Most Fabulous Maltese Dog breed Information and Facts [Lovable]

Origin Dog Breed

Name of the breed: Maltese Dog Breed

Origin of the breed: Mediterranean Basin (South Central Europe)

Introduction about Glamorous Maltese Dog

Maltese dog breed are good for indoor living peoples and they are generally gentle in nature and also this dog will suitable as your family pet and not only that they are a good companion with kids and loyal to their owners, this pets are one of the intelligent dogs so they can be easily trained well and able to give socialization. 

As we recommend this dog not to purchase in any shop, is it better to adopt it as a pet. 

In this article we are going to see more about their facts and information about Maltese dog breed, whether it will fulfill your needs, price, health problems and its characteristics etc.

Info Bits: There is a tomb for this dog, built by the Greek peoples on ancient time (5 A.D)

History of Maltese dog breed

Maltese dog breeds are ancient time dog breeds. The origin of this dog breed is not exactly found by any researchers, it is still controversial from ancient times.

Many researchers have believed that this dog breed was first found in Mediterranean basin and some people said that they are found in the Sicily region which is the city in Italy. 

It is a spitz or toy type dog breed, So they are attracted by many peoples especially womens,  and not only that they are also attracted to writers and painters. 

In the 17th century Queen Elizabeth I,  had this dog breed. After this, dogs became very popular. They are especially used for Lap dogs. They are cross with Shih Tzu dog breed

Historical Timeline

  • 1 AD – Marcus Valerius Martialis is a roman poet writer, who wrote the poem about this dog breed, has given a character name as Issa ,  after this poem they became a very popular breed in ancient times.
  • 5 AD – Built a tomb for this dog breed by Greek peoples
  • 15th Century – Secured under French aristocrats
  • 17th Century – Used by Queen Elizabeth
  • 1792 – Carl Linneaus in his research said this dog was a small sized squirrel. 
  • 1877 – First found in United States (“Maltese lion dog”) (Westminster Kennel Club)
  • 1888 – Recognized as a dog in American Kennel Club.

Body Measurement and Appearance of the breed

Maltese dog breeds are small and compact in size and come in toy type categories. The Overall specification of this dog breed is given below with its appearance. Body Measurement is very important to know whether they will fit in your home space or not.

Height and Weight

The average height of Maltese dog breed is around 7 to 8 inches. Whereas, the height of male dog breed is 10 inches and the female breed is around 9 inches. Usually the heights are measured from the withers (quadruped) which is the place before the head when going from tail to head.

The average weight of Maltese dog breeds are around 3 to 4 pounds. The weight of the male and female type breeds are more over similar, which is around 4 pounds.

Pregnancy duration of Maltese dog breed with Litter size

The normal gestation period of Maltese dog is around 58 to 63 days, and the maximum duration is 65 days. The average litter size of maltese breeds are 2 to 5 puppies and the maximum litter size is around 6 and more.

Life Span

Based on the climatic conditions the lifespan of this dog may vary, the life duration of this dog breed is 12 to 15 years of age.

Appearance of white coated Maltese pet 

The head and skull appearance is slightly rounded, ears are floppy and the facial appearance are triangular shaped. Eyes are dark but the colors are different either it may be green or blue and aggressive but they are innocent. Noses are black in color and mouth comes with black too.

Tails are long, ears are blended with their coats.

Coat colors and quality

Coats are pure white in color, and the coat color of the dog breed is lemon colored and tan colored in coat.

Coats are single layered, and their quality is soft to touch. The coats of puppies are shorter in length, whereas the adult breed’s hair grows to the length to touch the floor of your house.

The white coats in dog breeds are found very less, this Maltese dog breed is one of them, the other breeds in this coat are Samoyed, Eskimo dog breed etc.

Info Bits: Marcus Valerius Martialis is a roman poet writer, who wrote the poem about this dog breed, has given a character name as Issa ,  after this poem they became a very popular breed in ancient times.

Characteristics of Maltese Dog breed

Each and every owner should know more about their characteristics, adaptability, temperament and its behaviour, health and care etc. Based on their characteristics you can choose whether this pet is good for you and your home or not.


Maltese dog breed are adaptable to all situations, but not in some cases.

