Newfoundland Dog Breed [ Water Rescuer Breed ]

History of Newfoundland Dog

Name of the breed: Newfoundland Dog Breed

Origin of the breed: Newfoundland


Newfoundland Dog first originated in the same place name Newfoundland.

This place comes under Canadian Provinces.

These dogs are used by the fisherman who lived in that place. The evidence of Newfoundland dog is said by based on three important theories such as 

  • It is the cross between two breeds such as the extinct American Black wolf and Tibetian Bullmastiff.
  • It is interbred of Wolves of Eastern Canada with another dog which was left by Vikings during the year 1000 A.D
  • During the 15th to 16th centuries, it was developed by the crossbreed of many European dogs such as Waterdogs, Mastiff, sheepdogs, etc. 

The Known fact of Newfoundland dogs is an English botanist name Sir Joseph Banks bought many Newfoundland dogs in the 18th Century, after many years passed in 1775.

These dogs got their name from Cartwright. In 1800 this dog’s history and evidence were identified by Albert Hiem of Switzerland.

Basic Details about Newfoundland Dog


The average lifespan expectancy of the Newfoundland dog is around 8 to 10 years. The maximum age that Newfoundland Dog can able to survive around 15 years

Appearance and colors

The coats of Newfoundland dogs are divided into two one is the outer coat and another one is the inner coat. The overcoat is long, while the inner one is short, soft, and dense. And the color of the coats is Grey, Black, Black and white, white with black marks all the colors are solid type.


  • The height of male Newfoundland dogs is 70 cm to 75 cm, and the height of female Newfoundland dogs 65 to 70 cm.
  • And the weight of the male Newfoundland Dog is around 60 to 70 kg and the female dog ranges from 45 kg to 5 5kg 


These dogs are typically used for rescue purposes. They are Intelligent, outgoing, Trainable, affectionate, Gentle, mannered, courageous, and well-tempered.

Pregnancy time

The Pregnancy duration of Newfoundland Dogs is approximately less than 65 days. And its litter size is 4 to 12 puppies.

Interesting Facts and other care tips of Newfoundland Dogs:

Suited for Apartment living:

Many of them said that Newfoundland Dogs are not suitable to live in India. But these dogs are able to live in India only in certain conditions like climatic conditions, mostly they like to live in hilly areas, watery places like ponds, rivers, etc. These dogs are not recommended for Apartment livings.

Food Habits

Newfoundland dogs’ diet should contain more than 20% of proteins and less than 15%fat it requires. Foods such as dry food, Sweet potato, Beef meal, measured meals to be given 3 times a day. Puppies will feed a lot than adult ones.

Exercise and Training:

Newfoundland Dogs require at least one hour of exercise per day. And they like to swim, so allow them to swim for 10 to 20 minutes thrice a week. And other Training are Walking, jogging, jumping. Mostly they are active so they can able to train easily.

Interesting Facts:

  • Newfoundland dogs declined during 1780 because the Canadian Government imposed more taxes for those keeping dogs with them.
  • These breeds arrived in England after the 1860s.
  • In 1879, this breed was registered in AKC ( American Kennel Club ).

Health and Caring

  • Newfoundland dogs are very likely to live in Normal climate places such as mountains, hilly regions, polar regions, etc. So proper temperature should be maintained.
  • They shed twice a year, especially they shed a lot during the spring season, this happens because of seasonal change.
  • Grooming should be keenly taken care of, mostly professional groomers are used. Cut the hairs to medium level.
  • They cause some diseases like Hip or Elbow Dysplasia, Epilepsy, Diseases due to deficiency of VItamin D, and Protein Deficiency like Osteomalacia, etc.


Those who need one guarding pet with more patience, means will be the best dog breed to purchase. 

One who reading this article having Newfoundland Dog means, kindly share your experience with us. Especially share the exercise, training, and diet plan of the dog. 

Questions and Answers:

How to select the original Newfoundland Dog?

Newfoundland Dogs have two coats, soft and dense in the inner area and the outer part is normally long.

What is the cost of a Newfoundland Dog?

The cost of the Newfoundland Dog varies from place to place, the average price is $ 1,200  to $ 3000 USD. 

What is the Gestation period duration and its litter size of Newfoundland Dog?

The normal pregnancy duration length is around 65 days in approx. And the average litter size is 4 to 12 puppies. 

Which place is the most suitable for a Newfoundland Dog?

Newfoundland Dogs are not suitable for Apartment Livings especially in warm areas, it is mostly suited for hilly areas, polar regions, etc.

How bite force of Newfoundland Dog and Exercise time per day?

The bite force of Newfoundland is 238 Pounds per square inch. And it requires one hour of exercise per day, which was recommended by  AKC.

Image by Dennis Larsen from Pixabay

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