Gorgeous Pomeranian Puppy White [Male vs Female] Updated #2022

Name of the breed: Pomeranian Puppy White [One of the Pomeranian types]

Origin of the breed: Poland and Germany

Cute White Pomeranian Puppy Pictures

Introduction about Pomeranian Puppy White

Everyone knows that Pomeranian comes under many types, those types are varied by many colors and types such as Black Color Pomeranian, White Color Pomeranian, Blue Color Pomeranian, etc.

In this article everyone going to know everything about this White Puppy dog breed before purchasing or before adapting

White Pomeranian dog are one of the rare type breeds in the Pomeranians list. 

They are a really gorgeous breed to make as your pet. 

It is a spitz-type dog breed, on those days these dog breeds are mostly used by the royal family for their gorgeous colors.

Info Bits: Pomeranian Puppy White breed are also called ICE white Pomeranians

History of Pomeranian Puppy White

White Pomeranian Puppy
White Pomeranian Puppy

White coated Pomeranians, are originated in the place of Pomerania (which is in the region of present-day Germany and Poland region.) 

So, they got their name as Pomeranians from their place of origin.

And from the 1890s they started importing to the United States.

This white gorgeous pet was first bred from the spitz-type dog. 

At the beginning of their arrival, they came under any of these two colors only either black or white, after their good popularity in this European region, later their usage declined.

  • In the place of white and black colored dogs, other coated colored became popular.
  • During that time orange Poms were a very unique breed.

It was adopted by Queen Victoria and from that time this orange color breed became very popular and this black and white breed declined and finally, they came to be a rare collection breed presently. 

Info Bits: Queen Victoria once visited Italy where she found Pomeranians and that made her fall in love with that dog breed.

Body Measurement and Appearance of the breed

Icy White Pomeranian dog are very attractive and kind in nature, and the size of this breed is very less during the time of their birth (the weight is around less than a pound).

The growth may be seen after a year, they become fully grown into their original size.

Breed Name & CharacteristicsWhite male PomeraniansWhite female Pomeranians
Height12 to 16 cm12 to 15cm
Weight1.3 to 3.5 kg1.3 to 3.3 kg
Life Span12 – 16 years12 – 16 years
Type of BreedToy type breedSame type
TemperamentAffectionate, less obedientSmarter and active than male counterparts, Obedient
PurposeGood Companion, watchdogFriendly, Adaptable to the surroundings
Individual / ApartmentBothBoth

Height and Weight

The height and weight of the male and female Pomeranians are moreover similar in measurements.

The height of an icy pet is around 12 to 16 cm, and the weight is around 1.3 kg to 3.5 kg.

Pregnancy duration of Icy pet with Litter size

The Gestation period of these white queen Poms is normally 60 to 64 days.

Generally, all Pomeranians have the same gestation period which may be the average of 63 days is much normal.

The litter size for these small pets is around 1 to 5 puppies which have an average of 3 puppies per litter size.

Life Span

The Average lifespan of White-colored Pomeranians is around 14 years.

The life expectancy ranging from 12 years and can withstand up to 16 years if your maintenance is good for this condition.

The appearance of Gorgeous White puppy

The White coated Poms appear to be fox-like in appearance, and their body structure is small dark-colored eyes, long tails, and erect ears.

And the appearance of this dog breed is looking like a fox-like and lion-like appearance dog breed.

The hallmark of these Pomeranians is their cuteness only.

Coat colors and quality

The coats of this dog breed come under double coats which are short and the undercoats are denser than the top coats (length coat at top).

The color of the coats is pure white in color, those colors are clearly looking like a snowy, icy like color in appearance so they are also called by this name too.

And another coat color comes under with another color mixing such as yellow or orange in color.

And the color of the coat varies due to any other factor.

Info Bits: Pomeranian Puppy White are used for good watchdogs, and they are active pets.

Characteristics of Pomeranian Puppy White

Choosing the right dog as your pet is critically out of the knowledge of many people,

so here you can clearly inspect the good one.

Based on their characteristics we will decide whether it can be suitable for your home or not and you can easily come to know about its companions and behaviors.


White Poms are suitable for Individual and Apartment living.

Those who are living in the city can purchase these Pomeranians because this will adapt to your living conditions, especially because they are small in size but highly active and alert pets.

But don’t leave your Poms alone because they will try to do unnecessary activities by making the room uncleaned etc.

Temperament and its Behaviour

Moreover, there are the same temperament and behaviors to all Pomeranians because of their ancestors’ behaviors.

