Shih Tzu puppy breed new facts and information

Name of the breed: Shih Tzu puppy breed

Origin of the breed: China, Tibet. It is an Ancient Chinese Breed.

Nickname: The meaning of Shih Tzu is Lion dog. The appearance of the dog is similar to the Lion, so this dog called a Lion Dog.

History of Shih Tzu puppy breed

These dogs are given as a gift in royal families during Ming Dynasties in China dated 14th to 17th Centuries. Later in the 19th Century.

These dog is one of the most favorite pets of king Tzu Hsi.

These dogs are never used for bred for any other purposes, it is used only as a house pet and lapdogs.

In the year 1930, only these dogs are started traded to outside China until that they are not allowed to trade.

The first Shih Tzu dog traded from China to Europe. And they started exporting all over the world and also traded Americans too in the late 1950s. And the year 1969 this breed is recognized in the American Kennel Club (AKC).


The Life span of the breed is 10 to 14 years of age and if the maintenance and given food are taking well care means it can able to live up to the age of 16. The average life span is 12 years.

Appearance and colors

The color of the breed appears to be Black, White, Blue, Brown, Black-white, Liver-White, Golden color.


The height of the male Shih Tzu is 22 to 28cm and the height of the female breed is 20 to 26cm. And the weight of the breed is 4 to 7 kg. The weight and height of the male and female breeds are moreover similar.

Suited for Apartment living

These dogs are suitable to live in all places and also for Apartment livings, and Individual houses too. If anyone feeling or living alone means you can buy this dog because of its well and a good companion.


Shih Tzu breed is very friendly to their family members, owners, Strangers, neighbors in apartments etc. And they are kid-friendly dogs. These dogs are very active like to live very much with their owners only.

Pregnancy time

The Gestation period of Shih Tzu is around 63 days. And its litter size is 2 to 9 puppies.

Food Habits

Mostly Puppy foods and our foods can also be given such as Brown rice, Vegetables, Eggs can be given. Avoid giving Sweets it may lead to a lot of shedding.

One of the Interesting things here is you can keep the food to these dogs, and it can eat only during hunger time does not eat unnecessary times.

Exercise and Training

Spend at least 30 minutes daily giving training to the pets and teaching some disciplines etc…

It will not stay with you for more than half an hour because it is a very active puppy. So these dogs require less exercise is enough from your side.

Buy some toys to play with Shih Tzu, it will not disturb others during that time. You do not need to spend more time with these dogs like retrievers, labrador. 

Interesting Facts

The face of the dog is looking like a little Lion and also a Chrysanthemum face looks appearance.

These dogs are given royal status in the medieval period, they are gifting these dogs to the other royal families. The dog name Smokey is the breed of Shih Tzu from Florida, has recorded the oldest living dog about 23 years of old.

Health and Caring

It unable to tolerate high Sunlight, so keep the dog in your room that makes your dog can stay healthy.

It has a lot of hairs in their body, so need professional grooming at least a month and normal home grooming daily, and haircut at least a week.

If improper care is taken or failed to groom the hairs, it may lead to cause skin Irritation and hair fall, and causes a disease or allergies. 


If you Low Maintenance, and less time spending, the dog means this will be the right choice to purchase as your pet.

The one who read this article having Shih Tzu means kindly share your experience as a comment about the breed.

Shih Tzu puppy breed FAQ

Why do I want to buy this Shih Tzu?

Shih Tzu is a low Maintenance dog (only we need to cut the hair weekly), and very loyal to the owners, and able to live in Apartments without any disturbances. Those who are living alone in the room, or always feeling alone can buy these dogs.

Which Climatic Conditions Shih Tzu breed can able to live?

Shih Tzu can able to tolerate cold weather conditions than warm climate. It is like living only in Air Conditioner. Because during hot weather climatic conditions is unable to breathe properly. So don’t allow the dogs to be in the hot climate.

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