Staffordshire Bull Terrier Breed new facts and information

Name of the Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Origin of the Breed: The first Staffordshire is found in England.

The nickname of the Breed: Children’s Nursemaid or Nany dog.

It’s a name created by its own reputation and child’s playmate and this dog is a lover to all its owner.


Terrier was developed in the year 19th century in Britain as a faster, lighter, fighting dog than the English Bulldog this Hardy or more vigorous variety quickly became popular outside its historic fighting environment is known for its friendly temperament and loyalty to family and master qualities inherent in its bulldog ancestor the early Staffordshire Bullterrier flourished throughout England its smaller size made it an ideal urban companion and its speed and tenacity proved it an outstanding writer and vermin dog it was inevitable that this popular all-round dog should appeal to the most serious purebred dog enthusiast and early in this century breeders began to perfect the form of the modern Staffordshire Bullterrier. This terrier was similar to the manchester terrier, the Staffordshire was developed using this terrier. In the 20th century, only this breed is becoming popular in the United States. In 1935 this breed became more popular in the United States but not the same as Britain Staffordshire. This breed is recognized as a dog in 1974 by the American Kennel Club.

Life Span:

The Life expectancy of Staffordshire Bullterrier is 12 to 14 years of age.


The height of the female dog is 32 to 38cm and the male dog is 36 to 41cm. And the weight of the male dog is 12-17kg and a female dog is around 10 to 14kg

Suited for Apartment lives:

If you able to spend one hour daily with this dog means it can able to live in apartments. If you failed to spend one hour or giving without exercise means this dog will bark a lot and your neighbors get irritated in apartments.


Generally, the Staffordshire bull terrier is a smooth-coated dog that is displaying great strength, and its size with muscular, and the Stafford is very active and agile. And its head is short and broad, and it has cheek muscles with tight-fitting coats.

Pregnancy Time:

The pregnancy time of Staffordshire is around 63 to 65 days.

Food Habits:

Avoiding foods that are high-calorie content, especially avoid the intake of more boiled meat. Vegetables are mostly preferred well. Try to make some low fatty foods for your pets.

Exercise time and Training:

Staffordshire is more like to play games, so give a practice such as throwing ball and catching. Staffordshire requires regular exercise, otherwise, it will get bored easily, and also it may lead to barking a lot. Get your dogs while you are going on jogging. These dogs are easily trained and all the commands are easily learned, basically, these breeds are intelligent.


Its Temperament is affectionate, courageous, loyal, fearless, trustworthy, intelligent, and tenacious. This active agile breed is the product of careful and selective breeding using the most desirable characteristics of both the bulldog and a variety of terrier types although the precise origins of the breed are not clear.

Other Facts:

These dogs are mostly used for fighting, and athletic. But, nowadays this dog is not used for that purpose. And its popular most sport is bullfighting, after this sport many of them interested to buy these bulldogs at the time the Staffordshire became very popular. Staffordshire can be kept in front of your kids because these dogs are well suited for kid’s playmates, that’s its nicknamed as kids playmate. Natural fighters are able to live more peacefully with their friends like cats in a family.

Health problems and Caring:

Some dogs will be overweight, so concentrate on their food consumption. If the weight is more than the standard part then the dog will lead to obesity. And its life expectancy became very less. So, the use of low-calorie content is most preferable. And its grooming is very easy it is not tough to work basically this dog is already very attractive. The nails to be trimmed monthly, avoid long nails it will be painful for this breed. Clean the ears regularly to remove excess waxes and debris cause. It cannot able to withstand more heat or a warm climate.


If you like to purchase this dog means it’s the right choice to choose for its temperament quality and good mannerism.

If anyone who reads this article having a Staffordshire bull terrier means kindly share your experience in a comment below.


  1. What is the cost of Staffordshire Bull Terrier in India?

The cost of Staffordshire in India is around 30,000 to 50,000 rupees in India.

  1. Why do I want to buy Staffordshire?

Generally, the Staffordshire bullterrier is very attractive, If your kids need anythings to play means this dog will be the right choice that’s the reason this dog got its nickname as Child’s Nursemate.

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