New Facts About Akita Dog Breed [ Samurai’s Special Breed ]

History of Akita Dog Breed

Name of the breed : Akita Dog Breed

Origin of the breed : Japan


Akita is a mountainous place in Japan, where this dog first originated so they kept the place name for this dog. It is one of the oldest breeds, which maybe around 1000 years old.

In the beginning, these dogs were used for hunting forest bears, pigs, etc.

After year by year many of them such as kings, samurai used this dog as a pet and also a guard. After the usage of  On those days, this dog was kept by rich and kings only.

Once upon a time Helen Keller visited Japan and took one of the Akita dogs with him, from that time this Akita dog became very popular.

The Japanese government declared this breed as a national monument and treasure in 1931.

Basic Details about Akita Dog Breed


The lifespan expectancy of the Akita dog is around 11 to 13 years, this dog should be maintained well especially in climatic conditions so it may be able to live more than 2 years.

Moreover, the average expectancy is 12 -13 years.

Appearance and colors

The colors of Akita are brindle, white, and red, on both sides the color is creamy white. The ears of the Akita are erect and the eyes are small.

The size of American Akita is a little larger than Japanese Akita. American Akita comes in different pattern colors, black, chocolate, and white color, and the combination with white color or brindle color. And the coats are dense and short in length.


  • The height of male Akita dogs is 64cm to 70 cm, and the height of female Akita dogs 56 to 65cm.
  • And the weight of the male Akita Dog is around 32 to 40kg and the female dog ranges from 22kg to 30kg 


They are a very aggressive breed, on those days this dog is used for hunting purposes, and they are very kind and loyal to their owners.

And its other temperaments are Intelligent, Patience, Faith, and respect, alert, and courage. Akita dogs are generally good for Guarding purposes. And they are Kid’s Friendly, Pet friendly, Owner Friendly, Neighbours friendly.

Pregnancy time

The Normal pregnancy period of Akita dogs is approximately 62 to 64 days. And its litter size is 3 to 12 puppies.

Interesting Facts and other care tips of Akita Dogs

Suited for Apartment living

Akita dogs are good for Apartment livings, only by giving proper exercises to dogs. Take your pet to walking morning and evening, this will make your Akita stay healthy in Apartment livings.

Food Habits

Akita dogs like to eat fish products, rice, vegetables, etc. Up to the age of four months, puppy food should be given.

Exercise and Training

Akita Dogs require 20 to 30 minutes of exercise in the morning and also in the evening on a daily basis. Walking, jogging, jumping training should be given to keep your pet in good condition.

Interesting Facts

  • Akita dogs come in two varieties one is American Akita and another is Japanese Akita.
  • One of the Museums in Japan named Akita Hachiko, and also you can watch a movie related to this dog released by the Japanese.
  • It’s a spitz-type dog breed, which likes to live in polar regions. And this dog is a treasure of the Japanese peoples.
  • Japanese People made this dog as a symbol of protection, and another interesting fact is that when Japanese parents give birth to a new child they will get one Akita dog statue.
  • The symbol of this Akita Statue resembles a happy, healthy life.

Health and Caring

  • They are a spitz-type breed that likes to live in polar conditions only, so maintain the dog with normal temperature.
  • It has health issues, such as Hip Dysplasia, Cataract, low immune.
  • It requires special care in grooming under professional guidance.
  • Usually, all dogs face genetic problem issues, because of poor breeding, so try to purchase a purebred.


Those who need one guarding pet with more patience, means will be the best dog breed to purchase. 

One who reading this article having Akita Dog means, kindly share your experience with us.

Questions and Answers

How to select the original Akita Dog?

Akita Dogs have large heads, ears are upright, coats are medium-sized to long size and dense. And ears are erect and eyes are small in size.

What is the cost of an Akita Dog?

The cost of the Akita Dog varies from place to place, the average price is $ 800  to $2000 USD. 

What are the Gestation period duration and its litter size of Akita Dog?

The normal pregnancy duration length is around 63 days in approx. And the average litter size is 6 to 8 puppies. And its maximum is 12 puppies.

Which place is the most suitable for Akita Dog?

Akita is a spitz-based dog breed, these breeds are mostly like to live in Polar regions.

How bite force of Akita Dog and Exercise time per day?

Akita dogs have a bite force of 350 to 400 pounds per square inch. It is one of the most biting force dogs in the world. It requires exercise at least 1 hour per day needed.

Image by uadrienn from Pixabay

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