Most of the dogs will bark at Night, this will make the surroundings uncomfortable and especially it will give more irritation to the Apartment living. 

Usually, a dog barks only for certain reasons, it will shout if the surrounding conditions become worse, so in order to stop dogs Barking at night unnecessarily we need to follow certain strategies. 

Does your dog bark at night ? This article will help you a lot.

What are some reasons for Dogs Barking at Night?

how to stop dogs barking at night
how to stop dogs barking at night

Dogs mostly barks at night for this following reasons such as:

  1. Sensible to Noise
  2. During Hunger time
  3. Stress or bored conditions
  4. Health Issues
  5. Uncomfortable situations

Sensible to Noise

If your dog hears any unwanted sounds or noises it will start to shout or barks, especially if any device makes a high frequency sound, it will get scared and start screaming or shouting. 

During this situation try to stop or shut the noises that arise from the device, so it’s better to keep your dog away from the irritating noisy environment at night.

Sometimes we can't shut the sound, instead using ear muff, the dog will go back to control. The cost of ear muff starts from the price of five dollar price all over the world

During Hunger Time at Night

how to stop dogs barking at night
how to stop dogs barking at night

Normally, Human beings can’t sleep in an empty stomach as well as how dogs can sleep without eating food for more than 3 to 4 hours. So in this situation they will not bark, they will create the hunger sign by barking.

In order to overcome this situation prepare proper diet plan to your pet and ensure whether that your dog has taken a meal or not, during your dinner.

Stress or Bored Conditions

Most of the new dogs bark when it was brought to your home means at the beginning, it will be in lot of anxiety and if the owners failed to take a proper care means it will get bored easily so they will be prone to stress.

So if your dog is in this condition means, you need to keep your pet without getting bored.

Spent at least 2 to 3 hours of time (Morning 1 hour and in the evening 2 hours of exercise or training or playing is given). 

Be friendly to your pets and always take care of them.

Morning Jogging or walking, teaching commands, proper socialization, giving games using toys and balls. Always keep your dog active during the day.

Issues Related to health

Sometimes dogs will bark for their health issues, during cold or in pain conditions your dog feels uncomfortable so they will make some noises different from the normal time. In this situation, dogs make some sign by barking, and also barks if it has any allergic infections too.

During these conditions, proper medications should be given and ensure whether your dog is comfortable in that situation.

Uncomfortable conditions

If the climate changes, the room temperature may change so they will feel uncomfortable, mostly this will have occurred when the season changing from winter to summer.

So they unable to adapt to the situations for this conditions they can't sleep at night and leads to get a lot of stress and starts barking at the night.

Not only that, the other uncomfortable conditions are not giving proper care to the pet like not grooming the dog’s hair and not brushing the coats in a week.

Top 10 Most Common Reasons for dog barking at night

how to stop dogs barking at night
how to stop dogs barking at night

We listed some common reasons for dogs barking at night time. Listed below here,

  1. Your dog having any Gas Problems.
  2. Someone walking surround or near your house.
  3. Some Other dogs are being outside your house.
  4. Or some other dogs are barking outside of your house.
  5. Whether it feels uncomfortable . Like uncomfortable place or unliked sounds hearing.
  6. May your dog having body pain . Like joint pain, these kind of pains also exists in night time only.
  7. In some case dogs are very hungry at night time. This will also the reason for barking at night.
  8. If it feels like lonely , it sounds may be varying from normal barking.
  9. Major Reason is health related issues.
  10. When it gets bored on same place also getting barking in this time.

These are all the major reason for your dog, irritating your sleeping at night time.

Okay, Lets see how to stop your dogs barking at night and some tips to stop dogs barking at night time.

Tips to stop dog barking at night

These are some important tips to stop your dog from barking at night such as:

  • A proper schedule must be maintained in order to keep your pet healthy, so give food at the right time and exercise at the right time. This will be more beneficial and sleep well at night time.
  • Keep the kennel or room temperature normal where dogs stay at night. And the lights should be dimmed and it should be free from any high-frequency noises. So the sleeping place to be clean, normal, dim room, mat cushion for dogs for deep sleep are used.
  • All things should be kept before going to bed. The things are to collect some water in a bowl and keep it in the dog’s living room. The use of a blanket for sleeping is more beneficial.
  • Go for a walk at night time, so they will become tired and sleep easily.


If your dog barks at night, you need to find the exact problem, why your dogs shouting. This is very easy to find for experienced people, but it takes some time to inspect.

I hope everyone who reads this article is helpful and if anyone still facing the same barking issues means I need to consult a doctor.

Share your experience with us in a comment section about the same issues.

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3) What is the dog smell level ?

Dogs having more sensitive ears on head.

Dog having more sensitive level than human beings.

Human being can hear sounds range from 64 Hz up to 23,000 Hz.

Dogs can hear ranges from 67 Hz to 45,000 Hz.

It’s actually 100,000 times better than humans.

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