Know Everything about Pomeranian Dog Breed Before Best Buying #2022 Updated

Breed : Pomeranian Dog Breed | Pomeranian dog is a very cute dog forever. This type of dogs all the aged peoples are loved.

Also it is a very intelligent dog , very socially attractive and very play full and extraordinary characteristics of dogs. very active dog from their childhood.

Overview Table of Pomeranian Dog Breed

From Place Germany and Poland
Mass / WeightKg : 1.2 to 3.2
Pounds : 2.6 to 7
HeightInch : 7 to 12
Life TimeYears : 12 to 16
Fun FactVery Cute
Very Active ( Based on your Training )
Suite ForApartment People ( Best )
Variety of ColorsWhite , Black , Tan, Orange , Grey-Shaded , Brown
Common Color Orange Color Pomeranian is most numbers are available.
Short Table on Pomeranian Dog Breed

History of Pomeranian Dog Breed

Pomeranian Puppy Breed
Pomeranian Puppy Breed

Let’s see about the history of the Pomeranian dog Breed. This breed it starts from North East Germany and Northwest Poland and Central Europe that place is called Pomerania . In 18th century, Queen Victoria having this type of dogs.

Also in back of history from 16nth century, it is used as a artificial working dog. Because of it is so intelligent. Because this height and wait is double sized from now weight and height. Now it’s a very small size and height and weight.

Pomeranian dog is 1.2 kg to 3.2 kg and 3 to 7 pounds weight.

Also 7 to 12 inch and 13 cm height. It is very easy to handle from anywhere and any place it just contains from single little size hand bag. Fun Fact.

These dogs having more nicknames also it is so very funny.

All kind of peoples are so loved to them because of it is very cute and very active it will reduce the people’s stress also with play with them.

Pomeranian Dog Breed
Pomeranian Dog Breed

Characteristic Features

Pomeranian Puppy Breed
Pomeranian dog Breed

The Characteristic Features of Pomeranian Dogs are it is one of the spitz type dog breed 


They are good pets for those who are living in Apartments. And they are easily trainable but not used only for home use.

This Pomeranian is adapted to the cold weather condition and unable to tolerate normal hot weather conditions.

They cannot stop barking if they get bored, so your pet requires sufficient enjoyment, exercises, outings etc. It doesn’t require much space so it is able to adapt in small places.

Health and Care

Health and caring is the vital part that we should inspect regularly to keep our pet for long lasts. While we are talking about coats means they usually shed, so giving a proper grooming and washing the coats at least  twice in a week is necessary.

But grooming is not easy, it requires a professional groomer when you are fresher to this pet.

There is a chance of your dog make get into obesity. So food should be given after proper measurement. If it becomes obese means then they will become lazy and its life span becomes declined.

Behaviour and its character

It has good temperament in nature, they are affectionate with family and the owners and they are very loyal to their own house peoples.

But Pomeranian is not suited for kids or childrens because they are not friendly to kids, and also at the same time they are not friendly to other dogs.

Separate Exercise

They are easily trained, and obey your commands keenly, but training should be started at the time of young itself. If your dogs get old it means they can’t be trained easily. 

Pomeranian dog training starts at the age of 2 to 3. Good training keeps your Poms to live happily and comfortably in your home.

Just start your training by rubbing the coat gently and start doing a lot of actions in front of the Pom to pay more attention to you. At this time you aren’t able to teach any new commands to your pet so please be patient and don’t disturb your pet by torturing it.

Fun Fact of Pomeranian Dog Breed

Pomeranian Puppy Breed
Pomeranian Dog Breed

Very fun fact is it is make very sound bark when see a big dog.

Now this dog size is very small but its previous parents dogs are very big size . That’s the way it is used as a artificial intelligence in 16th century.

The Pomeranian dog lifetime is 12 to 16 years old when the body size is reduced the lifetime is also increased.

It needs very cooling climate if you are living in apartment this dog is very comfortable for your home.

Another fun fact is you prevent that Pomeranian dog that dog not prevents you.
Have any exercise for maintain the healthy of Aryan dog is it is you can play with them it is a very important exercise it is enough to stay healthy that dog.


Pomeranian Puppy Breed
Pomeranian Dog Breed

If you want train your Pomeranian dog , you needs toys only that is enough to train-up your dogs.
From the starting period royal families only having this type of dogs.

Special Exercise for Pomeranian Dogs

  1. Pomeranians are moreover easily trained likewise this Pomeranian has some issues in their training.
  2. Pomeranian males can’t be easily trained because it takes some more time when compared to female counterparts.
  3. This female breed is very smarter so it does not take much time to learn command and training exercises.
  4. Give 30 minutes of training per day by splitting (15 minutes in the morning and another set in the evening exercise is needed.)
  5. The Pomeranian dogs requires a lot of socialization and behavior, these two things to be trained during the age of 6 months.
  6. If you fail to give proper training and exercise it will usually bark.

