Saint Bernard Breed new Facts and Information

Name of the breed: Saint Bernard Breed

Origin of the breed: Switzerland (Europe)

Saint Bernard Breed History

Many Years ago, In Alps mountain ( in the polar region ) there is a monk in that place whose name is Bernard who lives there.

In that place, Sacred travelers visit there, Bernard built a home-like palace in that place especially for sacred travelers who are visited there.

If anyone faces uncomfortable problems during travel or if anyone faces ice decline then there will be a lot of issues will happen to the travelers so, for that reasons Bernard built a palace for staying or any other hospital issues. In that place, there are nearby hospitals not available, so he built this house there.

For the travelers who are suffered from wounds, these monks and saint size dogs will help them and rescue them from their wounds. The helped dog’s name is said to be Saint Bernard.

In the year the 1860s to 1880s due to snow decline, many Saint Bernard had died. For these reasons, there are only very few Saint Bernard. So, to increase the number of Saint Bernard they done cross breed with Newfoundland. But this is not the original saint bernard which are we looked at in the olden days.

Because many of them are trying to increase the size of the dog but unfortunately they have used the techniques of cross-breeding.

Saint Bernard Lifespan

The Life span of Saint Bernard dogs is around 8 to 10 years. If the maintenance is good and the climatic conditions will suit this dog means it can able to withstand 2 more years.

Appearance & colors

Saint Bernard Breed is generally active in, friendly manner it is usually very large in size, and muscular. The appearance of eyes is dark masks over the eyes. It has floppy high ears.

The coats are two types such as Short haired Breed coats and Long-haired coats. The short-haired coats are very smooth and dense coats.  The long-haired coats are wavy coats and curly. The color of the coats is Red and white color, Reddish-Brown Brindle, Brownish-yellow in color.

Saint Bernard Breed Specification

The weight of Saint Bernard dogs are around 65 to 120 kg. The maximum height of the male dog is 90cm and the female dog is around 80cm in height.

Suited for Apartment living

The Saint Bernard Breed dogs are well suited for Kids also, Those who are in the polar region are good to buy Saint Bernard, but my suggestion it does not suit places that have more heat climatic conditions.


The Saint Bernard Breed dogs are very friendly with owners and also this dog is good for watchdog. Hardworking dogs and can also able to swim. It needs good climatic Conditions. Friendly, Watchable, Kind, loyal, and active. These dogs are Family with friends, Dog friendly, and also friendly with strangers.

Pregnancy time

The pregnancy time of Saint Bernard Breed is normally 58 to 64 days, but it will be 68 days in some time. And the litter size is almost 6 puppies.

Food Habits

The foods to be given to Saint Bernard are Brown rice, 3-time meals a day, Vegetables, Chicken Soup, Turkey Meal.

Exercise and Training

It has good swimming skills, so taken to swim it will enjoy a lot. These breeds are mostly polar type breed so it enjoys swimming.

Daily 1 hour exercise is enough. It has more intelligent more, but it cannot be easily trainable dogs, on those days these dogs are used by saint monk they gave the training such as running, climbing mounts, etc. If the Exercise is not given means it will get bored and it disturbs the day in your home a lot.

Interesting Facts

In those days, in Switzerland, this dog is used to protecting veterinary animals. This Saint Bernard saved many Sacred traveler’s lives. It can able to tolerate cold-weather climate, but not hot weather climate.

Health and Caring

Normally, these dogs are very Healthy, the major problem of Saint Bernard is Hip Dysplasia due to wrong cross-breeding. Don’t tie the rope with this dog, keep the dog in the kennel to become more socialist. Should not give any food before or after the exercise.


At last, we come to know that Saint Bernard Breed is the well supportive and friendly manner and gives respect to the owners.

If anyone who reads the article has Saint Bernard means share your experience with us.

Saint Bernard Breed Questionnaire… 

What are the things that should be known before buying Saint Bernard?

Before Buying Saint Bernard one should have a look at Climatic conditions it is one of the first and foremost things to be known. Because these dogs are mostly lived in Polar conditions only.

What is the cost of Saint Bernard in India?

The cost of Saint bernard in India is around 40,000 to 60,000 rupees in Indian Currency.

Who can buy Saint bernard?

Saint Bernard can able to buy the peoples who are living in hill stations and in polar regions. Keep in Kennel instead of tying with ropes.

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