Yorkshire Terrier Breed new facts and information

Name of the breed: Yorkshire Terrier Breed

Origin of the breed: England (It is also called “Yorkie” because of the place that originated in  England)

Yorkshire Terrier Breed History

In the middle of the 19th century, England is very famous for the Industrial sector, at the time many laborers from Scotland traveled to Yorkshire looking for work and bought with them several different varieties of small terriers such as Paisley and Clydesdale.

This Yorkshire was bred for miners wanting to develop a ratting terrier, these used to take into mines and into mill buildings, this will help the workers to control the number of rats there. And there are no exact records detailing the breeds, but it is thought that Clydesdale paisley and Skye Terriers breed all part of the ancestry. Now, currently, Yorkshire is one of the world popular toy breeds.


The Life Span of Yorkshire Terrier is 12 to 14 years, if the maintenance and given foods are good means then the dog can able to live more than 2 years.

Appearance and colors

The hair is straight fine and shiny, with sometimes it may be grown up to the length which goes at the back part of the dog. The back of the coat is dark grey, and tan on the middle legs and faces of the dogs. And its floor-length coats keep the dogs of the hairs long. The coat of the breed is very similar to human hair and its a similar texture.   


The height of the Yorkshire Terrier is around 18 to 24cm, and the weight of the breed is around 3 to 4 kg (7 pounds). Both the male and female breeds are very similar in height and weight.

Suited for Apartment living

These Yorkshire terriers are very well suitable for Apartment livings, and also travel companions as well as family dogs.


Yorkshire Terrier breeds are excellent for guarding purposes. Good Companion and courage are the key factors of this dog.

The confident level is more, self-important, vigorous looking, and also actively keep the dog more popular temperament. These are the reasons Yorkshire Terrier was agile in sports. Some dogs are very aggressive with other animals.

Pregnancy time

The Pregnancy time of Yorkshire Terrier is around 60 to 68 days, and the litter size is 3 to 5 puppies. 

Food Habits

The foods that intake such as Brown rice, fish, beef, potatoes, etc. But it does not require so much consumption of food.

Exercise and Training

These Yorkshires are very well used for watchdogs or guardian purposes. So there should be required proper exercise and training.

These dogs are usually barkers, if we give training as not to bark it will obey your words. Daily at least 1 to 2 hours of exercise required. And giving training such as ball catching, teaching the discipline activities. And Running, walking also needed for these dogs.

Interesting Facts

During the Victorian Era, these dogs became a very popular and desirable pet with royalty. These Yorkshire developed the late 1860s, which incredibly popular show dog named Huddersfield Ben. Owned by a Yorkshire woman named Mary Ann Foster. Huddersfield Ben won the dog show in the 70 breeds.

In the year 1870, only this breed got its name as Yorkshire Terrier. The AKC breed of the standard is said that the coats must be maintained straight down to the ground not to impede the movement of the dog while walking.

Health and Caring

Yorkshire Terrier should be brushed daily, and grooming is required in order to keep the dog free from many skin diseases and allergic infections. Some owners keep this dog short of hair this can be easy to maintain. They do not shed more hair at a time, so this will not be a major problem.

The problems will usually come to Yorkshire dogs are hypoallergenic. And also it has teeth problems, check periodically. So, clean the teeth at least once a week else it may lead to form cavities (by plague or food in the mouth) in their teeth.


Those who are like to get the best lovable pet and also to be guarded as surely this dog will be the best for you.

One who reading this article having Yorkshire Terrier means, kindly share your experience in a comment below.


Why do I want to buy Yorkshire Terrier?

Those who are in Apartments this dog will be the best one and also these dogs suited for all types of peoples such as kids, beginners, experts, etc. And these dogs are friendly and guard against unwanted circumstances. The look of the dog is very cute so everyone loves Yorkshire Terrier.

What is the cost of Yorkshire Terrier in India?

The Yorkshire dog puppies are nearly started from the price of 30,000 in Indian Rupees. Mostly available in Delhi, Bangalore, etc.


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