Info Bits: These Pomeranian dogs are recognized in many clubs such as AKC (American), Australian Kennel (National club), British Kennel Club, Canadian Club, etc.

Cleaning Process

The Pomeranian Dog Breed requires some cleaning process.

Cleaning is a vital part to see on your pet. And need to take proper care after the age of two.

Here you can see some important places that should be compulsory to clean on your pet.

  1. Brushing their coats thrice a week during summer, and twice a week during winter.
  2. Double coat dogs require maintenance, and undercoats should be thoroughly cleaned.
  3. Place where your pet stays either in a kennel or room, the place should be cleaned well.

This cleaning will keep your pet free from any skin type infections and other health-related issues.

This Pomeranian dog Breed having variety of colors like ,

  1. White color
  2. Brown Pomeranian dog
  3. Grey Pomeranian dog
  4. Orange Pomeranian dog
  5. Black Pomeranian dog
  6. Green color Pomeranian dog

Foods Habits of Pomeranian Dog Breed

Pomeranian Puppy Breed
Pomeranian dog Breed

Pomeranian dog likes chicken and fish also rice and pasta.

Also vegetables like baby carrots, potatoes . These are the favorite raw food choices for your Pomeranian dog.

Do not give Graphs for your dogs. These contains most toxic elements. So these is not offer good health fact to your Pomeranian dog.

Pomeranian type of dogs having very less maintenance cost only this dog having hair fall problem that is also you can solve easily.

Pomeranian dog is not suitable for any hunting purpose.

Types of Pomeranian Dog Breed

Pomeranian Dog breeds are classified in many types based on the look and appearance and also the type such as 

  1. Standard Pomeranian
  2. Teddy Bear Pomeranian
  3. Fox- Face Pomeranian
  4. Pomeranian Mixes
  5. Baby Doll Pomeranian

1. Standard Pomeranian 

The height of the Standard Pomeranian ranges from 16cm to 25cm in height and weighs around 1.2kg to 3.5kg. And this type of Poemeranians have puff like hair in the face, chest and neck.

2. Teddy Bear Pomeranian

This type of Pomeranian dog breed price may vary from $500 to $2000. And it’s life span is around 14 to 16 years of age.

It required some care which means by brushing a coat twice or thrice in a week. And the height of this type of breed is 12 cm to 26 cm and the weight of the teddy is around 2.2 kg to 3.2kg.

3. Fox – Face Pomeranian

This fox face Pomeranian also costs similar to a teddy bear pomeranian. The expression of this dog is fox-like appearance and the weight and height are similar to the Standard Pomeranian.

4. Pomeranian Mixes

The lifespan of the Pomeranian Mixes is from 12 to 16 years of age. One of the significant factor of Pomeranian Mixes is they are less shedding type in this list.

5. Baby Doll Pomeranian

This is a toy type dog breed, and the appearance is like a baby doll.

Some Facts about Pomeranian Dog Breed

Pomeranian Puppy Breed
Pomeranian dog Breed
  1. The rare Pomeranian dog breed is Pure Black Pomeranian dog is very rare to see compared to other Pomeranian dog’s breed.
  2. You can left home from alone in Pomeranian dog after learnt your house that might be taken 2 – 3 months.
  3. Do not cutting your dog’s hair too shortly. Because of it needs cooling environment during summer session and warm needed during winter session.
  4. Pomeranian dog can get pregnant at the age starts of 4 months to 12 months. Some of case it may take 15 months also.
  5. It is very sensitive to hot or heat environment. You should take more care during summer days. Keep in Cooling place.
  6. Please avoid the junk foods , onions , chocolates and other unwanted foods to digests , it will be make stomach problems and other problems like joint pain also.
  7. Protect your Pomeranian from tear duct problems , cataracts on eyes.
  8. Also protect this dog from ” black skin disease “ . This is happened by hair loss problems.


I hope everyone has got some ideas at the end of this article. If you have any queries related to the article, kindly comment below.

Those who read this article having Pomeranian Puppy pet kindly share your experience especially about the pros and cons you faced.

Overview of Pomeranian Puppy Breed

  • Black coated Pomeranian dogs are usually good pet dogs so don’t worry about the color, their health is very important.
  • Prefer to purchase and give importance to female pets. But I am not mentioning here not to buy male counterparts.
  • Don’t give too much training; this may feel uncomfortable to this smallest type of breed.
  • They are affectionate and loyal to their owners, and also easy to training. And they are highly comfortable and adaptable to your family. Usually, Pomeranians are good companion dogs. So, don’t hesitate to buy this black beauty pet.
  • Pomeranian Puppy requires proper maintenance because they are small in size only.

FAQ about Pomeranian Dog Breed

Why was Pomeranian originally bred for?

Pomeranian dog breed were originally bred for their loyal nature and also used for livestock, especially cattle sheep maintenance.

This Pomeranian dog breed not only maintained sheep but also controlled deer too.

