7 Different Phase of Feeding and Digestion [in Animals]

Do you know about Animals feeding and Digestion. Let see How Animals Eat ? Every living creature in the world eats any food. The food may be plants, animals, or any prey, decayed matter, etc. We know that we human beings eat plants and animals as food. 

In this entire article we are going to see about how and what animals eat and its other digestion facts.

How Animals get their food?

Sun is the chief source for all creatures in the world. Let’s see how the process starts.

Food Chain

  • Sun rays enter into the earth and this helps to grow the leaf or grasses and this grass is the food for grasshoppers.
  • Grasshopper is the food for Frog
  • Frog is the food for Snake
  • Snake is eaten by Eagle. 

In the above food chain, the feeding and digestion process in animals is done by cyclic process here the grass is the producer so grass and leaves are called food producers. And the Primary consumer is the grasshopper and the secondary consumer is a frog, the tertiary consumer is a snake, Quaternary Consumer is an Eagle. This series of organisms that eat one another resulting in the flow of energy from one organism to another organism is called the food chain.

Food Web

The multiple food chains formed by interconnecting are called the food web. For Example Hen, Eagle.

The hen will feeding and digestion the Grains and also worms and the same as the Eagle also eats two animals such as Hen and Frog. This process is called the Food Web.

Why is food important for living beings?

Food is the main energy source of all living beings, it plays a vital role in all. But the food may be different from one creature to other creatures or sometimes maybe the same. We know that foods are classified as Herbivorous, Carnivorous, and Omnivorous. We required food for energy to work.

Living Beings Food type classification

Based on the classification on food type it is classified into three types such as:

  • Herbivorous
  • Carnivorous
  • Omnivorous


In this Herbivorous part, the animals usually eat only plants like grasses, leaves, etc. They are called Plant eaters. For example Grasshopper.


In this type, the animals eat other animals or their prey. They are called Animal eaters, it comes under the category of carnivorous. For Example Lion, Tiger


This part of animals that eat both animals and grasses comes under Omnivorous categories. For example, Human beings come in this category ( that we eat plants in the vegetarian part and the animals eating in the non-vegetarian part).

A different phase of food Eating by animals

Every animal won’t eat by the same process; the eating may be different from one another. So, the feeding and digestion in the animals are clearly seen below

Chewing Animals:

Chewing Lion
Chewing Tiger

Animals that chew their food come under this category. At first, these types of animals bite the grass or any other plants. We are especially able to see clearly in Cow, after chewing in the mouth the food will enter into the stomach and it reverts back to the mouth again for chewing. For chewing food and for grinding they use white and flat teeth. And Elephants use their Trunk to put the food into the mouth and after it starts chewing. Animals like Lion, Tiger use sharp pointed teeth for chewing

Examples of chewing Animals: Cow, Elephant, Tiger, Lion, Giraffe, Goat, etc.

Swallowing Animals:

Swallowing animals bird
Swallowing Animals snake

Some animals such as Snakes, Lizards, and Birds swallow their food. Some animals have teeth but they will not chew, that teeth are used to grab the food and start swallowing especially it is seen in Snakes. Snakes are able to swallow food bigger than their mouth because they have the ability to open their mouths wide. Lizards use their long tongue and it is used to grasp the insects and they will swallow.

For example in Swallowing Animals: Snake, Lizards, Birds, 

Sucking Animals

Sucking Animals Butterfly
Sucking Animals Houseflies

This type of animal has a long tube-like structure which is called Proboscis (it is used for sucking like a straw to them). Butterflies suck the nectar in the flowers and also similarly Mosquitoes suck the blood.

For example in feeding and digestion by Sucking Animals: Butterfly, Mosquitoes, Houseflies


Nibbling Animals Rabbit
Nibbling Animals Rat

Animals like Rabbit, mice use their sharp frontal teeth to bite the food. These animals crunch the food 

For example in feeding and digestion by Nibbling Animals: Rabbit, Mouse


Maltese dog breed running
Lapping Cat

Animals like cats and dogs usually drink milk by using their tongues, which is called Lapping.

For Example in feeding and digestion in Lapping Animals: Cat, Dog


Filtering Fishes
Filtering Mushroom and sponges

Most of the Aquatic Animals come under this category. Those Aquatic Animals ability to filter out their food especially flamingos.

For Example in feeding and digestion in Filtering Animals: Fish, Clams, Krill, Sponges.


Scraping Snail

Animals that obtain food by pulling hard on the surface to obtain food attached to it are called scraping.

For Example in feeding and digestion by Filtering Animals: Snail


I hope everyone who reads this article has any suggestions or queries related to the article. Please comment below about your idea in feeding and digestion process in animals

“Eating the right food at the right time keeps you healthy and fit”.

Photo by Zen Chung from Pexels and Pixaby

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