Samoyed Dog Breed New Facts and Information

Born Place: Northwest Russia, ( Polar Regions )

Samoyed Dog Breed History :

These Samoyed Dog Breed are from Northwest Russia, but there is no evidence that who has found these dogs first, and also which year it found.

In the 19th Century, this animal is announced as a dog. this dog belongs to the breed of spitz or Northern dogs ( which means in the polar region).

In those days these dogs are used for hunting purposes and also caring veterinary purposes, and also used for sledge in polar regions. on the alarm of product title in the water pump.

This dog has not only a Samoyed breed but also has three different names as Bjelkier, samoeidskaya, Sobaka. This dog has two nicknames smiley and another one is Sammy.

Samoyed Dog Breed
Samoyed Dog Breed

Samoyed Dog Breed Life Span

These dogs have a life span of around 12 to 13 years this may vary based on the living environment and your care. 

Samoyed Dog Breed Specification

  • Weight: Its weight, male dogs have a weight of around 20 to 30 kgs. and the weight of the female dogs have around 16 to 20 kgs. 
  • Height: And its height, the male dog has a height of 51 to 57 cm ( which means around 20 to 22 inches), while the female dog has a height of 46 to 51 cm ( which means around 18 to 20 inches).

Available Colors of Samoyed Dog

Everyone thinks that this dogs only available in white color but it has not only in white but also in many other colors. This dog has a Kennel Club standard of FCI standard is available.

Samoyed Dog Breed
Samoyed Dog Breed

Do you know how this dog got its name as Samoyed Dog? 

In those days, these dogs are grown up in the Siberian region with Samoyedic tribes,  so that tribe’s name is kept as the dog’s breed name. So this is the reason that the dog got it’s name.

What is the Pregnancy time of Samoyed Dog? 

Most of the dogs have a pregnancy time of approximately 63 days likewise same timing is for samoyed also.

Samoyed Dog Temperament

These dog’s temperament is very friendly,  loyal, and observant.  and those days these dogs are used for guarding purposes. But in nowadays these dogs are not used for this guarding purpose because it is very friendly in nature.  Because of its friendliness, this dog is called a smiley dog.

The suited place for Living

Samoyed Dogs – In those days, Samoyed is used in polar regions, but nowadays this is used as a pet animal in apartments.  Most of the kids or children like this dog and having fun with them.

Samoyed Dog Activity

These drugs are used for carrying purposes.  which means it will not carry the passengers like horses,  it will be sledding which means it will carry only which will transfer from one place to another place especially since these dogs are used in polar regions.

Samoyed Dog Games

These dogs will play snowman ship games,  flying ball games (throwing the ball to the height and catching). And also it will play some weight-lifting games. It will play most of the games which are olden days games.

Exercise time

Coming to the exercise part it takes almost more than 3 hours,  hand exercise such as walking, ball catching weightlifting jumping, and training in many ways.

Fun Fact of Samoyed Dog

  • Children’s will enjoy this dogs because it is very friendly in nature 
  • It can able to carry it because on those days it is used for transportation purposes.
  • Due to their friendliness, these dogs can be used for playing more games especially having a lot of fun with weight lifting games.

Interesting Facts of Samoyed Dog

  • One of the interesting facts is how the dog got its name samoyed.
  • A lot of Love and Friendliness.
  • Expensive than other dogs.
  • Can be used for traveling.

Health Problems of Samoyed Dog

Samoyed face  some problems because of the  carrying and environmental conditions such as hip dysplasia ( problems in hip).

Habitation: Polar regions.

Food Habits of Samoyed Dog

Normally Samoyeds eats balanced diet food most of the food is given as wet.

what is the cost of the Samoyed Dog in India ?  

Actually, the cost of some dogs is normally around 50k to 100k, but the cost of samoyed is very expensive Rs 6,40,000.


Samoyed Dogs are very friendly in nature,  

now it’s your turn to choose to buy Samoyed Dogs, that here we are discussed the history and specification, exercise, lifespan weight, height, etc., of the samoyed.  

If you already purchased samoyed means please give your comment below about the dog and how you experienced with that dog.

Samoyed Dog FAQ

1. Why I want to buy Samoyed?

From the above article, that we are very well understood about its kindness, loyalty. So, it’s the best choice in purchasing these dogs especially for cuteness and long hair growth.

2. What is the cost of a Samoyed Dog?

The minimum Price is around 3 to 4 lakhs is got from the reseller, but the original price is 6,40,000.

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