Rottweiler Dog Breed Information and New Facts

Rottweiler Dog Breed origin place is Rottweil in Germany. These dogs are called Rottweiler based on their place.

The main purpose of these dogs are often used for prevent the people’s cattle like coat and cow from others coat and cows. Also it used for preventing their cattle from other people’s.

Overview of Rottweiler Dog Breed Table

Place of originPlace : Rottweil
State: Baden-W├╝rttemberg
Highest elevation: 609 m (1,998 ft)
Country: Germany
NameRottweiler Metzgerhund
WeightMale : 50 – 60 Kg ( 110 – 132 Pounds )
Female : 35 – 48 kg ( 77 – 105 Pounds )
HeightMale : 61 – 69 cm ( 24 – 27 Inches )
Female : 56 – 63 cm ( 22 – 24 Inches )
Life Span8 – 10 years

Rottweiler Dog Breed Care

It is well trained like when someone keep close distance to their cattle, it will attacked them.

In that country, it is used in police department also because of these dogs having more intelligent quality and aggressive behaviour.

But these dogs are also used as a home pet dogs.

Rottweiler Dog Breeds |
Rottweiler Dog Breeds |

Fun Fact

I already told, these dogs are so aggressive, some countries are still banned these dogs breeding.

Otherwise you should have a proper license to breed this dogs.

There is not easy to breed these Rottweiler dogs , only people having advanced experience in dogs breeds.

Most of the insurance companies, which is not cover the insurance who having the rottweiler dogs in their house.

That can cause a lot of problems.

One recent research says , since 1982 , to till date, near 113 people died due to this Rottweiler. Also injured near 400+ people. The main reason to this happens because of the owners training is not properly given to these rottweiler dogs.

You can’t buy these dogs before knowing these rottweiler dogs, you should having awareness and knowledge about this before you go to buy this Rottweiler.

These dogs are living based on tertiary, so you should trained and you should evaporate to family members and your home pets to yourself in their childhood days.

Rottweiler Dog Breeds |
5 running Rottweilers on a row. Only 6 feet on the ground.

Aggressive Part of Rottweiler

These dogs are more possessive to their owners.

If any problem faced to their owners it will faced first aggressively, it will needs proper training.

It is a very good guard dogs. It is prevent your whole house like a security guard.

Training is not only doing the ball playing, that is being like, in public place it barking to someone else that will be stopped under your one comment, like ” stop it and sit ” .

So you should have an experience to breed this dogs breeding.

If rottweiler faced more alone time is to getting more aggressive, so you need to spending hours to play with them and trained well with good amount of time spent is very important.

You should have a master of this dog.

It is not suitable for beginners to breed this dogs.

Rottweiler Dog Breeds |
Rottweiler Dog Breeds |

This bite is very stronger than other dogs. It is comes naturally for their breeds. You don’t need to reduce the non veg, there is nothing is useful to reduce their aggressive behaviour, only control their aggressive behaviour by training only.

Ideal age for mating in 2 years old, otherwise it’s aggressive behaviour goes high.

Body structure is not a huge , it is a medium size level. But it’s physic is very strong, since this would be used for pull the objects like a hand cart.

Most of the rottweiler dogs are having the black color body and brown color in under mouth.

Life Span

The Rottweiler Dog Breed’s Average life span is 8 – 10 years.

Check Before Buy Rottweiler Dog

Before buying this dog you should see their parent dog or parent dogs photo because of commonly eye problems having this dogs so please check it before buying this dog.

Negative Side

There is no hair fall problems in genetically.

The rottweiler dogs are combo of arrogance and love.

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