  • These dog breeds are suitable for all types of owners especially, those who are new in growing pets means they can also use this dog as their pet. 
  • Maltese dogs aren’t able to live alone; they require entertainment if they can be bored. So this dog breed isn’t able to tolerate for more than an hour.
  • Suited for Apartment Livings: Yes, Maltese dog breeds are good for apartment living and individual houses. They are small and compact in size so they require very less space in your rooms. Maltese is a low energy level dog breed so it does not require much exercise and training.
  • Adaptable to climatic Conditions: They are more comfortable to live in hot weather conditions the white the white color the when compared to cold weather conditions.  Because Maltese dog coats are white, these colors are good for hot weather conditions.

Temperament and its Behavior

According to his temperament they are a very gentle and intelligent dog breed. This small sized dog breed was attracted by many womens in the ancient time they bred this dog for lap dogs. Because they’re lovable, kind and nature with their families made them popular.


There are a lot of dog breeds that pretend to be alone, but maltese dog breeds are not to live alone so they are very affectionate to the family members and loyal to the owners.


Maltese breeds are friendly with other animals, and less friendly with strangers, friendly with neighbours, family members. And they are also friendly with kids but not recommended to leave this pet in front of your kids.

Gentle and Intelligent

They are gentle and intelligent dog breeds but less energy level dog breeds but also good for socialization.

Other Temperaments

They are low energy level dog, active, easygoing, gentle, sweet tempered dog breeds.

Food Habits

Dry foods are highly preferable to give normally. 25% to 50% of dry foods can be given per day in two separate meals.

Limited level milk is given to maltase.

  • Chicken,
  • Brown Rice (not recommend white rice),
  • Turkey meal,
  • Beef (less recommend)

Avoid in Foods

  • Don’t give high protein content food in the puppy stage.
  • Don’t give artificial content food like sweeteners, preservatives etc.
  • It’s better to follow the food authority protocols that are followed in your own country or follow the kennel club guidelines.

All the foods are measured well before giving to your pet. If food consumption is more than the fixed one, it may lead to obese or digestive problems. (But obese occurs very rarely).

Health and care

Sometimes the health issues occur based on their dog sizes, especially small dogs easily prone to health issues. This Maltese dog breed is a small pet it also has some health issues that occur both rarely and frequently. And not only that some diseases are caused by genetic disorders and some or poor breeding and sometimes poor maintenance.

Patellar Luxation

  • This usually occurs due to lots of wear in the femur region. In our day today, your pet is moving continuously and lifting heavy weights for them, and jumping from high altitudes. This may lead to these problems.
  • Many breeders treat these problems by giving medications on steroidal drugs but this will not be much effective.
  • But there is a surgery for their knee and the surgery may cost around $3000 to 6000$ for a pair of knees. After surgery, it takes nearly 8 to 10 weeks to get rid of this Patellar Luxation.
  • This kind of health issue can be easily treated, it is in medium risk profile.

Periodontal disease

  • Periodontal disease in dogs that occurs in the region of teeth, it is mainly due to germs or affected by any plagues. 
  • Due to poor maintenance and failing to brush the dog’s teeth that leads to the entering of plagues in the teeth that cause severe tooth pain and loss of teeth, bone loss, enamel weakening etc. 
  • In order to relieve this disease, don’t try any other medicines because of lack of knowledge, it’s better to consult a veterinarian

Heart Disease

  • Heart disease is a serious type of disease, it occurs either by birth or genes.
  • This occurs due to weakening of the valve in the heart and the blood flows very high to the lungs, at the time this valve may be severely injured. So this disease has to be treated in the initial stage.
  • If your dog has some issues like breathing problems, coughing problems, or blood vomit in the early stage of their birth, it is better to consult a doctor because it may be the sign of heart disease. If it is seen in the initial stage means they can be treated.

Liver Problems

  • The liver is the largest gland in the body, its main function is regulated the chemical level in the blood,
  • Liver problems may lead to cardiac arrest in the heart.

Hip Dysplasia

  • During the birth of Maltese dog breed, these problems will occur especially in the ball and socket joint location, where the bones are failing to grow properly. 
  • So, if your dog has Hip Dysplasia, try to avoid jumping from high altitudes and also reduce the exercise timing that will be safe for your mini pet.

