Pembroke Welsh Corgi breed Pictures and 10+ Important information’s

Pembroke Welsh corgi

Name of the breed: Pembroke Welsh corgi

Origin of the breed: Pembroke shire

Introduction about Welsh corgi

Pembroke Welsh Corgi dog breed is one of the intelligent and active dog breeds. And this dog breed is bred only for herd cattle and other small animals like sheep, horses etc.

If you are a beginner to keeping a dog as your pet means, this dog breed will be more suitable for you. Because they are generally easy to train and they are able to learn easily.

One should know very well about the dog breed before purchasing, so think before you leap. Without knowing anything if you purchase a dog breed means it will not be a right manner to keep with you.

We will recommend this dog breed as your pet, even if you are inexperienced or new to keeping a pet in your home.

Info Bits: In the year 1925 December, Corgi Club was founded in Carmarthen. 

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History of Pembroke Welsh Corgi dog

  • Pembroke Welsh Corgi dog was first originated in the Wales region of Pembroke.
  • The word “Pembroke Welsh” in Corgi dog identification of the place where they originated, Pembrokeshire is one of the regions in Wales
  • They first appeared during the 12th century beginning, in the year 1107 AD.
  • In Belgium, there is a region called Flemish, where weavers from that region brought the dogs and they came to the Wales region after migrating, these corgi dogs appeared here.
  • There are a lot of stories related to the appearance of the Corgi dogs, and one of the famous stories is that two friends went to the forest where they found two corgi puppies and then they became very popular in the medieval days.
  • During 1925, there was a big challenge in selecting two top breeds, one is Corgi dog and another one is Cardigans dog breed, they are entered in to the rules of Britain kennel club, so in this two, Pembroke Corgi became very popular and attracted by a lot of peoples, so they founded Club for this Corgi breed in Carmarthen.
  • They are very popular in European countries only, but in later years only they got recognition in the United States only.
  • In the year 1934 they were recognized as the breed as per the standards given by the club of America Kennel.
  • They really became very popular, when Queen Elizabeth (II)  had this dog breed when she was an owner of the corgi club, and there was a special place in Buckingham palace where these corgi puppies are seen.
  • In the popularity index which was released by the United States club, this corgi dog breed was ranked at 20th position.
  • At present the situation of this Pembroke Welsh Corgi dog breed is very critical, because in the United kingdom this corgi dog breed is listed as vulnerable (requires special care, in order to prevent threats and harm by both physically and mentally).
  • As per the standard given by the top clubs for recognition they will dock the dog’s tail, But in many countries in the world this docking is banned and said to be illegal. Britain Kennel Club says strictly Docking dogs are rejected, while AKC club gave some relaxation in Docking which is around less than 2 inches only allowed.
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Body Measurement and Appearance of the breed

This pembroke originated from the dog breed’s measurement in height and weight by inches and their pregnancy duration with litter sizes should be known very well to the owners. And their life span is a key point to know about their energy level of this dog breed. Not only that the appearance and coat types and colors will help to know which climatic conditions they will be suitable to and also at the same time these coat qualities that we came to know very well about their maintenance.

Height and Weight

The height of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi dog breed in male and female is moreover similar which is around 25 to 30 cm in height (measuring from withers).

The weight of the male Corgi is around 10 to 15 kgs and female corgi is around 10 to 13 kgs. And the body length of the Pembroke Welsh corgi is around 56 to 66 cm in size.

Pregnancy duration of Pembroke Welsh Corgi with Litter size

Pembroke Welsh Corgi dog breed pregnancy duration is around 62 to 64 days, and the average litter size is around six puppies.

And the litter size range will be six to eight puppies.

Life Span

The life span duration of Pembroke Welsh Corgi can withstand upto the age of 12 to 15 years. If there is proper care and proper diet plan given means, then they can be able to live upto the age of 18 years.

Appearance of Pembroke Welsh Corgi

The appearance of Pembroke Welsh Corgi is slightly similar to Cardigan dog breed but there are some differences. Appearance is the most attractive part to get a perfect royal or cute pet for your family. 

Appearance in Body Parts
EarsThe ear part comes with medium sized and erect and the shape is rounded or little oval
TailThe appearance of the tail part is docked or bobbed tail. But docking is banned in many countries for giving recognition. 
Head The appearance of the head is moreover similar to fox-like in appearance and the looks are aggressive.
A flat and oval shaped skull
Eyes are oval and medium sized and dark colored with enhanced look expressions.
LegsPembroke Welsh Corgi legs are straight.

