The Silent Protector Bull Mastiff Dog Breed New Facts and Information

History of Bull Mastiff Dog Breed

Name of the breed: Bull Mastiff Dog Breed

Origin of the breed: United Kingdom


In the year 1860s, this Bull Mastiff was developed.

This Bull Mastiff is developed by the crossbreed of old English Bulldog and English Mastiff, which is 60% of the breed is made by Mastiff and the remaining is bred from Bulldog.

They are used in this breed especially for speed and strength. In 1924 they developed the pure breed of BullMastiff.

This dog is used to protect the living animals in the estate from strangers. On those days using this bull mastiff, they catch the robbers without biting them.

Basic Details about Bull Mastiff Dog


The lifespan expectancy of the Bull Mastiff Dog is around 8 to 10 years of age. But some who are using BullMastiff said that it is able to live up to 12 years of age. 

Appearance and colors

The main hallmark of BullMastiff is its head only, it has an aggressive face look and wrinkled face.

The tails should not be short or non-tapered or Rat tail or crank tail. So the tail should be the high set length, this indicates the vertebral column is strong enough.

The color of Bull Mastiff is Brindle, Red, Fawn. The Brindle looks very aggressive for this dog.


  • The weight of the male Bull Mastiff is 59 to 65 kg and the weight of the female BullMastiff is 45 to 54kg.
  • The height of the Male Bull Mastiff is 65 to 68cm and the female breed height is 60 to 66cm


They are very instinctive dogs, independent mind dogs, pet-friendly, Affectionate with family members, adaptable, very aggressive, less active.

Whenever a stranger or your friends came to your home, this bullmastiff can easily know that the person doesn’t belong to this house.

Pregnancy time

The Pregnancy time of BullMastiff Dogs is around 58 to 68 days approximately. And its average litter size is around 2 to 8 puppies.

Interesting Facts and other care tips of BullMastiff

Suited for Apartment living

Bull Mastiff will not bark or bite unnecessarily, so it is well suited to live in apartment livings and also in Individual homes.

The size of the dog is a little big, but it requires more space in your home. And it is one of the best big size dogs to keep in apartment lives.

Food Habits

BullMastiff eats a lot of food, so we need to take good care while serving food consumption. Given limited food else the dog may get more fat and leads to obesity like Great Dane.

This problem makes the dog’s life expectancy may decline.

The most favorite food of BullMastiff is Meat. Giving low-fat content food is necessary, vegetables, fruits, Brown rice are given.

Exercise and Training

Bull Mastiff can’t be easily trained, it requires more time to training and giving exercise.

At the beginning of the first 2 years, these dogs will not listen to our command, so we try to train the mannerism, obedience at the beginning itself.

Spend daily 45 mins to 1 hour of exercise, it keeps the dog active both physically and mentally. It reads the owner’s mind easily and acts based on that.

If the training is not given in the early stages means, it will not obey your commands and not good for socialization. 

Interesting Facts

  • The intelligent ranking of Bull Mastiff is at 69th position.
  • One of the most powerful dogs in the world.
  • Some dogs will not get afraid of seeing some things. This BullMastiff is also the same type of breed.

Health and Caring

  • They are fewer maintenance dogs, and short hair so they will not shed more.
  • Excess intake of carbs leads to being overweight and also gets obesity easily, life expectancy may decline.


Those who need a silent, less active, watchdog means BullMastiff is one of the best to purchase as your pet.

One who reading this article having BullMastiff Dog means, kindly share your experience with us.

Questions and Answers

How to select the Pure BullMastiff Dog?

The pure BullMastiff has a large head and the tail should be long and a little broad with a strong vertebral column.

What is the cost of a BullMastiff Dog?

The cost of the BullMastiff Dog varies from place to place, the average price is $ 1500  to $ 2500 USD. 

What are the Pregnancy time and its litter size of Bull Mastiff Dog?

The Pregnancy time is approximately nine weeks, and its litter size is around 2 to 8 puppies.

Which are the most special things for Bullmastiff Dog Breed?

It is a good guarding and the most powerful dog. It will not bite the thief or strangers, using its aggressive look we can easily catch the thief and strangers. In this situation, if there is Rottweiler means it will catch and bite the thief and it may lead to serious conditions.

What is the bite force of the BullMastiff?

The Biting force of the Bull Mastiff Dog is around 550 pressure applied in one square inch, which is more than the average bite force of all dogs. Its Bite force is twice that of German Shepherd. Using its power and Biting force it can able to handle more than 4 to 5 peoples at a time.

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