Labrador Retriever Breed Facts and Detailed Information

Name of the breed: Labrador Retriever Breed

Origin of the breed: Newfoundland near Canada

History Labrador Retriever Breed

In the year 1800, the peoples of the fishery from the United Kingdom came to Newfoundland near Canada, during that time there is a local dog breed who lives there and helped this fishery.

Newfoundland is a dog breed and it is the mini version of Saint jones’s water dog, when the fisheries took that local breed in their boat but that dog had fallen into the sea, nearly this dog breed is waited nearly for more than 2 hours by swimming without sinking until they rescued. And they developed this breed so that this labrador retriever is found. 


The life span of Labrador Retriever is around 10 to 12 years of age.


The height of the male dog is 56 to 62cm, and the female dog’s height is around 55 to 60cm. And the weight of the male dog is 29 to 35kg and the female dog’s weight is around 25 to 32kg.

Appearance and its colors

The Appearance of this breed is very cute and Intelligent. The color of the breed is three types as Brown, Black, and Fawn. And there are no patches it will be completely in single color only.  Especially the brown dog is very cute and attractive which will be looking like chocolate. The Head portion is broad it will not be sharp.

Suited for Apartment living

This dog is well suited for all places to live. So, there is not an issue with giving growth to your labrador in Apartments. Because of its friendliness, it can able to adapt all the places to your nearby.

Pregnancy time

The pregnancy time of the Labrador Retriever is around 2 months, which is around 63 days. The litter size of the labrador is around 5 to 10 puppies is the report given by AKC standard.

Food Habits

Labrador Retriever likes to eat Chicken, meat, Scrambled Eggs, etc. And dairy products such as fresh curd and milk.


Its temperament is very friendly, kind, loyal, Intelligent, Guarding, Affectionate, Child Friendly. Stress Burster dog.

Exercise and Training

Basically, it is called a Retriever because if you through the ball means it will catch it and get back to you. Because of its intelligence, it can be easily trained well, you can give training until it can go to the shopping. Exercise time is daily one hour is good for Labrador, by giving exercise such as walking, running, jogging, etc.

Interesting Facts

In the last 30 years, the Labrador retriever is one of the top most popular dogs in America. This Labrador is very intelligent because this dog has good smelling capacity if it smells one place means it will not forget easily. Those who are having this dog will get very little stress because these dogs are stress-burster dogs.

Other Facts of Labrador Retriever

Some breeds are used to grazing sheep, goats, and cows, etc, likewise, this Labrador is used for grazing the fishes. Labrador dogs are good for Guiding Purposes and they are very loyal to their owners. It will not bark more times.

Health and Caring

Labrador Retriever doesn’t know about its measurement of the food quantity it will eat as much as it can. So we need to keep a measuring cup to measure all the foods before giving them to Labrador. To check the Labrador dog’s health condition, pick the dog in hand and you may feel ribs means your dog is in normal condition. If you are unable to feel the ribs then you need to take care of the food.


What breed is this? Really it is awesome simply no words to say because this breed is that one we expected, my suggestion for apartment lives this dog is more suited to buy. 

If anyone who reading this article who having Labrador Retriever means kindly share your experience here.


How to choose the original Labrador Retriever before buying?

Many of them are fail to choose the right Labrador. So, there should be some of the aspects to find the original Labrador Retriever,

i) Tail should be straight enough

ii) Ears are always flexible (Hanging like ears) it will not be straight.

iii) It will not sleep like a German Shepherd.

iv) The Head is broad it will not be sharp.

What is the cost of Labrador Retriever in India?

The cost of the local breeds in India is 10,000rs but check it completely before buying. Check the aspects which are given above. But try to buy the Labrador above the price of 25,000 rupees in Indian Currency.

Why do I want to buy this Labrador Retriever in India?

There is no breed that we can say surely to be suitable in our home, but this breed is one and only breed well suited for Apartment and other lives, from my suggestion buying this breed will help you to stress burster, child playmates, socialism.

What is the solution of skin problems like sore ?

Just take the baking soda with six ounce of water mixed . The spray this mixed solution to your dog’s affected part. This solve your dogs skin problem under one week.

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