The Purebred German shepherd price in USA average

The purebred German Shepherd price is around $1000 - $2200 in United states of America. 

This price is based on breeder , color, healthy body and age of the dog. It may be differ from different location also.

The purebred German Shepherd Breed was first originated in Germany. In those days this German Shepherd Breed is more popular so British people like this dog very much but they didn’t like Germany so they are unable to call its name as German Shepherd and finally the peoples in Britain changed the name of the dog as Alsatians.

Name of the Breed: Purebred German Shepherd Breed

Origin of the Breed: This breed is first originated in Germany.

Other names of the Breed: Alsatian dogs.

Overview Table of Purebred German Shepherd Breed

German Shepherd Price in USA
purebred German Shepherd Price in USA
Name of the Breed
Purebred German Shepherd
Origin of the Breed
Life Span
11 – 13 Years
Male : 60 – 66 Cm
Female : 54 – 61 Cm
Male : 31 – 40 Kgs ( 68 – 88 lbs )
Female : 22 – 30 Kgs ( 48 – 66 lbs )
Apartment Livings
Not Suited
Colors of German Shepherd Breed
German Shepherd Price in USA

History of German Shepherd Breed

German Shepherd Price in USA
purebred German Shepherd Price in USA

Germans cavalry officer captain Max Von Stephanitz is planning to care for the horses so he started to develop a breeding dog. Using many dogs he started breeding to develop Horand Von grafrath in the year 1890s.

This dog is the base of the German Shepherd. So he started to develop a complete German Shepherd breed in 1895. After the development of this breed, many of them started looking for its qualities and skills.

After the year passed its physical and mental ability becomes more and more developed.

Interesting Facts about German shepherd

German Shepherd Price in USA
purebred German Shepherd Price in USA

German Shepherd thinks before attacking,  and it will not bite without any reason.

German Shepherd is one of the best breeds because ,

  • it is good in activity level,
  • kid-friendly,
  • Ease of training,
  • health risk,
  • maintenance.

Some dogs are more strong in their body but they are less intelligent while in other cases some dogs are more intelligent but they have less strong. Here you can able to see the best breed which is more intelligent and strong that is the German Shepherd.

For these reasons, this dog is used in Army. In Germany, this is the first breed that participated in the German Army.

In World War II this German Shepherd is used for medical help, to help the soldiers who are wounded or severely affect in the war, and for sending messages from one place to another place.

After seeing this from German, the other countries such as the American army and the British army made other dog troops like them.

But Americans didn’t like this breed very much, later Rin Tin Tin dogs made them like this German Shepherd dog very much to the Americans.

Adolf Hitler trusted only this breed of German Shepherd. The Hallmark of German Shepeard is its protective instinct.

What is the Life Span of German Shepherd Breed ?

German Shepherd Price in USA
purebred German Shepherd Price in USA

Its life span is around up to the age of 11. But some dogs can able to withstand up to 13 years of age.


The body coat of the German shepherd is a Double coat and a Single coat. In a Double coat, the dog has a lot of hair on its body, and in a single coat,

it has very little hair and also very attractive than doubles.

The height of the Male Dog is around 60 to 66cm and the height of the female dog is 54 to 61cm. The weight of the Male breed is 31 to 40kgs and the weight of the female dog is 22 to 30kgs.

Food habits

German Shepherd Price in USA
purebred German Shepherd Price in USA

This is very important to give the right food, German Shepherd requires one egg per day and soup which may be mutton or chicken. Boiled vegetables can be given.


Its temperament is loyal, kind, lovable, active, more intelligent, strong enough, Obedient, Mature.

Suited for Apartment Livings

German Shepherd Price in USA
purebred German Shepherd Price in USA

The German shepherd is not sure about its living in apartments, because it is really tough, but it can be possible to live there.

What are Colors of the German Shepherd Breed ?

The color of this breed is brown-black, black-tan, tan-black, in some places white also available.

What are the Health Problems and Caring in German Shepherd Breed ?

Nowadays, many of the German Shepherds are bred into a showbread, so for these reasons, it may lead to getting Hip dysplasia problems.

Hair fall will be there, after some more years.

Proper Vaccination is required, and maintenance should be very keenly noticed and take care of it.

Exercise and Training

bite force of German shepherd in psi
purebred German Shepherd Price in USA

Due to its Intelligent skills, it can able to understand its command very fast which means less than 2 days, so it can be easily trained well, than other breeds.

Exercise such as ball catching, jumping practice, jogging practice is to be given. These type of dogs needs a moderate Exercise.

Bite force of German shepherd is 240-292.

If anyone who reads this article having a German shepherd means kindly share your experience about your breed.

Questions Part

What is the cost of German Shepherd in India?

The cost of the German Shepherd is starting from the price of 10,000 in India, but check it before buying those breeds are not real German Shepherd some ill-legit people will sell the crossbreed. But the Original German Shepherd’s price is more than 20,000 only.

Why do I want to buy a German Shepherd?

German Shepherd is very matured like a human being, it first thinks before reacting to anyone, and also these types of dogs are very protective and loyal to you and your family members.

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