Good Companion

White Pomeranian dog are friendly and good companions to every person in your family and your neighbors near you.

And this is best suited for being alone with people, couples, etc.


They are kids friendly, children’s friendly, loyal to their owners, other pet-friendly dog breeds


They can tolerate other animals, family members, and other unwanted issues, but this can be only for a limit.

Food Habits

All the foods you are giving to your white Pomeranian dog should be inspected and measured well approximately.

They consume very little food, only around 120 calories per day, and the food is given on the basis of thrice meal a day.

The list of some foods that can be given to your Pomeranian puppy white pet such as:

  • Meals,
  • Avocados,
  • Corn,
  • Brown Rice,
  • Chicken etc 

It requires important nutrients and balanced diet food. It requires high protein content food and also requires fats, vitamins too.

Proteins help to keep their bones strong while choosing fats to concentrate on their unsaturated part that will give your dog full of energy instead of cholesterol. 

Health and care

Most of the experienced owners know very well that the small type of dog breed has certain health issues.

And the health problems are similar to other Pomeranians, moreover, all the types of health problems to these dogs are very similar to each other.

The list of health problems such as:


Sometimes your pet may not take their food at that time.

We need to inspect our pets very carefully.

What’s the reason they are not eating? So by knowing that we can easily fix the issues, especially this will happen due to food allergies, and allergies in their stomach and also any other issues.

Eye Infections

Usually, this eye infection occurs due to many reasons, likewise:-

  1. Avoid foreign particles into their eyes.
  2. Keep the dog’s face always clean.
  3. Close the car windows while traveling.
  4. The use of Goggles helps to prevent dust.


Alopecia is one of the usual health problems that we see in Pomeranians.

Alopecia means loss of hair.

This Alopecia occurs mostly due to some of the important reasons such as genetic disorders, less immune system.

And it can be treated as such as steroid injections, oral treatments, and other medications to prevent hair fall.

Knee Problems [Patellar Luxation]

This usually occurs due to lots of wear in the femur region.

In our day today, your pets’ movements are moving continuously and lifting heavy weights for them, and jumping from high altitudes.

This may lead to these problems.

Many breeders treat these problems by giving medications on steroidal drugs but this will not be much effective.

But there is a surgery for their knee and the surgery may cost around $3000 to 8000$ for a pair of knees.

After surgery, it takes nearly 8 to 10 weeks to get rid of this Patellar Luxation.

Distichiasis [Problems in eye lash]

The growth of eyelashes which are developed in unwanted locations in their face.

If it happens it means it will get a lot of irritation, so in order to overcome these issues, lubricating gel should be used.

Maintenance of full-grown Pomeranian Puppy White

Maintaining your white rare Pomeranians is easy, but it may cost rarely.

Based upon their coat type we can easily inspect the condition and maintenance may vary from one to another.


White Pomeranian dog shed a lot. It requires more maintenance costs.

This shedding mostly occurs due to seasonal changes, and also during skin irritation times, it sheds a lot.

So, you need to be very careful during this time.

Shedding in white Pomeranians is quite possible and frequent; it regrows and sheds and the cycle repeats.


Not only cleaning, but grooming is also very important for white poms.

Trim their nails if it is growing large and always comb their coats (daily) so we can easily inspect the condition of the dog’s coat.

Brushing their teeth is much recommended.


Cleaning is a vital part to see on your pet. And need to take proper care after the age of two.

Here you can see some important places that should be compulsory to clean on your pet.

  • Brushing their coats thrice a week during summer, and twice a week during winter (at least).
  • Daily brushing helps to look your dog better in appearance. Especially cleaning their tail parts. It may take some more time to clean and handle patiently and slowly.
  • Place where your pet stays either in a kennel or room, the place should be cleaned well.

This cleaning will keep your pet free from any skin type infections and other health-related issues.

Exercise and Training

Pomeranians are moreover easily trained like this white Pomeranian dog, it does not take much time to learn command and training exercises.

Give 30 minutes or 60 minutes of training per day by splitting (15 minutes in the morning and another set in the evening exercise is needed.)

It’s very important to maintain a proper schedule for routine working and take care of your pet.

Early morning outing with your pet is very comfortable for you and your pet.

It requires a lot of socialization and behavior, these two things to be trained during the age of 6 months. If you fail to give proper training and exercise it will usually bark.

Info Bits: This breed is recognized by many clubs, and in American clubs this breed is recognised as a toy type breed. This dog is recognized in this kennel clubs also such as Canadian, Australian, UK, Newzealand 

Pomeranian Puppy White vs Pomeranian Puppy Black

Choosing either a white or black pet is not important, taking care of it is much needed. Moreover both the pets are very similar to each other in all cases just their coat color makes a difference.