Coat colors and quality

Pembroke Welsh Corgi dog breed coat comes with double coated dog breed. Their undercoats are thick and the overcoats (top coat)  are lengthy.

Color of Coats: The color of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi coats comes with Fawn, Sable, Black and tan, Black and white, and also red color will be there.

The quality of the corgi coats are double coated with fluffy, so they are easy to maintain because of this coat quality, corgi dogs are resistant naturally to dirt and water.

Info Bits: Pembroke Welsh Corgi are said to be saddle fluffy, because of their coat’s features.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi Dog breed adaptability
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Pembroke Corgi Exercise and Training
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Characteristics of Pembroke Welsh Corgi

The General important Characteristics is the vital part one should know to all owners because this portion tells deeply about the adaptability, Temperament, Behaviour, Food Habitats, Health and Care.


Adaptability of Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Apartment LivingPembroke Welsh Corgi dog breeds are very well suitable for apartment living, and also suitable for Individual houses. They are used for herding purposes only. And they are playful and like to live in some free space, so if there is garden or room space it means they will feel better.
Suitable to type of OwnersThey are suitable for all types of owners, even if you are a beginner they are also able to adapt with you.
Climatic ConditionsThey are able to adapt to cold weather conditions, whereas in hot weather conditions they feel uncomfortable. As our recommendation, this dog can always be maintained in warm climatic conditions.
Sensitivity LevelThey are a medium level sensitive dog breed, so they are easy going but less tolerant. And they can’t live alone for more hours. So it’s better to try to take with yourself and keep under any one’s guidance.

Temperament and its Behaviour

We know that in ancient times Pembroke Welsh Corgi was used for herding cattles etc. So as per the ancient characters the present day breeders in Corgi give the same temperament to house peoples.

Temperament of Pembroke Welsh Corgi 
Friendly BehaviourThey are very friendly to all types of peoples, especially to strangers, neighbours and all home peoples.
They are kids friendly dog breeds, so you can live this pet in front of your kids, Note: only under guidance required
But they are less friendly with other dog breeds 
Special TemperamentIn ancient days Corgi were used for herding cattles, watch dogs only. So as in the present times also you can use this dog breed as watch dogs,
Intelligent LevelCorgi are high intelligent level dog breed, This dog breed ranked at number 11 th position in terms of intelligent level which is released by Stanley Coren
LoyalThey are loyal to their owners and house peoples, wherever the owner goes the pet will follow back.
AffectionateThey are affectionate to family members and surrounding peoples.

Food Habits

Food habits and diet plans are very important to keep your pet healthy. A 10kg weight corgi dog requires almost 800 calories per day.

And animal proteins are given as much as possible, nearly 60 to 70% of food or diet should contain proteins only, and the rest other parts are fats, vitamins and minerals are given.

Meat can be given as a primary food to Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the vegetables are given next to them.

Don’t allow more foods to eat for welsh corgi, because this will persist and lead to obesity. So, every time you give food to a corgi , it’s better to measure very well and carefully inspect whether the food is cleaned well or not.

Concentrated on meat which are boneless and vegetables must on daily basis ( especially Carrot, beans etc..,)

Stop giving foods such as raw eggs, milk, bones.

Health and care

Generally, every dog breed has some health issues so now one should worry about the health problems conditions for selecting dogs. Because mostly there will be normal health issues, only not so serious health problems will be there

List of Common Health issues and Treatment
HIP DYSPLASIAOne of the common problems in Pembroke Welsh corgi is hip dysplasia. This Hip Dysplasia is more commonly seen in many dogs. It occurs in the region of the hip joint.
Treatment: Avoid giving too much exercise if they feel uncomfortable. And also don’t allow them to jump from higher altitudes.
Von Willebrand’s DiseaseVon Willebrand Disease is one of the serious conditions that can be seen in short type dogs, during this case your pet will be seen either by bleeding gums, excessive blood flow in the nose, and also during the wounded condition.Treatment: This disease is mainly due to lack of blood clotting, and also at the same time don’t try any home remedies, if you do it with a lack of knowledge then the condition will worsen. So in order to relieve this disease, it’s better to consult your veterinarian, their doctor will check the conditions of your pet by taking numerous tests.
DENTAL ISSUESAccording to the recent survey, 80% of dog breeds are prone to tooth decay. This tooth decay mostly occurred in the region of enamel. So, in order to relieve these issues it’s better to visit the dentist and proper home care should be undertaken. Treatment: And always one should take care of the dog’s dental areas, brushing teeth regularly is much needed in order to prevent tooth decay.
EYE PROBLEMSCataract is the common eye problem that is seen in Corgi dogs.
So Monthly once or twice, the owner should watch your dog’s eyes whether any white layer formed in the pupil region or not.
Treatment: If any white foam like patches found in the pupil of the eye means it’s better to consult the doctor to treat immediately in the initial stages.