Maintenance of Maltese dog breed

Maintenance of Maltese dog pets will cost too much, and special care must be taken in their coats. Many of the sellers will say that single coat dogs will not change into rough quality. And some of the sellers say that buying this regular coat will be a coat for your maintenance. But you should not be blind here, you want to know before purchasing your pet which coat type will be suitable for the maintenance of your dogs. But beginners can’t say that it will be the best one, so while buying as per the guidance of an expert is required.


They are a hypoallergenic dog breed, but we are not sure that they will not shed. It may shed in certain conditions during environmental changes and genetic disorders situations. If they are stressed and over anxious means they will shed.


Grooming your dog is much required, especially giving bath 3 to 4 times in a week is best. Before giving a bath to your dog, just make the coat a little wet, so the coat will not become damaged. As we recommend using professional groomers for the first time or you are new to pets. While bathing try to clean the place in the tail part, ear and leg part.


Skin irritation is the common problem that we see in many dogs, and also these issues are possible in maltese pets too. It is mainly due to poor maintenance, especially not cleaning the place where the dog stays. 

Exercise and Training

  • Exercise is very important for maltese dogs. It is essential to work the heart circulation well, and they can stay energetic and active, which helps in socialization.
  • They require at least 30 minutes of exercise per day if necessary. You can give the exercise by splitting morning and evening for 15 minutes.
  • The list of exercises that are given such as jogging, walking, playing with balls, squeak etc.

Info Bits: The origin of the breed is not exact, still its controversial part with many researchers.

Check the price of Maltese dog breed near you

Most of the cheapest Maltese dog breeds are available all over the world, but before purchasing a right pet one should know very well about the pet whether it is properly bred or not. Many experts said that instead of purchasing this Maltese dog breed it’s better to adapt and that will be the right choice.

Price of white coated maltese breed in United States

Maltese are first arrived in the year 1877 in the United States by the name “Maltese Lion”, and they became very popular. The average price of white coated maltese breeds in the United states is around 600 USD to 3000 USD. Some of the good rated shops in United States are given below:

  • Pet shop name: Petite Paws Maltese

Google Rating: 4.6 star rated ( reviewed by 22 customers )

Address: 501 Dupree Rd, Willow Spring, NC 27592, United States

Contact info: +1 919-538-8243

  • Pet shop name: Little Maltese

Google Rating: 4.8 star rated ( reviewed by 17 customers )

Address: Wilson, OK 73463, United States

Price of white coated maltese breed in European Countries

Maltese are native type breeders which were founded by some researchers, and they are a very popular breed whose average cost may range from 150 euro to 600 euro.

  • Pet shop name: Allevamento Maltese – AngalStaar Kennel

Google Rating: 4.8 star rated ( reviewed by 36 customers )

Address: Via Casarola, 17, 24032 Torre De’ Busi Provincia di Bergamo, Italy

Contact info: +39 331 323 7184

  • Pet shop name: Plush Pups

Google Rating: 4.3 star rated ( reviewed by 45 customers )

Address: 39 Amsterdam Rd, London E14 3UU, United Kingdom

Contact info: +44 20 7093 2212

Price of white coated maltese breed in Australia

Maltese dogs are 700 AUD to 3000 AUD its average price.

  • Pet shop name: Banksia Park puppies

Google Rating: 4.1 star rated ( reviewed by 43 customers )

Address: 3 Eustace Cl, Chirnside Park VIC 3116, Australia

Contact info: +61 1300 255 277


I hope that everyone who reads this article is helpful. 
As we explained in detail about their characteristics, history and information. If anyone has a Maltese dog breed, kindly share your experience with us as a comment. Those who have any doubt in the article means kindly share your queries in the comments section.

Frequently Asked Question

1, Is Maltese dog breed a good pet?

Yes, absolutely maltese dog breeds are good family pets, they are affectionate, loyal to the owners. They always love to stay with people, not to be alone.

2, Do Maltese dogs bark?

Yes, Maltese dogs make a lot of sounds. It only barks when they feel alone, if you fail to spend time with this dog it means they barks a lot.

3. What is the lifespan of Maltese dog breed?

The life span of Maltese dog breeds ranges from 10 to 12 years of age. If they face any of the issues related to the health means they are able to withstand up to 8 year only.

4. Do Maltese are Good Temperament breed?

According to his temperament they are a very gentle and intelligent dog breed. This small sized dog breed was attracted by many women’s in the ancient time they bred this dog for lap dogs. Because they’re lovable, kind and nature with their families made them popular.

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