Breed Name & CharacteristicsPomeranian Puppy WhitePomeranian Puppy Black
Height12 to 16 cm12 – 15 cm
Weight1.3 to 3.5 kg1.3 kg to 4 kg
Life Span12 – 16 years12 to 16 years
Type of BreedToy type breedToy type breed
Food Consumption60 to 120 calories per dayUpto 300 calories per day
TemperamentKids Friendly, Other Pet friendly, Confident and PlayfulMore affectionate, friendly behavior, loyal
PurposeGood Companion, watchdogFriendly behavior, affectionate, smarter
Individual / ApartmentBothBoth

Check the price of near you

The Price of White coated Pomeranians’ dogs varies from place to place.

The average cost of a Pomeranian Puppy White ranges from $1000 to $3000.

Here you may see some important places to purchase your favorite White king or queen worldwide.

Price of Pomeranian Puppy White in the United States

After the 1900s this White doll was imported in the United States from the United Kingdom (from the original place of Germany and Poland) so on these continents.

You may get an original White puppy at a very cheap price ranging from $500 to $2500.

Some price lists in the United States for this pet.

Pet Shop Name: Pomeranians Puppy for sale at Pom Palace

Google Rating: 4.4 (rated by 44 customers)

Address: website available (pom palace) Contact info: +1 6043137010

Price of Pomeranian Puppy White in the United Kingdom

The origin of the breed is in the European Countries of Germany and Poland,

so on these continents, you may get an original White dog Poms at a very cheap price ranging from 1200 euro to 6000 euro.

Some price lists in the United States for this pet.

Pet Shop Name: Pommania Pomeranians

Google Rating: 4.2 (rated by 27 customers)

Address: Cleehill, Ludlow SY8 3NB, United Kingdom Contact info: +447713822334

Pet Shop Name: Puppies for sale (Puppy net)

Google Rating: 4.6 (rated by 32 customers)

Address: Marlborough Road, London N22 8NN United Kingdom Contact info: +447492546805

Pet Shop Name: Pet London (supply store)

Google Rating: 4.2 (rated by 148 customers)

Address: 4TH FLOOR, with lift, 16 Wigmore St, London W1U 2RF, United Kingdom

Pomeranian Puppy White price in India

There are some poor breeders in the market, so check before purchasing a White coated Pomeranian in India and the price varies in India from 10,000 rupees to 40,000 rupees.

Pet Shop Name: Hydde Kennels

Google Rating: 4.6 (rated by 107 customers)

Address: 301, Yelahanka new town, Bangalore 560064, Yelahanka New Town, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560064, India Contact Info: +91 9620555553

Pomeranian Puppy White price in Australia

Most dog lovers are from Australia, they will maintain their dog very well.

And in Australia, the price of Poms ranges from Australian $2000 to $4000. But there are very few places to purchase White pets.

So, it’s better to import the pet from any other foreign country.


I hope everyone who reads this article has got some ideas at the end. So, if you have any queries related to the article, kindly comment below.

Those who read this article having this white pom pet means kindly share your experience especially about the pros and cons you faced.

Frequently Asked Question

How much does Pomeranian Puppy White cost?

White Pomeranians’ cost varies from one place to another because based on their demands, the quality of the breed may vary.

In the United States the price starts from $1500, In the United Kingdom, the price starts from 700 euro.

Are White Pomeranians a rare type of breed?

Absolutely yes, white Pomeranians are a very rare type of breed.

Because at the beginning of Pomeranians history white and black were easily available in the origin place.

But later the availability of many colors in the Pomeranian type became white and declined its popularity.

What Do Pomeranian Puppy White look like?

The Pomeranian Puppy White appear to be fox-like in appearance, and their body structure is small dark-colored eyes, long tails, and erect ears.

And the appearance of this dog breed is looking like a fox-like and lion-like appearance dog breed.


  • Always handle your white poms very sensitive and patient, because their behaviors and temperament vary based on your characters only.
  • If you are a tense person your dog will react based upon that.
  • So kind, affectionate behavior should be there to make you your pet.
  • These pets are small in size and their height and weight are moreover similar to black Pomeranians
  • The health issues which are seen in white Pomeranian dog such as Skin irritation (rarely), Problems in eyelashes, Patellar Luxation, knee problems, Alopecia.

Image credit: Unsplash and istockphoto.

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