Maintenance of Pembroke Welsh Corgi dog breed

According to Corgi dog’s, the maintenance is very low when compared to other dog breeds. So as per the maintenance, Corgis required general maintenance techniques like grooming, cleaning etc.


Pembroke Welsh Corgi dog sheds almost twice in a year, especially occurs during climatic conditions changes. Shedding in the month of March to May and the second period shedding occurs after August month only. But unwanted sheddings will not occur because they usually come with double coats even which are not hypoallergenic. Other than the environmental issues they’re will be shedding only if your dog has any wounds in their body.


Grooming is the general maintenance part that every dog requires. So for Corgis dog grooming twice in a week is compulsory, and this will help to remove unwanted or dirty shedded hairs. It’s important to note that one should not be in a hurry to groom because that will lead to loss of hairs.


Cleaning your pet’s important parts and surroundings where your pet stays is very important, because this will help to keep your pet free from many skin diseases. So, I think instead of spending a lot of money on health issues, it’s better to keep your pet clean.

Exercise and Training

Pembroke Welsh corgi is a medium level activity dog breed, And they are good watch dogs and at the same time they are intelligent breeds.

So it’s very easy to train your corgis even if you are new to dog training.

Activity LevelMedium
Walking4-5 miles per week
Exercise per day45 minutes 

Info Bits: In the popularity index which was released by the United States club, this corgi dog breed was ranked at 20th position.

Check the price of Pembroke Welsh Corgi near you

The price of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi varies from place to place and the average price of this dog breed is 600$ to 2000$.

Price of Pembroke Welsh Corgi in United Kingdom

The price of Pembroke Welsh Corgi dog breeds in the United Kingdom ranges from 1500 Euro to 3500 Euro, a good quality dog breed.

Pet shop Name: Smiling J Ranch

Google Rating: 4.7 star rated (rated by 13 customers)Contact info: +1 360-708-0992

Price of Pembroke Welsh Corgi in United States

The price of Pembroke Welsh Corgi dog breeds in the United States ranges from 2500 USD to 4000 USD, a good quality dog breed.

Pet Shop Name: Monte Cristo Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Google Rating: 4.1 star rated ( rated by 38 customers )

Address: 11483 Patmos Ln, Carson City, MI 48811, United States

Contact info: +1 989-763-0132

Pet Shop Name: F & M Corgi

Google Rating: 4.8 star rated ( rated by 30 customers )

Address: 153 S 260th St, Mulberry, KS 66756, United States

Contact info: +1 620-764-3565

Price of Pembroke Welsh Corgi in Australia

The price of Pembroke Welsh Corgi dog breeds in Australia ranges from 1000 AUD to 3000 AUD, a good quality dog breed.

Price of Pembroke Welsh Corgi in India

The price of Pembroke Welsh Corgi dog breeds in India ranges from 25000 rupees to 50000 rupees, a good quality dog breed.

Pet Shop Name: Hygge Kennels

Google Rating: 4.4 star rated ( rated by 114 customers )

Address: 301, Yelahanka newtown, Bangalore 560064, Yelahanka New Town, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560064

Contact info: +91-9620555553


I hope everyone who reads this article is helped a lot by purchasing the right Pembroke welsh corgi dog breed.

If you have a Corgi dog breed, kindly share your experience in the comment section that will help others.

The above written articles are completely taken from the experts advice and some customers review.

Frequently Asked Question

1, Is Pembroke Welsh Corgi a good family dog breed?

Corgi dog breeds are considered as a good family dog breed, because they are good in adapting both city culture and urban culture as well. And also good for beginners too. They are friendly with neighbours and family members.

2, Does Corgi barks a lot?

Yes, Corgi’s will bark a lot and they are frequent barking dog breeds.

3, How much litter size does Pembroke Welsh Corgi dog have, and its pregnancy duration?

The litter size range will be six to eight puppies. Pembroke Welsh Corgi dog breed pregnancy duration is around 62 to 64 days.

4, Are Corgi dogs able to stay alone, if yes means how many hours?

No, they should be kept under guidance only, they can’t be left alone. If proper training is given to your pet then they are able to live for 4 to 8 hours nearly.

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