It’s wolf-like appearance makes the strange peoples and other animals look like this pomeranian are aggressive to them.

What is the cost of a Pomeranian dog breed and it’s availability?

The cost of a Pomeranian dog breed is around 500$ to 6000$ and it varies from place to place. The original Pomeranian breed is available in their native place of Germany and Poland.

Many of the Pomeranian dogs were imported to the United States in those days, so nowadays you are able to see many Pomeranians are seen in the United States too, which are under AKC standard breeds.

Check below the cost and availability of Pomeranian dog breed.

What food should I give to my 2 year old Pomeranian dog?

The 2 year pomeranian puppy can eat hard food also,. But the soft foods can helps to digestion easy. Homemade foods like potato , curd, milk, chappati, roti, even rise also can eat pomeranians.

Does Pomeranian bark a lot?

Yes, Pomeranian dogs bark normally like other dogs and the intensity level is 70 to 80 decibel.

But it does not bark unnecessarily, it only barks if any anonymous sounds with high frequency of sound like Ambulance siren, police siren sound, Bell sound etc.

And usually shout after seeing new visitors to our home or any other strangers.

What do Pomeranian dogs eat?

The best food for Pomeranian like to eat such as dry foods, milk, and non-vegetarian foods such as lean meat, fishes, eggs, chicken should be given to keep your Pom strong and healthy enough.

Which are good to purchase Pomeranian Puppy male or female? Why?

I will recommend a highly female Pomeranian Puppy queen to your Pomeranian pet.

Because female Pomeranians are kind, loyal to their good ones, pet friendly, and also they are smarter than male breed.

But they are less affectionate than their male counterparts, this will not be a big change to their behaviors. So, don’t hesitate to purchase female pets.

How many hours do I want to keep my Puppy Pomeranian to direct sunlight?

The Pomeranian Puppy requires just 10 to 15 minutes in the morning and evening sunlight, which is moreover enough for them.

Generally, Sunlight is very important to this type of Breed.

By showing your pet direct sunlight it can get rid of red markings in their coats and also you can prevent it.

What is the cost of black Pomeranians in the United Kingdom?

As we mentioned above in this article, the price of these Pomeranian Puppy. Pomeranian ranges from $1500 to $3000 in the United Kingdom.

Does Pomeranian Puppy bark a lot?

Yes, Pomeranian puppy dogs bark normally like other dogs and the intensity level is 70 to 80 decibel.

But it does not bark unnecessarily, it only barks if any anonymous sounds with high frequency of sound like Ambulance siren, police siren sound, Bell sound etc.

And usually shout after seeing new visitors to our home or any other strangers.

Check the Pomeranian Dogs that are near to you ?

We can get a Pomeranian dog near to you, which is not far from the distance.

Here we are going to see the list of some important places that we can get Pomeranian Dogs and prices are mentioned too.

Available of Pomeranian Dogs in United States

The Price of Pomeranian costs from 500$ to 6000$ in the United States, you are able to get a pure pomeranian breed in this place.

The best place to buy a Pomeranian in US is :

Charlotte Dog Club 

Address: Cleveland in United States (1800 Amity Hill road)

Review: 5 star rated Shop (rated by 894 customers)

Uptown Puppies

Address: California (available in Online)

You can get products for your Pomeranian Dogs in Barnes Pet supplies at California.

Pet Shop Name: Pomeranians Puppy for sale at Pom Palace

Google Rating: 4.4 (rated by 44 customers)

Address: website available (pom palace) Contact info: +1 6043137010

Available of Pomeranian Dogs in United Kingdom

The Price of Pomeranian costs from 1000 euro to 3000 euro in the United Kingdom, you are able to get a pure native pomeranian breed in this place.

The best place to buy a Pomeranian in UK is:

Pets at home brentford 

Address: Brentford in United Kingdom 

Review: 4.4 star rated Shop (rated by 1149 customers)

Tanziemo Pomeranians

Address: Hayes, United Kingdom

Available of Pomeranian Dogs in or near to Russia

The Price of Pomeranian costs from 1000 euro to 3000 euro in the United Kingdom, you are able to get a pure native pomeranian breed in this place.

The best place to buy a Pomeranian in UK is:

Champagne Diamond

Address: Dnipro, Dnipropetrovsk 

Review: 5.0 star rated Shop (rated by 52 customers)

Pomeranian Dukes Castle

Address: Korsarzy in Poland (Szczecin castle)

Review: 4.5 star rated shop (rated by 7993 customers)

Pomeranian Puppy dog price in Australia

Most dog lovers are from Australia, they will maintain their dog very well.

And in Australia, the price of Pomeranian ranges from Australian $2000 to $4000.

But there are very few places to purchase black pets. So, it’s better to import the pet from any other foreign country.

Pomeranian Puppy dog price in India

There are some poor breeders in the market, so check before purchasing a Black coated Pomeranian in India and the price varies in India from 20,000 rupees to 40,000 rupees.

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